Margarita Howard: Leading HX5 to Success in Government Contracting

Margarita Howard is a seasoned leader in the government contracting industry, renowned for her expertise in
balancing the roles of prime contractor and subcontractor. As the founder, CEO,
and sole owner of HX5, a highly regarded professional mission support services
firm, Howard has successfully navigated the complexities of government projects
for nearly two decades. With clients including the Army, Navy, Air Force, NASA,
and the General Services Administration, HX5 has earned a reputation for
exceptional service and customer support. 

HX5 offers a wide range of mission support services, including research, development,
test, and evaluation projects, software and hardware engineering, information
technology, missions operations support, and program management and logistics.
As a prime contractor, HX5 holds direct contracts with the government, assuming
overall responsibility for project delivery. Additionally, Howard has
effectively managed subcontractor relationships, engaging specialized firms to
perform specific tasks within larger projects. 

Howard’s journey with HX5 has been one of perseverance and growth. Starting as a small business
with fewer than 50 employees, HX5 faced challenges in obtaining credit and
loans. However, with the support of a forward-thinking bank that took a chance
on them, HX5 has grown into a company with over 1,000 employees operating in 34
states and over 90 locations nationwide. 

Howard’s success lies not only in her business acumen but also in her commitment to trust and
loyalty. She has assembled a dedicated management team, many of whom have been
with HX5 for a decade or more. The company’s relationships with key partners,
including accounting and banking firms, have remained steadfast over the years,
a testament to Howard’s values of loyalty and long-term commitment. 

In addition to her accomplishments, Howard’s personal journey is equally inspiring. Overcoming the
loss of both parents while still in high school, she pursued higher education
and joined the Air Force to expand her opportunities. Her experiences in the military
and involvement in implementing the Tricare program, a major initiative in
military healthcare, provided her with invaluable insights into government

Under Howard’s leadership, HX5 has thrived, winning contracts through competitive bidding and
maintaining a strong reputation in the industry. Her commitment to continuous
growth and dedication to building a company that can sustain itself
independently have been key factors in HX5’s success. 

As HX5 continues to grow and excel under Margarita Howard’s guidance, it serves as a shining
example of effective prime and subcontractor collaboration in government
contracting. Howard’s leadership, combined with a loyal and talented team, has
established HX5 as a trusted partner for government agencies in achieving their
mission objectives. Refer to this article for more information. 


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