How OSI Group has Rapidly Grown to a Globally Recognised Brand

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OSI Group is a meat and food processing company located in Aurora, Illinois. It services the retail brands and foodservice industries. Its products include pizza, vegetable products, meat patties, bacon, poultry, fish, and hot dogs. OSI Group has recently acquired Flagship Europe, a company that supplies frozen chicken, pies, mayonnaise, dressings, sauces, and sous vide products to the UK foodservice market.

Following the acquisition of Calder Foods, a UK-based supplier of sauces, dips, sandwich fillings, marinades, and mayonnaise, Flagship Europe extended its presence in the food-to-go sector. Russell Maddock, Flagship Europe’s Chief Executive Officer, says that the acquisition is an exciting and progressive development. As part of the OSI Group, Flagship Europe will have increased access to resources and global markets and new clients in the global marketplace. That has also helped Flagship Europe to improve its proposition and open up new opportunities in global marketplace.

David McDonald, OSI Group’s President, and COO said that bringing Flagship Europe aboard will help OSI Group to broaden its presence in Europe. Flagship Europe’s portfolio of products and brands complements OSI Group’s processing strength while increasing its capacity to meet the evolving needs customer needs.

OSI Group has also purchased a storage warehouse and food processing facility in Chicago to extend its presence in the United States. The infrastructure of the 200,000 square foot facility, which formerly belonged to Tyson Foods will support the continued growth of the business. The new facility enhances OSI Group’s capacity to meet rapidly growing customer needs. Kevin Scott, OSI Group’s Executive Vice President in North America says that the new facility will help broaden the company’s manufacturing network. However, terms of the acquisition and type of products that would be processed at the new plant were not disclosed.

About OSI Group

Located in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group is a premier supplier of value-added protein items to retail brands and foodservice. OSI Group is a privately held corporation running nearly 60 processing facilities in 17 countries. Its bulk of poultry production is through its business unit, OSI China. With time, OSI Group grew to become one of the most influential companies in the global marketplace. It began as Otto & Sons, a small butcher shop, which eventually evolved into OSI Group. Over time, OSI Group has rapidly scaled from a domestic food processing plant to a globally recognized food and meat vendor.

To know more visit @: www.crunchbase.com/organization/osi-group#/entity



Moving Well Into The Future And With Digital Services

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Your service at NexBank was revolutionized and by integrating technology into your life. So don’t worry about it because the staff at NexBank has already taken care of digital.

The fact is, we couldn’t escape the needs of digital if we tried.

It started with our own banking services. The in-house work we do is significant but can be very complicated at times. So it helps to have some digital tools and to manage all of the numbers, the security pins and the financial holdings of our customers.

It was only common sense to extend these services with technology and directly to you.

What you have with our online services is a connection to the modern world.

The work brings you up to date with the financial tools society has expanded on.

If You’re Not Digital, You’re Not Alive

Let’s not be polite about technology.

If you’re not fully integrated with digital access, then you’re at the last leg of your life. Our work makes sure you’re not offended by us saying this. The urgency, which pushes you to use online banking, is in the benefits of “tech” and how much more you have with it. The first step is to make a commitment.

You only need to do this once.

Remember, we’ve taken care of the hard part and now have technology that you simply need to access. It’s ready to go. You don’t need education in science, a degree in programming or experience using the Internet.

All you need is a quick chat with a representative, and then you’re set. You can visit one of our locations at anytime. Make a real connection with us.

We promise to connect you to the larger world of banking the day you arrive.


The Exploration of Jason Hope on the Advantages of Technology

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Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and creative thinker. He embraces and uses technology to grow his various businesses and also the industry at large. He has a passion for both technology and giving back to the community. Jason Hope is also a degree holder in finance from the University of Arizona. He believes that technology will help modernize much business and also help new entrepreneurs to benefit from on the same technology. Based on his creative ideas, Hope believes that the influence of the internet of things will have a significant influence in the today’s society.


Internet of things is the interconnection of physical devices with electronic and software’s that enables collection and exchange of data.it helps in reducing human work or intervention by improving efficiency, accuracy and bringing economic growth. Jason Hope is certain of that with time people from modern societies will fully embrace and benefit from the internet of things.


Jason supports and advises young entrepreneurs to practice the use of technology to not only boost their businesses but also to give them long-term values for the establishment of their growth. He supports young entrepreneurs get off and implement their ideas from the ground. His great influence on technology has helped him revolutionize the whole industry and offer significant opportunities for business growth.


However using of technology, Jason works with research and development organizations like SENS Research Foundation in developing various components in the internet world. For instance developing of mobile applications, gaming software, and desktop software. This is to bring comfort in human life and the necessary enjoyment.


Through his experience and great connections in the industry, Jason Hope businesses have had major growth and have greatly had an influence on his success and achievements. Although he has suffered various challenges in the corporate world, he has managed to outshine them by focusing on the long-term goals, inventing excellent ideas and implementing them.


Mr. Jason Hope philanthropic nature has also earned him a positive reputation in various parts of Arizona. For instance, he works with the community to promote growth and help local organizations to thrive. He also supports various humanitarian organizations and projects that work to improve and protect the lives of humankind. This is especially to the aging people who need to continue with their daily lives by living and eating healthy. He also works with an organization that is known as SENS Research Foundation that he himself donates



Steps Initiated by Rocketship Education in Improving the Education System in California

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Rocketship Education is a no gain programme channeled towards providing quality education to government-owned schools in different communities in California. It celebrated its ten years of service to the communities. The first schools were based in San Jose, California and have helped reshape the communities around it by providing specific lessons.

These include, the teachers visiting different homes yearly just to interact with their students. This excellent idea has helped bring learning to a more personal level thereby building a strong teacher-student relationship.

Secondly, it also offers lessons ensuring that parents are equally involved in leadership programmes thus safeguarding high-quality education for their children. Thirdly, it also focuses on integration at school by providing a large pool of teachers hence making sure that students get the quality education within their respective communities without having to go to other schools far from home. Fourthly, the team concentrates on continuous learning by giving daily assignments with goals to be achieved on a weekly basis. This enables to stay engaged at all times.

Another important lesson to note is that put towards employing exceptionally qualified teachers who focus their attention towards evaluating students’ performance. Therefore, they work towards achieving the organization’s goals. With all these being done, the most benefiting youths are those coming from families that earn low income and hence may not be able to access private education.

Most importantly, this charitable programme was launched in 2007 John Danner and Preston Smith, and so far they have managed to expand by opening 16 licensed branches in Redwood City, Washington D.C etcetera. In these schools, the teachers majorly base their focus on nurturing the students’ talents.

Moreover, this initiative has helped provide both part-time and full-time jobs to many people. The most advertised vacancies including part-time family recruiter, the director of talent development, education specialists, community engagement associate and many others. These employees are paid good salaries ranging from $30,000 for full-time and $25,000 for part-time employees.

In conclusion, the Rocketship Education programme has helped improve the education system in California hence resulting into empowering youths. This leads to securing them a better future.


George Soros Experiences The Many Different Aspects Of Life

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The life of George Soros cannot be described as being an easy path to success for the founder of the Soros Fund Management group and the Open Society Foundations. Forbes reports the early life of Soros was difficult as he found himself making his way to London as a refugee from the nation of Hungary torn apart by the Occupation of the country by Nazi German forces during World War II; arriving in the U.K. in 1947, George Soros was already looking for a career in finance when he worked his way through his studies at the London School of Economics as a kitchen porter and waiter and learn more about George Soros.


By the 1950s, George Soros had already made his way to New York and Wall Street where the Holocaust survivor made the decision to form his own hedge fund with an initial investment of $12 million. It was in 1992 George Soros became a household name for the role he played in the devaluation of the British currency working in tandem with investment partner Stan Druckenmiller. Soros is reported to have earned around $1 billion on the day British financial professionals later declared “Black Wednesday” and Follow his Twitter.com.


Despite the success George Soros has achieved as an investment specialist he is often referred to by people across the planet as a leading philanthropist after establishing his own charitable network, the Open Society Foundations. Soros began his philanthropic career providing funding for copying equipment for those stranded under Communist rule in Eastern Europe who wished to bring democracy to the people of their nation. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Soviet Empire of the Eastern Bloc, George Soros set out to expand his philanthropic work across the world with an expansion into areas of Asia and North America and more information click here.


The Open Society Foundations reports bringing democracy and freedom to the people of the world has expanded upon to develop various programs for the future of the people of the world. A keen follower of the open society theory, George Soros believes freedom of expression and speech should always be a leading factor in any community; Soros has backed North American groups pushing for social justice changes and the legalization of medical marijuana across the nation. In Europe, Soros has maintained strong links to the organizations seeking justice and equality for all including the Roma people of the continent who have been provided with legal experts as they attempt to be recognized by the European Union as a people in their own right and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

More Visit: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-did-george-soros-become-the-favorite-boogeyman-of-the-right-2017-5


Brown Modelling Agency-Hollywood in Central Texas

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Imagine yourself working at a low-paying job and you dream about becoming a model. You have the looks. You have the body. And you have the drive to succeed and have what it takes to make it into the modeling world. You want to make lots of money just by wearing cool clothes and appearing in magazines.



But you live in Austin and you’re thinking you have to move to New York or Los Angeles in order to make your dream a reality. The good news is you don’t have to leave Austin to make your dream come true. All you have to do is to drop by the open call at the Brown Modelling Agency.


Also known as Wilhelmina Brown, the Brown Agency was formed in 2015 as a result of the acquisition of Heyman Talent-South by Wilhelmina Austin. It is the most successful commercial talent and modelling agency in central Texas. Models employed by this agency work for world famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, and Toyota. They participate on runways for the Fashion Week shows in Austin, Dallas, and New York.


The agency’s headquarters is located in Austin and has offices and affiliates in Dallas and Los Angeles. Brown Agency also employs actors for the commercial, film and television industries.


The president of the company is Justin Brown who used to be a model and worked for various modelling agencies. He used his work experience in the modelling industry to run the company successfully.


There are several missions that this agency abides by that contribute to its success. The staff and the management work with each of the models and talents to ensure that they become successful. They only work with those who invest in themselves and take their jobs very seriously. They stay up to date with the current trends in the fashion industry, mainly in New York and Paris.


Like any other companies in the 21st century, the Brown Agency keeps up with the latest, cutting-edge technology to stay competitive in the national and global markets. Finally, models, talents, clients, and staff have established a long-term relationship with the agency.


If you are interested in modelling for Brown Modelling Agency, you can either apply online at www.brownagency.co or stop by the office for the open call that is held every Thursday from 3-4pm. Follow Brown Agency on Instagram.




CTCA Unites With Prominent Medical Clinics In Battle Against Cancer

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The Cancer Treatment Center of America, otherwise known more commonly by the curt acronym, CTCA, has recently partnered with two prominent healthcare companies, AllScripts and NantHealth respectively, to further their ceaseless campaign to combat the scourge of cancer all across the United States of America. This partnership enables what is being referred to as a eviti connection which can prove tremendously helpful for those seeking cancer treatment solutions. Eviti Connect is not a drug or pharmaceutical solution but rather a clinical program which aids prospective cancer patients by speeding up, streamlining and optimizing the sometimes difficult and complication claims processing procedure by pre-adjusting the patients claim in advance of their processing. The Eviti system is also highly reliable as it was created with the assistance and research efforts of hundreds of oncologists (those who deal medically with cancers and tumors, ect.) and boasts a considerable database on all of the latest cancer research methodologies and treatments which means processing is not only optimized but also potential treatment courses.

The healthcare partnership work which established the Eviti system from the CTCA, NantHealth and AllScripts has been highly lauded by all manner of health care professionals who attest to its veracity and functional utility. One of these medical professionals includes George Daneker, a MD and the chief medical operative of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America who stated in a recent public interview that Eviti not only eliminates potential guessing in treatment courses by clinicians, it also provides them with new tools for new course of action which otherwise would not be known to them.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, based out of Florida, has a long history of such innovative health care work and is consistently rated as possessing the very best hospitals in the whole of the United States of America. The Eviti system is just one more way they are helping make their mark in increasingly hopeful struggle against cancer.


The OSI Group Has The Secret To Expansion And Profits All Over The World

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Most people do not question the origin of their food at the supermarket, or in a restaurant. The OSI Group is one of the most well established food providers in the industry, and chances are excellent most people have enjoyed their food. They are responsible for providing food and jobs worldwide, and many supermarkets stock their products. Chain restaurants all over the world serve their products, and they have a presence in seventeen countries. The OSI Group is led by their President, David McDonald, and their CEO, Sheldon Lavin. The company has never stopped expanding, and more and more people enjoy their foods.

The OSI Group has focused their most recent expansion in Europe, with new acquisitions serving Germany, and the Netherlands. The company’s plan is to continue to increase their sales figures, while increasing their production rate. Their expansion took a leap forward when the company acquired Flagship Europe in 2016. This greatly increases their opportunities to continue their expansion in Europe, using the same techniques that have been successful in the United States. They have additionally expanded in Spain and Germany, as well as increased their product line.

Despite the success of the expansion of the OSI Group, this is not the main goal of the business. They want to continue to diversify their products, and services, and enhance their domestic presence. The Illinois based business recently bought a food plant on their home turf in Chicago. The plant is located on the South Side, and was close to being shut down by Tyson. When the OSI Group purchased the plant, they saved 500 jobs. The $7.4 million purchased increased production for the OSI Group and will keep them at the top of the market well into the future.

The past decades economic difficulties have not slowed down the expansion efforts of the OSI Group. A lot of their success is due to David McDonald. His engagement of the local market, ideas as to how their products should be marketed, effective establishment of worldwide connections, responsiveness to cultural tastes, and creative product development have been a key factor in the company’s phenomenal growth. He figures out what is needed by the local market, then he finds a way to meet that need. He has an amazing insight into which markets are looking for organic foods, which desire affordable pricing, and which are dependent on cultural tastes. He has the expertise to balance these needs, and this results in more growth for his company.

To know more visit @: www.careersinfood.com/osi-group-company-1088.htm



Edward Honig: Attributes Worth Considering as you Search for a Cardiologist in NYC

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Heart ailments have become more profound in this century than they ever were in the past. Poor dietary choices have been the major contributor to the sporadic growth of heart attack cases in the world, affecting both the young and the old in equal measure. As scientists try to unravel the mystery surrounding heart-related complications, a new profession has come to a realization. Presently, the world has cardiologists trained to attend to patients with blood-vessel, cardiovascular system, and heart problems.

Dr. Edward Honig happens to be one of the most experienced and talented cardiologists’ the world has ever seen. In the eighty-nine years that Dr. Honig has been on this planet, he has spent more than his lifetime practicing cardiology. To this end, Honig has had much time and opportunity to hone his skills, something that has gone a long way in cementing his reputation as a cardiologist. Working at the Glen Clove’s Hospital department of medicine, Dr. Edward Honig has been able to treat children and adults with much accuracy offering them with a renewed sense of hope.

In spite of Honig’s advanced age, he has always stayed relevant to the course. Dr. Edward always keeps himself updated with current developments in as far as cardiology is concerned. For that reason, he has been able to offer all his clients with quality products and services using old and modern approaches. Unlike other doctors in his field, Dr. Edward Honig has never been quick to make money at the expense of his patients. Since Edward has always relied on the principle of integrity, it has always been his desire to see to it that all his patients fully recover at the end of the day.

From the preceding, there is a lot we can learn from Dr. Edward Honig’s career as a cardiologist. For you to qualify as a cardiologist, you have to first and foremost excel in your studies, particularly in disciplines centering on medicine. Secondly, you have to pursue and learn all that entails the study of cardiology passionately. With the above qualifications, it becomes easier for you to get registered and accepted as a professional cardiologist.

To find the best cardiologist, you should also look for value. Just like a good product, a perfect cardiologist is renowned the world over based on his robust reputation. The cardiologist must be the kind of person skillful in using all the tools of his trade. Above all, a good cardiologist, just like Dr. Edward Honig, should be in a better position to come up with solutions to all medical complications whenever they present themselves.

Finally, all renowned cardiologists have one common characteristic. They are selfless. When it comes to any business, no one in the world would wish not to make a kill in as far as profits are concerned. However, good cardiologists put the interests of their patients first before ever thinking of earning money from them. It is without saying that it is an individual like Dr. Edward Honig that has raised the bar for other cardiologists.


Clay Siegall, the Man behind the New Face of Cancer Treatment

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In his official Blog as the Chief executive of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall takes his time to highlight some of the developments in the world of Science that depicts the brilliant works of their developers and other interesting stories from all scopes of life. Recently, he posted the narration by Paul Knoepfler who was looking at some of the likely unintended outcomes of the Human Gene editing procedures. He also managed to pick a leaf of Juan Enriquez story talking about the possible turn of events that would be experienced if the future of evolution was left in the control of human beings.

Clay Siegall is the founder of Seattle Genetics, a company, which he started to improve the lives of those living with cancer. He thought of making the treatment of cancer better as it was dominated by chemotherapies that were incapable of differentiating between the killing and the healthy cells. The foundation of the Seattle Genetics was based on his passion for helping patients and the fast developments made in the research in the scientific foundation

Under his leadership at Seattle Genetics, the company gained a leadership position within the scope of anti-drug conjugates (ADCs) as well as diversifying the proprietary anti-drug conjugates for cancer treatment. Seattle Genetics, therefore, plays the role of tasking the passionate innovators in its team to dedicate their time and energy to all the activities of the company, which is all geared towards improving cancer treatment methods. The methods that were used in the treatment of cancer before the inception of Seattle Genetics left some of the needs of treatment of cancer unmet.

Clay Siegall studied Bachelor of Science in Zoology in his undergraduate level at the University of Maryland before proceeding to pursue his philosophy of doctorate in Genetics at The George Washington University. Clay gained his experience by working at a National Cancer Institute and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Moreover, he is a member the board of other companies. For instance, he is the Director of Ultragenyx pharmaceutical, Director at Washington Roundtable as well as Alder BioPharmaceuticals which also have a significant impact on the development activities of making the cancer patients comfortable.

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