Brazil Face Lift Encourages Creative Challenges In Advertising

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As Brazil seeks to clean up their streets and reduce visual clutter, it challenges advertisers to reach consumers in new ways. Some cities have banned the use of billboards, paper flyers, painted advertisement on buildings and ads printed on taxis, buses and even aircraft, with São Paulo being the first of these cities to implement “Cidade Limpa” or the clean city campaign in 2007. This movement was highly unpopular initially due to job loss, but as the image of the city was cleaned up, many others jumped on board leaving advertisers challenged to find new ways to reach their target audiences.

One of the largest privately owned advertising agencies in Brazil, Heads Propoganda, owned by Cláudio Loureiro Heads, has tackled this dilemma head on and constantly strives to bring fresh and innovative solutions to the problems that arise from industry changes. He partook in negotiations to bring the award winning American film director to shoot in Rio de Janeiro to show off the natural beauty and the colorful culture of this historic city. Grand scale, outside the box thinking such as this has brought in significant revenue, as well as changing the face of advertising in the constantly evolving advertising.

As billboards and direct visual advertisements are taken down and eliminated in Brazil, agencies have been challenged and succeeded in winning international awards for advertising. Competition has lead agencies to trying to outdo each other, valuing creativity over strategy, which resulted in showcasing the country’s beauty, sensuality and rich culture.


Dan Newlin: An Elite Florida Injury Attorney

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Dan Newlin is a Florida injury attorney based in the Orlando area. One of the best, if not the best injury attorneys in all of Florida, Dan Newlin has been involved in either law or law enforcement for over twenty five years. Prior to his work as an attorney, Dan Newlin served as an Emergency Medical Technician in his hometown of New Chicago, Indiana. From his experiences in this line of work, Newlin became a police officer and ultimately the highly successful personal injury lawyer that he is today.

Newlin’s law enforcement career began in earnest when he moved from New Chicago, Indiana to Orlando and began working in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Serving 10 years with the Orange County Sheriff, Newlin ultimately earned the rank of Sheriff’s Detective before embarking on a career switch. Accepted into the Florida State College of Law in 1997, Newlin graduated in 2000 and began practicing personal injury law.

At the present time, Newlin is licensed to practice in both Illinois and Florida and heads a firm with over 18 experienced attorneys, and an additional 75 employees. To date, Newlin has won over $150 million in judgements for injury and accident victims and continues to be a staunch advocate for individuals injured in accidents. Dan Newlin is a well known personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

Newlin’s firm which ranks in the top 5% of personal injury firms in the entire state of Florida is primarily focused on personal injury law. Among the type of cases the firm covers are those involving car accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death suits, and cases involving medical negligence. Recently, the firm has expanded its scope of practice to also include individuals wrongfully charged with criminal offenses, which harkens back to Dan’s days as a detective. If looking for representation in any of the above areas in either Illinois or Florida, be sure to contact Dan and his firm today.


Dating with an App

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With all the talk about dating sites and dating apps, there is one thing that needs to be clear. Skout dating online can be a lot like dating in the outside world. There are a few things that need to be done in order for one to maximize his chances of getting a date. For one thing, he needs to know how to interact and talk with people to begin with. He needs social skills. It doesn’t hurt to know of activities and events. It also doesn’t hurt for one to look his best. Women put a lot of effort in how they look for the outside world and their dating apps.

Of course, a large aspect of success in the dating app world is the type of app one uses. While a dating app that helps people set up a date is good, it could also be helpful if it suggested places and activities to meet as it relates to the profiles of the daters. This could help people find out about certain spots that they would have never tried without the app. As a result, their date turns out to be even more fun than if they hadn’t tried the activity as suggested on the app. All one has to do is fill out all of the information on the profile, and then the app will save the information and use it to match the user with another user and find activities.

One app that sets up dates and suggests spots is Skout. Skout is a dating app that is also a social network. It allows people to socialize and meet up. It is a lot like Facebook, except it offers the option for dating. People who have used this app for meeting people have been set up with great lasting relationships. They also have met tons of good friends with Skout. This app has outdone plenty of other dating apps. The many different features of this app make it worth signing up an account with.

When looking at different apps, it is important for one to look closely at each app they are considering. This includes looking at all of the features. It is also knowing what one wants. Some people like to use dating apps in order to socialize online without the initial intention of dating. With online dating social networks, this gives people more of a chance to get a feel of the personality of potential dates and not just look at the picture and the profile of each interested person. With the right dating app, one will get a lot of desirable results if he puts a lot of effort into making himself known to the potential mates that he is looking to meet with.


Get On The Skout Network To Find Love And Fun

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If a person wants to find a date, it’s likely that they will go online to find it. Most people like to date online, and this is nothing new. Although some people will date people that they’ve met in a public setting, not everyone dates this way anymore. It’s been proven that many people prefer using an online location to find a date, and it may be because there are more choices when people date online. Some people who date online can find people in other countries if they want to, and they are not limited to the people that they see around them.

Dating applications like Skout are great as well because they allow people to have a “to go” version of the website that they may be dating on. Say a website is very big when it comes to dating, the application may be a smaller version of the website. It may not be possible to do all the things that can be done on the website when using the application, but it’s just as fun, and dating can still be accomplished. Some people use dating applications for dating other people, but sometimes, it’s possible to just have fun and socialize through a dating application.

Long gone are the days where two people would have to meet each other, even if it’s through friends, and then they would go out on a date. People meet strangers all the time, and they tend to meet them online. A lot of people have found love by looking through online dating services, and dating applications have helped people to find love as well. Anyone who has a smart phone can use a dating app, and they can possibly find the person of their dreams through the application.

Those who want to choose one of the best dating applications out there should choose Skout because it’s not only for dating. Although many people have found love on the Skout network, many people have also found friends on the network as well. Some people join Skout so they can find people to help them in their business. Other people join Skout so they can meet others with the same interests that they have. Some people also love Skout because of the fact that it can help them bring additional persons into their church. Skout is not only for dating, it’s great for socializing as well.

Everyone who joins the Skout network is free to roam around and use the network as they please. Those who use the Skout application have an advantage over those who use the website because they can use the shake to chat feature. This feature is extremely popular, and the feature allows two people from different continents to talk, that’s if they both end up finding each other while using the feature. Shake to chat is a lot of fun, as long as a person doesn’t shake the phone too hard and throw it out of their hands.


Everything You Need To Know About Freedom Pop

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Freedom Pop has completely revolutionized the way people communicate. Formed in 2012, this mobile startup company has been all over the news and social media for providing free voice and data plans. The company has witnessed a lot of growth on it’s users base with users increasing every month.

This company gives users the option to either buy on usatoday.com that is typically a refurbished Samsung or HTC model or connect via an old Sprint phone. Once the phone is connected and activated, the customer gets 500MB, 200 minutes as well as 500 text messages. For clients who want to buy an unlimited package, they are just charged $20 monthly.

The best thing with Freedom Pop is the fact that it allows the user to carry forward all unused data to the following month. Foreign users can also get an international phone number attached to their phone and receive calls overseas without having to pay any additional charges. There is also an anonymous browsing feature for users who want to keep their browsing private.

These services run between $3 to $10 a month therefore being very affordable. The average customer subscribes to two or more features and at any given time and customers get a free ride. This company, however, is growing at a very fast rate because it has little overhead and no customer acquisition costs. The company also does not do a lot of advertising because it depends on word of mouth advertising from its clients.

This company has also held acquisition talks Sprint and other US businesses and managed to raise $30 million. This fast-growing company uses Sprint’s network expects to raise $50 million in revenue by the end of the year. The company has also spread wings in the UK by launching a similar service. It has also spread its services across all states.

Being the pioneer in peer-to-peer data to data sharing, Freedom Pop continues to provide phenomenal communication services. The company has provided a roaming sim card that allows users to access free data in the U.K and the US. What has made this company very popular with the population is the fact that it offers good quality services that are cheap. It also provides phenomenal services that many people like and relate to.

It has also been able to get funds to improve its infrastructure and customer base. Another good thing with this company is the fact that it offers data for tablets and not just mobile phones. When a user subscribes to a mobile data package, the same can be accessed through a tablet and not necessarily a mobile phone. Freedom Pop has proved to many that even the most unlikely ventures can be a success.


Brief Information on Skout and Social Applications

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Skout is a social application which was created by Niklas Lindstrom and Christian Wiklund to help users find others that are close to them. The two good friends realized that people who use technology are more likely to have trouble talking to people or making new friends. They made Skout in an attempt to let those type of people connect with each other before meeting. Since it uses a user’s location to determine which people can chat with each other, there will almost never be a problem of distance between communicating users. It uses the smartphone’s global positioning system to identify other users and show a general location of where they are within a quarter of a mile. Although Skout can be used by people of all ages this location feature is only available if the user is an adult. If a person where to travel the application would be updated and allow communication to the new locals. The only way for distant users to communicate with each other is with the “shake to chat” option which will connect two users that are both using the feature within 10 seconds. Each user will not be able to access any information on the other user until a minute passes. The application debuted in 2007 and the additional website was lunched two years later. Skout can be used on any computer but can only be downloaded for ios or Android phones. It can be customized into 14 languages and has hundreds of million of users spanning over almost 200 countries.

Skout is one of the many smartphone applications that can be used to chat with other people who share the same interests. Since the mid 2000s when smartphones became prevalent did social and dating applications become popular. It gave anyone with one of those electronic devices a chance to talk to people without having to actually meet them or assign a large amount of their day to go through the typical dating process. For the most, social and dating applications a fairly similar. To get users to join they must be able to enable an easy way for people to communicate with each other. Social applications don’t usually have an age requirement, while dating applications require users to be adults because of the negative implications that adult-child relationships have.

Differences between the applications are found in the additional features and who they are trying to advertise. Instead of trying to grab users from the general population social and dating applications try to target specific groups based on many things including age, sexual orientation, religion, hobbies, location, and ethnicity. To connect people most social applications have ways to share media, primarily photos and videos, and some sort of instant chat messaging system so users can quickly talk to a number of other people who are signed up to the application. The majority of social applications are free to use, with a select few having a one-time payment or a monthly subscriptions. Numerous applications also have additional features that can be bought an added to a user’s account.


Image Recognition: Tech of Tomorrow

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Many of the technological advancements seen on Science Fiction movies and televisions shows are not that far fetched. Image recognition has often been imagined in all forms of media including: television, radio shows and even in books. Image recognition allows a person to add an extra level of security to private files and other bits of sensitive information. At its most basic level Image recognition is an product of computer vision. Computer vision is an particular field that allows for the scanning, mapping, processing and acquisition of information. This in theory would allow a computer to utilize the same processes that the human brain uses to recognize key elements in its environment and assign meaning to them.

Slyce: Visual Recognition Platform
The company Slyce is an image recognition and search platform that is located in North America. Slyce has been in existence since 2012 and has worked with six of the largest retailers in North America. Slyce’s recognition technology was officially released in the first quarter of 2013. This visual identification tech has the ability to recognize a product by an image and allow the user to purchase the product through their phones. Slyce developed its products to allow large chain retailers to use it on their internet sites as well as smart phone applications.

The Future of Image Recognition
The future of Image Recognition holds many possibilities and future applications that could benefit humanity as a whole. The future potential of this system holds limitless opportunities for people to make simple purchases on sight. One of the first and more direct advancements that image recognition will make is within the area of retail. In one scenario, visual recognition would allow a person to take a picture of an outfit that they like, and instantly have dozens of them to choose from on their phones. Although many of current visual recognition platforms are not that advance, the future holds untold opportunities for this technology.


Eucatex Eco-Friendly Innovation Rocking the Brazilian Wood Market

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The Brazilian economy is one to be envied and the economic growth therein is influenced by the rise in new daring investors. Flavio Maluf is one of the greet investors that are emerging from Brazil and his reputation is gradually rising throughout the country. He is a son of the country’s former political leader and also a business man. His family is a known business family in Brazil and he seem to be taking after his father as far as business is concerned. Nonetheless, He has been very instrumental in creating sustainable strategies in the country’s economic endeavors as the CEO of Eucatex.

There being unending protest against ecological degradation, Eucatex has been on the forefront to champion environmental friendly building blocks. Company has created the alternative new thin panels that they are producing as the only players in that line of product. The creation of this alternative has been due to the company’s moral obligation to protect the environment as a corporate social responsibility. The goal for the company is to introduce a new product in the market that will help the country to avoid the current global environmental effects of deforestation. As a wood products dealer, Eucatex has been tireless researching on sustainable alternative to building blocks.

Luckily for the company, Brazilians demand for thin panel blocks is rising and people are gradually appreciating the new technology. This is a great achievement for the company and the future of its operations seems to have received a new lease of a lifeline. Surprisingly, even the surrounding regions in the Latin America have been showing interest in the same product and eventually Eucatex will have no option but to go regional. There is power in creativity and Eucatex and its top leadership understand this very well. The company has capitalized on innovation in sustainable operations and this is a fundamental objective in the company’s agenda.

With the rising demand for the new thin panel blocks, Eucatex is expected to reach its maximum potential in production in order to satisfy the rising demand for this new product. However, the company has reiterated that it has everything under control. The market is growing in an accelerated speed but the company is adamant that it can handle the pressure and the rising demand. The best thing with the new product is its eco-friendly characteristic that seems to be the major selling point to its customers.

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian investor who believes in eco-friendly strategies in building the economy. He has a passion for business but also he cares for the environment and this is seen through his commitment to come up with sustainable alternatives in wood production. He heads the Eucatex Company which deals with wood products and he has been very instrumental in creating eco-friendly alternatives in the industry. His passion for business can be traced back from his family considering that his father is a renowned business man and a former politician in Brazil. Therefore, it is clear that his passion for business was developed from an early age.

Eucatex under maluf has been trying to reduce the effects of its operations on the environment. Evidently, the timber industry can destroy the environment by creating an imbalance in the ecosystem through destruction of forests. Understanding this and knowing the implications thereof, the company has been the greatest campaigner of better and sustainable methods of production. This has been one of the company’s major objective over the years and seemingly the breakthrough has been achieved. The company has come up with a new wood panel block which anew product in the Brazilian market.

Eucatex is company that is well positioned to achieve the most out of the industry with its new product. Being a leading innovative company, Eucatex has an opportunity to lead the market considering the company is the sole player in the line of thin panels. The company has been enjoying immense economies of scale considering the large market that it has to satisfy. Eucatex has been producing and distributing its new product in the country and current the demand for the new thin panel blocks is doubling causing the company to expand its production capacity. The rising demand for the new line of product is a clear indication the company is headed to a greater future.

The future is anticipated to grow better as the Brazilian economy continues to rise and the level of investments increasing in the country. The growth of the construction industry is particularly expected to boost the company’s profits in a very huge margin. The future prospects are therefore encouraging the company to continue with the production and support for sustainable production of timber. The growing demand for its new product is an enough incentive to keep going. The company’s long wait to launch its new product has finally paid off over the last few years.


Slyce is Leading the Way in Visual Search Technologies

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Image recognition, or computer vision, is the computer’s eyes. The computer vision studies and generates numerical information to produce a picture or image. In other words, image recognition is like the human eye. The eyes see a picture recognizes studies and understands the figure it is looking at. For example, the human eye look directly at a multi-colored cat, the brain and eyes work together to produce the picture of that specific image. The image recognition technology works in the same manner. Image recognition is the way of the future and that is why a company called Slyce is going along for the ride

Slyce, found by Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot, is the top leading company of visual search technologies. Slyce provides visual search technology for merchant companies or brand name products by incorporating their system into the company’s existing mobile application (app). This company has created its own image recognition technology that is advanced in stream capture images. It works by recognizing images through a series of stages to establish precise or accurate matches. Visual search technology uses a picture of a trade market or brand name product to establish what the product is. The product is then analyzed and based on its shape, outline, form or plan (database) the system figures out its characteristics. In other words, a person can see a picture of chair in a magazine or a unique outfit on a mannequin. All that is needed is to take a picture and make a purchase in less than a minute. Barcodes or QR codes are not needed in the visual search technology system, so the system doesn’t use them. With a click of a smart phone, visual search technology makes shopping quicker and easier for customers by using Slyce’s real-world shopping technology. Slyce’s company slogan is: See it. Slyce it. Buy it

Image recognition technologies distinguished the differences between facial, pattern or optical character recognition. For instance, facial recognition is when a person uploads a friend’s picture to Integra, or taking a picture of a check and depositing it directly into a bank account. The second technology is known as optical character recognition. However, pattern recognition is the most intriguing of the three technologies. Unlike facial and optical character recognition pattern image recognition uses the technology of pixels. It identifies very small detail images like logos, bicycles or cartoon characters. This is why Slice is the leading company of image recognition the real-world shopping trend of the future.

For more information on image recognition, check out the Slyce website.


Handy for My Business

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Cleaning is not my thing, but jobs are hard to find. I also a have philosophy that it would not matter which job I am doing, I will try to do it the best, and if there are any opportunities presented, I would exploit them fully. I say this meaning that if I worked in a grocery store as a sacker, I would try to eventually become the store manager. So in college, it was cleaning. I cleaned windows and buildings, but they paid exceedingly well for the types of jobs that they were, and the inherent biases that young people have when they enter the workforce for certain types of jobs like cleaning.

I had no such qualms because on the weekends I had dating money, and they had the leftovers. Eventually they all got the picture. In the evenings when I was leaving the dorms to go clean buildings deep into the night, there were an additional three guys also heading out to make their coin from the evening cleaning jobs that were all over the classifieds. I took this opportunity and optimized the business that I was being handed by referrals and other cleaning companies. I added an additional handyman service. Without fail, all of the larger homes that I cleaned asked me for a referral for good handy men.

I already had trust built with these people, so it was natural to progress into also offering handyman services. I kept it limited in the beginning because I was purchasing the equipment that I needed to do larger jobs as I made money form the lesser ones. By the end of college, I had a decent business going. However, there was a significant hiccup on the horizon in the form of the economic downturn. This made my business drop off significantly. The economic meltdown did not affect the people that were able to afford my services, but for months they were hesitant to get work done in order to simply see how bad it would get.

Unfortunately, I had laid out some serious money for the equipment that I thought would launch me to the next level, and I could not carry myself through financially. This meant that I had to unload the equipment for a loss in order to stay afloat. I did this, and suddenly the market came back but with another significant problem. This problem was finding labor. However, by now I have found an app that is seriously taking up some of the slack from my labor woes.

I transitioned my long time cleaners into my handyman business, and I now utilize an app called Handy for my cleaning jobs. This application allows me to schedule cleaners as I need them. It helps because I do not have to have anyone on call that is upset because work is slow. I simply pay by the app, and I can even have a choice in the level of cleaner that I need. It has been a real business saver for me.

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