Nathaniel Ru Inspired Others to Eat Healthy

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Sweetgreen is the restaurant that people are talking about if they live in areas like Washington, D.C., New York City and Chicago. This is a restaurant chain that have brought fast food to a mainstream audience in a different way.

What the founder of Sweetgreen dreams has created is fast food that is healthy for you. This is not something that people here often in the fast food industry. Read more: Sweetgreen | Wikipedia

It is true that there are a lot of restaurants that offers side salad along with burgers and fries, but Nathaniel Ru has carved out an niche as the fast food chain with a menu that entirely hinges on healthy food options.

The average person that hears this right away will assume that this is not quite the way that fast food should be. Most people were surprised to learn that there was a restaurant like Sweetgreen in existence. It was a restaurant that could have easily bailed, but Sweetgreen has become a sensation that people are very excited about.

It has become the type of restaurant that has the ability to change the way that Americans process food. Before Sweetgreen came into existence there were a lot of people that were eating unhealthy, and they had a lot of excuses for doing so.

They were proclaiming that they did not have time to prepare healthy meals. Others were saying that they could not afford it. What Nathaniel Ru has done is eliminate all the excuses that Americans have for indulging in foods that are not healthy. He has answered the call to the obesity element that has plagued so many Americans.

The most interesting thing about the journey that made Nathaniel Ru someone to watch is that this was not in the original plans. The innovation that created Sweetgreen came from the simple fact that there was not a healthy food restaurant that Nathaniel saw fit for his own dietary needs in Georgetown.

He was not looking to save the world when he created Sweetgreen. He was simply interested in creating an alternative for himself and friends that became business partners. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

He wanted to have access to a restaurant that gave him the chance to eat healthy and actually get fresh produce on his plate. The desire to do this is what gave birth to Sweetgreen. A desire to help others is what led to the expansion of Sweetgreen restaurants.



ClassDojo App Continues to Provide Valuable Services

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A big challenge that many parents share today is trying to stay on top of their children’s education. Today, more families than ever are struggling with demanding work schedules that do not make it easy to have regular communication with a teacher or school administrator. For those that are looking for better ways to stay in touch with the schools and teachers, the ClassDojo application is a great option.

ClassDojo is an online and mobile application that is becoming incredibly popular in school districts across the country. The mobile application, which was first introduced nearly ten years ago, has provided teachers, parents, students, and other interested parties with an easy way to stay communication. Originally, it was introduced as a way for a teacher to have secure communication with parents, but the application has expanded greatly over the past few years.

Today, the class dojo application is used in a variety of different ways as well. One way that it is used is by allowing a teacher to share regular updates and information about the classroom. This can include a line to teacher to post class schedules, upcoming projects, and great results. Teachers are also able to use the application as a form of a virtual yearbook. They are able to do this by posting pictures of the classroom and students as the year progresses.

While the ClassDojo application has been incredibly popular with students, teachers, parents, and administrators, it is also caught the attention of those that are in the field of venture capital. Within the last few years, it has raised tens of millions of dollars in an effort to further develop the application. The most recent round of capital raising has provided the company with the capital that needs to develop more uses for the application and for additional marketing.


Medical Organization-Amicus Therapeutics

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It is an American public pharmaceutical organization with their Head Offices based in Cranbury, New Jersey. In 2007 Amicus Therapeutics was officially launched with a trade name FOLD under NASDAQ. The group was established to primarily deal with orphan as well as rare diseases in particular disorders which are known as lysosomal storage disorders. The healthcare company had not marketed their products by 2014, and they only had advanced candidate migalastat which goes by the brand name of Galafold. Galafold is a treatment for Fabry disease. Amicus Therapeutics chief candidate migalastat advanced, and then pharmaceutical firm expanded their market with them collaborating with one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world; GlaxoSmithKline, and JCR Pharmaceuticals. The collaboration only lasted for three years.

Know more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/amicus-therapeutics

From the time the organization was founded they have been expanding their portfolio with them establishing their operations in other regions including, San Diego. After facing a financial crisis in 2009, Amicus Therapeutics receive financial support of about $500000 from the Michael J. Fox Foundation to support the research which was being conducted together with David Geffen School of Medicine UCLA. The Michael J. Fox Foundation was not the only group that supported Amicus Therapeutics. The firm also received donations from Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. The funding was to support the pre-clinical work that the firm was carrying out with Icahn School of Medicine AT Mount Sinai. Read more at seeking.com about Amicus Therapeutics.

Like any other organization, Amicus Therapeutics is also devoted to distributing their services as well as products with honesty. The medical company has been working with a strong direction from their Chief Executive Officer, their Chairman as well as their Board of Directors. The able team members of the firm respect each other, as they support one another to accomplish their long-term and personal goals as well as those of the organization. It is the management’s as well as the experienced team’s effort to make Amicus Therapeutics one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Learn more about Amicus Therapeutics at Dial Dish.


The prolific Omar Yunes the Franchisee

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Omar Yunes is twenty-one years old and became be the Best Franchisee of The World by outdoing many other contestants who scrambled for the same famous competition. The competition transpired in Italy on December. Omar Yunes became the most outstanding franchisee of the Sushi Itto which is Japanese Food Chain. He helped to attract a lot of accreditation to his brand. Omar Yunes currently boasts 13 units that are franchised under his tag. The properties are situated in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. This amounts to about a tenth of what the Sushi itto brand owns.

Omar Yunes is thrilled to command the brand that has earned the prestigious award. Yunes has 400 workers within the thirteen units that he owns. The BFW function in 2015 was attended by envoys from 34 nations. The evaluation was based on the personal franchisee with reference to contributions in term of savings knowledge, and implementations, Motivation of employees, charges and the improvement suggested or made to the model. Omar won significantly by beating hollow other contestants because he had played a crucial and pivotal role in the franchisee to franchisee relationships, better information management, and Panel implementation control that creates easy calculation of the available units.

The Best Franchisee Award is meant to ensure adequate and efficient care for customers and delivery which presents an exquisite flavor and hospitality. That award helped to differentiate the sectors of the economy in Mexico that offer excellent services in the world. This brings the Mexican Franchisees to the international chart and hence beating the regional fallacy of the franchisees in Mexico.

Omar Yunes had Prendamex franchisee called Ivan Tamer as the runners-up. Tamer was awarded because of the implementation and tool provision used for the market strategies. The BFW is an event that helps to showcase the effort and the trajectory employed by the franchisees individually in a bid to foster a healthy and effective business performance. BFW is meant to reward teamwork, innovation, implementation, leadership character, continuous improvement in the franchise, commitment attitude and the identification of the franchisees and more


Organo Gold

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Millions of Americans are avid coffee drinkers. Some drink only that morning cup, while there are others who drink coffee several times through our the course of the day. Some people drink it for a pick me up, or that much needed boost of energy. There are others who just drink it for the taste. What ever the reason may be, coffee is the most preferred drink among adults. Recent research studies show that there may be another benefit to drinking coffee. According to the study that was done with 185,000 American, coffee may lead to a longer life. Research has shown that coffee helps to reduce the risk of dying by hear disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Follow Organo Gold on Facebook.

Whether the coffee is caffeinated or decaffeinated, it is associated with lowering the risk of death from several diseases. The research study was done on a diverse population of people from different backgrounds. But regardless of the biological backgrounds, there was a strong support to the fact that coffee is good for you no matter about the racial make up. The caffeine in coffee was found to abort the inflammatory process of cardiovascular disease, and even aging. Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Organo Gold.

Coffee comes in many different flavors and brands. Organo Gold is a global network marketing company that specializes in premium coffee. They distribute their signature flavors of Black Coffee, Cafe Latte, King of Coffee, Cafe Mocha, and Cafe Supreme. Organo Gold coffees contain Ganoderma which is a mushroom that contains properties beneficial to health. It started in 2008 in Richmond, B.C., Canada. One cup of coffee made the difference in a little shop that had only three employees. The inspiration for making a fantastic coffee with health benefits was born. If you are a coffee drinker, preserve your life, lower those risk factors, and live longer with each sip.

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Trust The Beneful Name for Your Pet, Or Brand

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When you hear the term Beneful you can rest assured, you’re getting a wholesome name, or brand. Many British people have adopted the name for a surname for their daughter, or son, but is it commonly used by young boys. You can be sure, you’re getting a brand packed with goodness, or naming your child a name that will excel them to a prosperous, independent, and productive lifestyle. Most people are familiar with the Beneful pet food brand which is known for their organic ingredients highly preferred by their pet companion. If it carries the Benefulcommercial name it is a brand you can trust.


Adam Goldenberg and JustFab’s Success

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Adam Goldenberg is a prominent entrepreneur who works for JustFab, Inc. He’s the company’s devoted co-CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He’s a Los Angeles, California-based businessman who understands how consumers shop. He, because of that, has made a big name for himself in the VIP membership shopping world. JustFab is a company that aims to streamline Internet shopping for the most fashionable people in the world. It stocks an extensive selection of footwear. People who want to shop for boots and high heels alike can count on JustFab. The company is also a force in the clothing world in general. It has many diverse options in dresses, denim, tops, swimwear, bottoms and more. JustFab is a business that understands what customers desire. Its choices in accessories run the gamut. Its clothing approach is balanced, too. People regularly head to JustFab any time they feel the need to shop for handbags that are cool and fashionable. They routinely head to the site any time they feel compelled to look for accessories that can complete their outfits perfectly as well.

Adam Goldenberg has worked with many businesses throughout the years. He’s been an avid entrepreneur for many years. He’s been involved with many partnerships with Don Ressler, too. Ressler is a lot like Goldenberg in that he’s an entrepreneur who is essentially unstoppable. Goldenberg and Ressler are the impressive team behind Fabletics. They work on the athletic wear brand with the cooperation of Kate Hudson. Fabletics is an activewear brand that’s been emerging in shopping centers all throughout the United States in recent times. It’s been in business since 2013.

People are busier than ever nowadays. That’s why they often lack the time necessary to make smart fashion shopping choices. Goldenberg is more aware of that than practically anyone else. That’s why he takes JustFab so seriously. JustFab is a brand that makes it easy for people to make smart and informed fashion choices. It gives users many individualized shopping selections. People who make the decision to register with JustFab open themselves up to so many interesting and efficient shopping opportunities. Shoppers who have penchants for breezy and laidback styles can turn to JustFab. Shoppers who are fond of styles that are contemporary, modern and streamlined can turn to the company, too. Goldenberg is a businessman who does whatever he can to cater to all kinds of audiences. He works hard to please the crowd.


Vincent Parascandola Makes AXA US his Home

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Vincent Parascandola has held the position of Senior Executive Vice President at AXA US for over two years now. He is tasked with the duties of superintendent over the development and growth of nearly 200 professionals in the financial field. His central area of jurisdiction is the Central New Jersey area. His duties also include the recruitment and training of new sales advisors to spur the growth of the company. He is responsible for ensuring that the company improves its productivity and also maintain a high-profit margin.

Previously, Parascandola worked for AXA Advisors LLC as its Chief Sales Officer for not less than ten years. This period saw him gain a wealth of experience in the financial industry and significantly improved his career objectives. His speciality was in the area of High Net worth Individuals based in New York City. In the financial circles, Parascandola is known as a renowned broker-dealer with a workforce of over 5000 individuals working under him nationwide. He is a qualified professional with an industries securities registration certificate spanning for over 17 years. This registration is under the supervision of the SEC and FINRA regulations. For more details visit Pocomuseum.

His other duties included ensuring an improved sales and productivity among his staff in the whole of the United States of America. his other engagements entailed working for AXA as the President of the Continental Division from 2009 through to 2012. In this time, he was tasked with ensuring that the North Eastern part of the country that included Hawaii and California were adequately catered for. This included activities such as human resources, management development, expense management, compliance, operations, training, and recruitment menu.

As a personality, Vincent Parascandola can be termed as a highly trained individual who is experienced in the field of insurance. He has been able to work in different management levels in the company and is a well-known manager and trainer. Due to his experience in the financial industry, Parascandola is poised to be a famous figure in the industry in the areas of financial consultancy and management. The name Parascandola is often confused with that of AXA. Check out his Vimeo to see more.


Don Ressler’s Techstyle Fashion Group; A First In The Fashion Industry

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Centering all your marketing efforts on a specific segment of the population is known as niche marketing. It has over time proven to be an interest of many entrepreneurs. This is all so similar for businessmen Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. These two, are the founders of TechStyle Fashion Group. This company is an umbrella to many enterprises that have registered immense success in the corporate world.

When Adam and Don started Fabletics, they had in mind a specific group in the fashion industry. It is after the growth of JustFab into an influential firm that Adam and Don decided to venture into niche markets in their upcoming enterprises solely. This decision saw the birth of Fabletics, Shoedazzle, and FL2. Fabletics has since grown into a brand that sees to the active-wear needs of most women. Even better, it is where women shall find their clothes tailored to fit all their specifications.

The success of TechStyle is attributed to its founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. It is through their efforts in putting in place fast-forward marketing and management methods that have pushed the company to greater heights. With their history in marketing and computer technology, Adam and Don have been able to create brands that are formidable competitors to even the fashion industry’s giants such as Amazon.

Goldenberg and Don Ressler became friends when they both worked at Intermix Media. Intermix Media is widely known as the company that founded MySpace. Goldenberg’s entrepreneurial skills are seen from his teenage years where he established Gamers Alliance.

He sold this firm before joining Intermix Media. Just like Goldenberg, Ressler too had made significant strides in business before entering Intermix Media. He had made a creation of his own called FitnessHeaven.com. It was acquired by Intermix Media. Don and Adam’s hard work at Intermix saw the build-up of Alena Media, a department that handled marketing for Intermix. By the time these two were leaving Intermix, they had built business networks and amassed a fortune that enabled them to take a shot at entrepreneurship.

They started their first entrepreneurial adventure by establishing a firm called Intelligent Beauty. Through this business, the two became more versed in matters marketing and branding. In the year 2010, they decided to pay more attention to the fashion industry, and together they founded JustFab which became quite famous in the investment and entertainment industries. They sought the assistance of supermodel Kimora Lee Simmons who further helped in popularizing the label.


Securus Technologies’ Stunning Innovations to Bring Safety

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Securus Technologies is a company involved in offering criminal and civil justice technology solutions to correctional facilities and prisons. The technologies are used in investigation and surveillance in the jails. Securus with their technology also helps to solve and avoid any crimes including the crimes committed inside the correctional facilities. Securus received formal letters and emails from the officials of different prisons and jails in the United States. The officials had positive comments because Securus has made the prison environment as well as the society as a whole secure and safer. I find the work Securus Technology is doing incredible as it also helps the community in general.


Rick Smith, the man who holds the CEO and Chairman positions at Securus Technology, made it clear that the company invests a lot in developing new service or product that facilitate in solving and preventing crimes. The firm is dedicated to minimizing the crime rate in the United States. Rick Smith stated that the company had received many letters and emails from numerous individuals commenting on how Securus’ work keeps the community safe. The company has managed to keep the inmates, the prison officials, the guards and the society as a whole safer from any crimes. Securus is focused on massive innovations to bring better technologies to serve the correctional facilities.


Recently Securus Technology acquired a new technology-based company called JPay. JPay is the leading company in the provision of communication and entertainment based technologies to correctional facilities and prisons. The company was the first to come up with electronic payments and emails in the prison systems. JPay also provides inmates with apps that are meant to offer education. The firm is well-established because it serves over 33 state prisons. Acquiring such a company is beneficial to Securus as it expands their range of services. I believe with the new products, Securus is equipped to serve a modern prison system efficiently.


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