OSI Group And The Success Of Fast Food

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What Fast Food Needs

Fast food has been around for a long time and it’s an international force today. With all of the success that the fast food industry has seen it’s hard to notice the people that make this success possible. That respect is greatly owed to meat processors like OSI Group. For year,s OSI Group has provided meat to fast food franchises around the world that are in need of fresh supplies to cater to the large crowds they serve on a daily basis.

How OSI Group Delivers That

OSI Group is able to deliver by basically making itself the front and center of every major meat market in the world. Early on the the company decided to buy the top deli producers found in all corners of the world. With the help of these various suppliers they were able to take over the market and become the main suppliers of meat to fast food franchises as diverse as Subway and Pizza Hut. They have even expanded their influence to include products well beyond the traditional range of products you would normally expect for a fast food franchise.

How OSI Group Has Expanded

OSI Group is a meat processor, but they offer so much more than that. They also give customers frozen vegetables and dough to serve. This has allowed the brand to turn itself into one of the 100 top food companies in America. There are so many workers who rely on the company as well and OSI Group does all that it can to ensure that workers are safe and well taken care of. They have even received awards for their diligent efforts to keep their workers safe. Without the people who work for them this corporation would become nothing.


Susan McGalla; Advice to Women Hunting for Success

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Susan is a brave business figure who is passionate about inspiring women. There are times that debates have been tabled over women participation in executive positions. As Susan notes, even though there are increasingly many positions for women, they tend to feel incapacitated. As it was originally reported on PR Newswire, Susan McGalla has so far addressed women in several audiences. There are three strategies she provides as tactics to help women to scale up the ladder;

Higher Education Attracts Great Opportunities

Susan appreciates that women form a considerable percentage of the professionals in the American work industries. She challenges the women to pursue higher education despite the high cost. According to her, you should apply for scholarships and exploit all means. Either way, women must wake up to the war of talent. However, Susan is also careful to appreciate that there are several women pursuing higher education already.

Cultivating on Continued Confidence

Susan is aware that most women tend to get intimidated by management tasks. Even when they are educated, their aspirations keep dropping due to the administration influence. However, Susan McGalla challenges the women to wake to the reality. They should always have the burning desire to pursue greater managerial roles.

Overlooking the Glass Ceiling

According to Susan, what counts is your work ethic. She confesses that the approach made her attain the success she boasts of today. She never allowed room for prejudice. Being a woman, you tend to be given particular roles. That was not Susan! Focus on “breaking the glass ceiling.” It is a personal decision you make not to get bound by the status quo that tends to discriminate against women.


The PR Newswire highlighted Susan’s efforts to inspire women growth. She is passionate about realizing more women rise above the status quo. In her forums, she addresses the challenges facing women, and ways through which they can free themselves.


Focus on the Speech by President and CEO During the Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference

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John Holt, NexBank’s president and CEO, participated in a panel during the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. The conference was organized by the Texas Bankers Association and took place in New Orleans, Louisiana. John Holt took part in the Banker Team conversation discussing a topic titled: “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation” on 7th November, 2016.


Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference


It refers to a round-table meeting for bank advisers, consultants and leaders. The forum is used to exchange views on the chief challenges and opportunities that community bank managers face. Participants and panelists at the forum look at the tactical prospects through branching, organic growth and via M&A activity.


About NexBank Capital Incorporated


NexBank has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is the 14th biggest bank in Texas State and comes in position 215 according to the ranking of banks nationwide. NexBank was established back in 1934 and by the month of December, 2016 it boasted of having 88 employees in its four locations. Its money market tariffs stands at 2X the nationwide average and has an ‘A’ health rating. As a financial services corporation, NexBank delivers its services to customers via three key businesses: Institutional services, mortgage banking and commercial banking. Nexbank also provides tailored banking and financial services largely to financial institutions, institutional clients and conglomerates nationwide. It also serves robust corporations, middle-market firms as well as real estate investors. As at the trading period that ended on December 31, 2016, NexBank had $4.6 billion in terms of assets.


NexBank’s administrative management lineup merges industry proficiency and a sturdy focus on serving its clients via the provision of top financial services to individual, corporate and institutional customers. The team is led by James Dondero, the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. NexBank’s directors convey a span of leadership and management experience as well as a strong obligation to the corporation’s success.


Beauty vlogger Wengie promotes her colorful lifestyle

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YouTube sensation Wengie boasts over 6 million subscribers with millions of views on many of her videos and presents her lifestyle approach to many topics. She provides a plethora of lifestyle advice, including school hacks. Wengie provides her insight and creativity in unveiling her school hacks useful for many occurrences in everyday life. Whether her audience is late to school dreaming about a boy and requires a bit of motivation to start their day, or if it is Wengie showing you how to revamp your school supplies to include glittery pens, the Chinese Australian YouTuber undoubtedly shines with an artistically insightful approach.




EOS Sales Overtake Chapstick Due to Peculiarity

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Many people wonder how EOS turned into a monster of a company and took over the reign that Chapstick had as a lip balm leader. The founders of the company have been primarily focusing on getting products out to the customers for the past few years. However, lately, they’ve wanted to get a bit more personal with the people who buy their products. They’ve wanted to explain why it is that people flock to EOS lip balm instead of the other companies that have been around for many years. The co-founder explained that the key to the company’s success was its creativity.

A business can’t get up to 1 million sales every week without having a stellar plan in effect. EOS did and still does have that stellar plan in effect. It took control of sales by using a silent-but-deadly system of being an oddball. The EOS lip balm bottles were different than what the people in the world were accustomed to. People started buying the products on Amazon because of their peculiarity, and that peculiarity soon became a Facebook trend. Sometimes, peculiarity has a positive effect.

The co-founder stated that the company wanted to give the buyers an experience that was fulfilling on numerous levels. The EOS lip balm containers do provide a pleasurable experience in the user’s hand that makes using it enjoyable. The flavors are tasty, and they appeal to the person’s sense of smell. Furthermore, they do what the customer intends them to do, which is keep the lips moist. The element that other companies lack is the fashion element. Consumers can use EOS products as fashion accessories. They’d be hard pressed to use a cylindrical Chapstick bottle as one. This additional “use” for EOS lip balm has earned the company more than $250 million dollars in sale thus far. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm


White Shark Media Looks At Each Client Complaint Closely

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There are times when White Shark Media gets complaints that their contact person is not effective enough or able to communicate properly. To help out with this transition phase, the client will be followed by the Senior SEM Consultants all the way, beginning with the initial sign-up and going on right through the optimization process. This does not make them the primary contact, but they would always be available for any queries.



Many clients do not feel happy when the Adwords campaign does not get created on their account. Hence White Shark Media has implemented a new procedure where they make use of a newly created AdWords account for each new campaign. But White Shark Media would always advise continuing on the previous account in case the existing campaign happens to be performing well enough.



There are a number of times when clients find it a problem to track the performance of their AdWords account. This is a major issue for any client. Hence White Shark Media has initiated a process in-house process where they install features like conversion tracking and call tracking besides even Google Analytics. All this is free of charge for clients. This will help to track the results better and enable the optimizing of AdWords campaigns in order to achieve better performance.



Basically, White Shark Media considers complaints as opportunities for improvement. This way they can improve themselves constantly. This helps to reduce complaints in future leading to happy and satisfied clients and higher business in future.

Find out more about White Shark Media:



Sawyer Howitt is Following His Father’s Footsteps In Entrepreneurship

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Sawyer Howitt is not your average young man. He has achieved a lot even if he is just out of high school. Sawyer Howitt hails from the environs of Portland, Oregon and his one of the promising young mind from the region. As a skilled athlete, Sawyer Howitt is presently one the players at the Oregon Racquetball Club.

Sawyer Howitt spends most of his time working with his father, David Howitt, listening to music and taking photographs. David is the proprietor of the Meriwether Group. Sawyer serves in the role of project manager in the firm. He is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing various projects that the company undertakes.

Meriwether Group is a firm that specializes in providing consultancy in business development and business acceleration. The company is keen on creating brands that disrupt different sectors of the economy. The company boasts of a qualified management team that comprises of distinguished entrepreneurs drawn from large corporates in the US.

Click here to read more about Sawyer Howitt.

Meriwether Group’s business model is entrepreneur-centric. The company directly targets promising entrepreneurs and helps them walk through the journey to business success. The company began its operations in the year 2008 and already has a workforce of over 50 employees.

Sawyer Howitt is privileged to have a business mentor who is his father, David. The efforts of David in guiding present-day entrepreneurs have been identified by his peers. David Howitt was recognized as a Business Leader to watch in 2017 by the Portland Business Journal. The Portland Business Journal conducts an annual competition that awards the most influential leaders in business from Portland.

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Real Estate Investor Arthur Becker Shares His Thoughts

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When people become successful, among the things they are faced with are people that want to know more about them. After all, they have a very high net worth. Many people are looking for ways to improve their net worth. Therefore, they want to learn everything they can from someone who has achieved success. It doesn’t matter what industry the person is working in. After all, each industry has a certain aspect in it that transcends the industry. One thing about any given industry is that it takes a lot of work and diligence in order for the person or the company to succeed.

Among the successful entrepreneurs is Arthur Becker. He is someone who has found the industry that he is interested in and has learned all there is to know about the industry so that he could succeed in it. His industry is real estate investment. Real estate investors have a lot of money that they put towards real estate. With real estate investing, people can make tons of money. It is very easy for people to earn a fortune out of the right investments as long as they do all of the necessary research that goes into the investment market. See also.

One thing that Arthur Becker does is share his thoughts on many things including the real estate market, his career, the companies that he has worked with and owned, and plenty of other topics. Among the things that he has come to understand is that his career has gone through a lot of changes as he has dealt with different aspects of work. For one thing, he has gone from having a schedule to being able to work anytime he wants. This is a dream that many people have when it comes to working the type of job they want.



George Street Photo and Video: NYC Locals Dream Big

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George Street Photo and Video was created by three close friends in New York City, filled with ideas and the belief that people should do what they love. It all started with Tim Muller, Dan Creviston, and Michael McMahon, who all grew up together in a small town where everything began. Each had little money, no formal business training, but were full of the passion and drive to achieve their dreams. It all started in a basement on George Street over 10 years ago, but now George Street Photo and Video Address is known in over 40 different cities.

Many customers have reviewed their company and agree that George Street Photo and Video are friendly yet professional. Most customers that have worked with this company can attest that they really are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. This company doesn’t just take photos, they capture memories that last for a lifetime.



James Dondero, Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management and Financial Extraordinaire

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James Dondero is the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, one of the premier financial management firms in the city of Texas. The company is one that oversees all the investment plans of the clients that come to the company as well as all the financial endeavors they wish to undertake to expand their businesses. James is known to be someone who can come up with strategies that can significantly help companies to expand their reach and earn more profits. He has a tremendous amount of experience mainly working with clients in retail, offering them advice on the paths that they should take to strengthen their business. James Dondero has been operating in this field for over thirty years, which is why he can gauge the right course of action as he sees fit for his company. Throughout his career, he has worked with numerous businesses and clients, who have all contributed to the experience in financial advisory that James possesses today.


In the span of his long career, James Dondero has received numerous awards for his contribution to the sector and for the work that he has done for numerous companies, helping them grow and expand in the right manner. His work in the past with companies has been extremely significant, especially at his former workplace Protective Life GIC which James Dondero transformed. When James started working for the company, it was just in its infancy. But over the years, through a tireless amount of dedication, James reformed it into a business that was worth an estimated $2 billion.


It may seem like James Dondero is a man who cares ever so deeply about his work and achieving the goals that he sets for himself, but James is also a person who cares about the people around him and how he can help them with the resources that he possesses. He regularly donates to charities and nonprofit organizations, with the hope of helping needy members of society. Along with Highland Capital, James Dondero also provides scholarships to students who do well in their academics and who are passing out of Southern Methodist University.

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