Eucatex Eco-Friendly Innovation Rocking the Brazilian Wood Market

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The Brazilian economy is one to be envied and the economic growth therein is influenced by the rise in new daring investors. Flavio Maluf is one of the greet investors that are emerging from Brazil and his reputation is gradually rising throughout the country. He is a son of the country’s former political leader and also a business man. His family is a known business family in Brazil and he seem to be taking after his father as far as business is concerned. Nonetheless, He has been very instrumental in creating sustainable strategies in the country’s economic endeavors as the CEO of Eucatex.

There being unending protest against ecological degradation, Eucatex has been on the forefront to champion environmental friendly building blocks. Company has created the alternative new thin panels that they are producing as the only players in that line of product. The creation of this alternative has been due to the company’s moral obligation to protect the environment as a corporate social responsibility. The goal for the company is to introduce a new product in the market that will help the country to avoid the current global environmental effects of deforestation. As a wood products dealer, Eucatex has been tireless researching on sustainable alternative to building blocks.

Luckily for the company, Brazilians demand for thin panel blocks is rising and people are gradually appreciating the new technology. This is a great achievement for the company and the future of its operations seems to have received a new lease of a lifeline. Surprisingly, even the surrounding regions in the Latin America have been showing interest in the same product and eventually Eucatex will have no option but to go regional. There is power in creativity and Eucatex and its top leadership understand this very well. The company has capitalized on innovation in sustainable operations and this is a fundamental objective in the company’s agenda.

With the rising demand for the new thin panel blocks, Eucatex is expected to reach its maximum potential in production in order to satisfy the rising demand for this new product. However, the company has reiterated that it has everything under control. The market is growing in an accelerated speed but the company is adamant that it can handle the pressure and the rising demand. The best thing with the new product is its eco-friendly characteristic that seems to be the major selling point to its customers.

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian investor who believes in eco-friendly strategies in building the economy. He has a passion for business but also he cares for the environment and this is seen through his commitment to come up with sustainable alternatives in wood production. He heads the Eucatex Company which deals with wood products and he has been very instrumental in creating eco-friendly alternatives in the industry. His passion for business can be traced back from his family considering that his father is a renowned business man and a former politician in Brazil. Therefore, it is clear that his passion for business was developed from an early age.

Eucatex under maluf has been trying to reduce the effects of its operations on the environment. Evidently, the timber industry can destroy the environment by creating an imbalance in the ecosystem through destruction of forests. Understanding this and knowing the implications thereof, the company has been the greatest campaigner of better and sustainable methods of production. This has been one of the company’s major objective over the years and seemingly the breakthrough has been achieved. The company has come up with a new wood panel block which anew product in the Brazilian market.

Eucatex is company that is well positioned to achieve the most out of the industry with its new product. Being a leading innovative company, Eucatex has an opportunity to lead the market considering the company is the sole player in the line of thin panels. The company has been enjoying immense economies of scale considering the large market that it has to satisfy. Eucatex has been producing and distributing its new product in the country and current the demand for the new thin panel blocks is doubling causing the company to expand its production capacity. The rising demand for the new line of product is a clear indication the company is headed to a greater future.

The future is anticipated to grow better as the Brazilian economy continues to rise and the level of investments increasing in the country. The growth of the construction industry is particularly expected to boost the company’s profits in a very huge margin. The future prospects are therefore encouraging the company to continue with the production and support for sustainable production of timber. The growing demand for its new product is an enough incentive to keep going. The company’s long wait to launch its new product has finally paid off over the last few years.

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