What they will not tell you about George Soros

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The ascension of the republican candidate into power seems to have plunged our country back into an era that everyone thought we had left behind for good. There has been a re-emergence of white supremacist and racist groups whose ideas were thought to be part of the country’s past. The riots that have been taking place in Charlottesville and the rise in cases of gun violence have been seen to be a direct result of the ideas which were repeatedly drummed into the minds of a section of the country. As a result, the country is now more polarized than it has ever been. Some groups which try to fight for social justice, like the Soros Foundation , have been forced to do double the work they were doing before to restore some sense of sanity in the country.

It is easy to see the connection between the political agendas that were being pushed by the Trump campaign, and what is happening in the country today. For instance, there were calls to stop allowing Muslims in the country, and as a result, the levels of Islamophobia have risen. The calls to build a wall to keep Mexicans out and to punish black players who take a knee during the national anthem are all proving counterproductive. Many have said that Trumps call to make America great again might have been a euphemism to mean make America white again.

These are some of the issues that have made leaders like Soros rekindle their interest in open society foundations. However, Soros is not new to philanthropy or advocating for the rights of the less privileged in the society. In the past three decades that he has lived in the country, he has given away more than $6 billion to different charities. The latest from his foundation is that he has released more than $18 billion of his personal wealth to fund the activities of the Soros Foundation. This money will be used to fund various charitable courses across the country. It is also believed that Soros will donate more towards various causes in the coming years.

Soros got his interest in philanthropy from the events that characterized his childhood. As a child born to Jewish parents in Hungary, he suffered the Nazi occupation, and had to run from his home to the UK. He has experienced the good and the bad which is part of life, and as a result, he has a deep understanding of the need to change the things which are wrong with the society. He believes that individual and collective effort should be used to rectify what is wrong with the current society. and Follow him Twitter.com

Soros believes that ideas such as racial segregation, denying the LGBTQ community equal rights and communism belong in the past. He has reservations for the current administration because it seems to promote these themes. He has dedicated money to make sure that the world is left a better place than it was and that future generations do not have to suffer like he did. and more information click here

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