Slyce Is Transforming Consumer’s Smartphones into Powerful Shopping Tools

Posted by SS Admin on September 21, 2015 in Women in Tech |

Slyce is a pioneer in the field of product recognition technology. This Toronto-based start-up has come up with and is continuing to develop software that will powerfully expand the capability of both shoppers and retailers online.

When most people think of image recognition software that is put to use by a retailer to help consumers search for products, Amazon Flow may be the first thing that comes to mind. Flow, however, is extremely limited. Its image recognition ability depends heavily on packaging, serial numbers, bar codes or other bits of information that may only be on the packaging. This isn’t of much help if one sees a dress, pair of pants or a pair of shoes they like out in the world where someone is already wearing them.

The image recognition technology that Slyce has is far more sophisticated. It scans and interprets attributes of the item itself in order to determine any close or exact matches to that item in a particular store’s inventory. For instance, when they set up a product recognition database for a certain subset of consumer items, such as shirts, for example, it may be programmed to take into account color, pattern, the number of buttons and the distance between them, the shape and size of the collar as well as the number and location of any pockets. This enables people who see someone wearing a shirt, or any other consumer item, that they see throughout their day to simply snap a photo of it and then upload that photo to a store website or app and have matches found.

It can also be used to get information about an item to see if you wish to purchase it. Finding close or exact matches for the item will provide the consumer information about it, which may result in them deciding not to buy it. They can also scan coupons into their phone to get deals on items. Another interesting possible application would be local grocery stores utilizing this type of image and product recognition technology some day. When a grocery store integrates this technology into their store app, it would let consumers create a list of things they wish to buy simply by pointing and shooting with their smartphone camera. The Slyce image recognition technology running in the background of this app will then match item after item and easily create a list for the customer before going out to the store. The ability to search for coupons, create a shopping list, discover information about products, or to instantly find and buy a particular item online, all with a simple smartphone camera photo, is the exciting future that the innovative start-up Slyce is working hard to bring us today.

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