In today’s digital age, where social media activism often overshadows real action, Ella Robertson,
the Managing Director of One Young World, offers a
fresh perspective on the state of modern advocacy. With a focus on tangible
results rather than empty gestures, she emphasizes the importance of bridging
divides and avoiding disruption gone wrong. 

One Young World, a global forum for young leaders, aims to empower and inspire the next generation
of change-makers. Under the leadership of Ella Robertson, the organization has become a catalyst for effective
activism. Robertson acknowledges the prevalence of “slacktivism,” a
term coined for the practice of superficially showing support for a cause
without taking any meaningful steps to bring about real change. She urges
individuals to move beyond social media shares and likes, emphasizing the need
for concrete actions that address pressing social issues. 

Bridging divides is another key aspect of Robertson’s approach. She encourages reaching out to
those with differing opinions and backgrounds, recognizing that true progress
requires collaboration and understanding. By engaging with individuals who may
not share our views, we can identify common ground and work towards meaningful solutions. 

Furthermore, Ella Robertson highlights the importance of considering the disruption model carefully.
While disruption and controversy can play a role in raising awareness, she
cautions against alienating potential allies through annoying or egocentric
actions. Instead, she advocates for a more judicious approach, focusing on
quieter, less glamorous work that leads to genuine change, rather than seeking
attention for the sake of visibility. 

Ella Robertson and One Young World are changing the game by refocusing activism on tangible
outcomes. Through their initiatives and events, they strive to create a global
community that works together to address pressing challenges. By following
Robertson’s advice and embracing a proactive approach, we can move beyond
slacktivism and towards a future of real, impactful change. 

In the face of global issues, Ella Robertson and One Young World are beacons of hope,
inspiring individuals to take meaningful action and make a difference. It is
through their leadership and the collective efforts of young leaders that we
can build a better world for future generations. Read this article for more information. 


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