Yeonmi Park And Her Sad Story About Her Escape From North Korea In Search Of Freedom And Better Living Conditions

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Yeonmi Park is a twenty-one-year-old girl who has endured a lot to get to her current position in the global society. At one time in her life, she has been a refugee running from her native country. Born in Hyesang, North Korea, Park is currently one of the most loathed personalities on NYTimes by her country’s regime precisely because she is not afraid to talk about and demand for her people’s human rights. The worst thing with the regime is the fact that it sometimes goes past just mere rhetoric to doing the unthinkable so as to silence those like her. Park was born in a privileged family until the regime arrested her father for allegedly being involved in a smuggling business that was illegal. At this juncture, her mother decided that they would run away from the country to a better place where human rights were equal to all. She sought help from a family friend who promised that he would help them get past the Chinese border. True to his word, he did that though the journey was very challenging to an extent where they had to cheat death several times. The North Korean regime hates people who think freely. It hates people who think outside the box and sees them as potential threats to its rule. Through an eighteen-minute video it posted online on dailymail, it labelled Yeonmi Park as a human rights propagandist who goes to any extreme to make its enemies happy. Park has not been deterred by the allegations. She has soldiered on and made it known to the whole world how her native country’s regime subjects its citizens to emotional and physical distress by denying them their basic human rights. In one of the many conferences she has spoken, she described how the regime executed her mother’s best friend simply because she was found selling and watching a James Bond movie. She also recounted how they were being taught as kids with a syllabus that is full of hatred. Math problems were like, ‘If you capture ten Americans and kill six , how many escape?’. In short, the regime has always thrived on brainwashing them through hatred and it has repeatedly said that they are the only ‘pure’ people in the world. Wen they finally arrived in China, it was not as easy as they thought and there were many challenges. The man who had helped them escape started making sexual advances towards her and she refused. He threatened to report them to the authorities and sensing that he was serious, her mother offered herself and Park had to endure seeing the man rape her in front of her very own eyes. The same man would repeatedly molest her sexually (she was only thirteen at the time) and later sell her off to an even older man as a mistress. Her father joined them later when he was freed from prison but, unfortunately, lost his life after a colon cancer illness. They endured a complete miserable two years in China before finally escaping to Mongolia and finally to South Korea.

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