The Aggressive Susan McGalla

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Susan McGalla was born in Ohio, East Liverpool. She was brought up in a family of two brothers with a dad who was a football coach. She later joined Mount Union College. Susan graduated from the aforementioned college with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and business. She also serves in the Board of Advisers at the same college. She is currently married to a wealth manager called Stephen McGalla. She is also an adviser on board at HFF Inc. HFF Inc is a corporation that offers commercial real estate services and is traded publicly.

Susan McGalla according to cbslocal.com is amongst the top business women who know what it feels like to venture into the business world and brush shoulders with men. She is very competent at juggling between her business dealings as well as her private life. This professional learnt to find her way into success since there was no sufficient information available that targeted women and showing them how to gain success in the current business world. Currently, she is an industry boss as well as business woman in operations and efficiency, talent management and branding marketing.

Statistics have it that women are moving forward in their careers relating to business ventures. Currently, business women are found occupying managerial positions in the large enterprises and small businesses. However, when it comes to women heading business organizations, there is an observable scarcity. Still, women possessing similar educational and experience amounts do not succeed in reaching the corporate heights that their male counterparts are. Mostly, this is owed to individuals stereotyping female executives.

It looks like most people are still stuck in the olden days. They basically cannot believe that women are also tough leaders. Take this for example; women executives constitute only 2 percent of the Fortune 500 in the US. Nonetheless, women such as Susan McGalla are beginning to transform the way the society views women that occupy positions of power. She wants females to be looked at as business executives and not just by their gender. She says that that is the only way possible to defeating stereotyping of women in business ventures.

Are men naturally born as leaders? Are they born with the gene component that supports vibrant leadership? Actually, research has it that some individuals are naturally born as leaders. Studies portray that leaders have common distinctive characteristics. These characteristics include intelligent, inventive, compassionate, personable, aggressive, hard worker, ambition and honesty. The fact of the matter is that women rate highest in all of the aforementioned characteristics. It is crucial for people to come to terms with the fact that women are equally inventive, personable, aggressive, hardworking, ambitious and very much more.

Susan McGalla is a successful executive consultant and business woman, whose headquarters are in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh. She is a very great model for success for the young ladies that are considering business for their career choices. She holds the belief that the solution to gaining success by women in our male dominated world of business commences with self confidence. Combining this self confidence with good education makes the road to success very smooth.


Taking a Look at John Textor’s Career

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John Textor is the Executive Chairman of the Pulse Evolution Corporation, an innovative pioneer of realistic digital humans for holographic live performances, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Textor is cited as the driving force behind the new industry of Holographic entertainment, which is responsible for the 2012 appearance of a virtual depiction of rap artist Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Valley Music Festival, as well as the 2014 performance of Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. As the holograms secured pop culture status, Textor and his partner were parodied on the hit television show South Park.

The company also acquired the rights to Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. The day to day focus is on putting its digital human celebrities to work through daily live performances, mobile applications, and virtual reality experiences. Textor hopes to reach tablets, phones, and smart glasses in addition to theaters and television.

These digital celebrities are built to be distributive and accessible across all entertainment platforms in the quickly evolving world of digitally distributed content. The belief is that digital humans will drive relevant, and lucrative uses in surgical military simulation, as well as education and artificial intelligence.

Textor also has some history in the film industry. Textor was the chairman and CEO of Digital Domain, having led its acquisition and restructuring from May 2006 through 2012. Some of the films Textor influenced include Transformers, Real Steel, and Pirates of the Caribbean; At World’s End. Another picture that Textor influenced; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button received many prestigious awards, including an Academy Award.

Textor was also the Managing Principal of the Wyndcrest Holdings LLC. Textor founded the company in 1997. Textor holds multiple positions of leadership in the company, and also contributes to the development of entertainment properties across a broad spectrum of different venues and technology platforms. Wyndcrest was known for its role as an early lead investor, as well as a pioneer for internet personalization technology. Textor was also a founding director and the largest shareholder of an internet banking startup company that became a multi billion dollar financial company.


Doe Deere Has Seen A Ton Of Success

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There are some women who have been braver in their careers than others, and Doe Deere is one of those women. She has shown girls that all that it takes to make something good happen is a lot of hard work, ambition and talent. She has proven to girls that they do not need to be scared about something working out or not, but that they instead just need to be confident in what they are doing and it will all work out for them.
Doe Deere didn’t have too much money to be able to start up her makeup brand, but she knew that it was what she wanted to do, and so she did it, anyway. And now she is glad that she was so bold in making it happen as her makeup brand has been out there for awhile and it keeps gaining popularity. People are loving the brand and all of the kinds of products that it offers them. They love that it is so different, and they are grateful to Doe Deere for being brave enough to make it happen.
There are many people who are shy about their look and who just want to blend in with the crowd, but Doe Deere is not one of those people. Instead, she has always been bold about her look and all of the things that she has done, and that is part of what has helped her to have so much success with her makeup brand. She has always been brave, and that bravery helped her to do well in creating it.
Doe Deere was in a band before she created her brand, and she enjoyed the positive feedback that she received from the fans of the band. That was part of what inspired her to create her own line of makeup, and her story is something that can now inspire everyone who hears of it.
Doe Deere has made many great choices in her life, and in her career, and she is one of the bravest businesswomen out there. She should be recognized for all that she has done with her makeup brand, and girls everywhere should look up to her and think of her as someone that they would like to be like one day. She has been brave, she has been ambitious, and she has seen a ton of success in her career.


Lime Crime Is For Those Who Want To Express Their Personality

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Opulent, unique, daring and flashy are just some of the words that can be used to describe Lime Crime’s makeup line. It’s called the “makeup of unicorns,” and indeed some of the shades are mythical and seem like they belong in a fairytale setting. However, this just makes the products eccentricities stand out from the products in the cosmetic world.

Doe Deere is the creator of this fascinating line from limecrime.com. She wears her makeup unapologetically to the rest of the world. She is different and bold, which is what gives her the edge she needs to create such a product. Focusing on lips, eyes and nails, the variety of hues aren’t the ones you would typically find in your local drugstore. This make up line is not created to help you to cover up flaws and try to recreate a false persona of perfection. Rather, it is created with the ability to allow you to express your personality without reservation.

When Doe Deere started the company, she did it with just a few hundred dollars and a dream. Her dream came to fruition and she has expanded far beyond her expectations. The company is now growing leaps and bounds. The new line “Cry Baby” was just introduced featuring Melanie Martinez styles. Some people just want red lips, while others opt for more daring moves in black and bright blue.

Most shoppers look for Lime Crime products online, where they offer free shipping for those who purchase over $50. They have two retails stores, one in LA and the other in NYC. They have vendors who sell their cosmetics in Mexico, Russia, and Brazil. Since Deere is Russian by birth, she holds a special spot for her birth country in her heart. Though she and her husband live in LA, and her mother is close-by, she embraces her Russian roots.

Their office is like something out of a mythical movie. It is designed to help entice their creative juices. If rainbow-hued faux furs throw and a lipstick that’s over 4 foot tall doesn’t inspire this crew, I am not sure what will. It’s a world where they use lollipops to stir their coffee and the chair that Deere sits in is adorned with bright rainbows and clouds. They keep ample supplies of products on hand for those who work in the office to touch up or try a new color pallet whenever they want.

No, Lime Crime is not like Revlon and you won’t find foundations that cover a multitude of completion issues. Rather, it is line created for those who want to be defined by their expressions. From those who want just a pop of color to those who want to make over their entire persona, it’s definitely a unique grouping of products to make you stand out from the crowd. Deere and her husband put their heart and soul into this company. The products are cruelty-free and won’t cause massive breakouts like other oil-based makeup.


Slyce Is Transforming Consumer’s Smartphones into Powerful Shopping Tools

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Slyce is a pioneer in the field of product recognition technology. This Toronto-based start-up has come up with and is continuing to develop software that will powerfully expand the capability of both shoppers and retailers online.

When most people think of image recognition software that is put to use by a retailer to help consumers search for products, Amazon Flow may be the first thing that comes to mind. Flow, however, is extremely limited. Its image recognition ability depends heavily on packaging, serial numbers, bar codes or other bits of information that may only be on the packaging. This isn’t of much help if one sees a dress, pair of pants or a pair of shoes they like out in the world where someone is already wearing them.

The image recognition technology that Slyce has is far more sophisticated. It scans and interprets attributes of the item itself in order to determine any close or exact matches to that item in a particular store’s inventory. For instance, when they set up a product recognition database for a certain subset of consumer items, such as shirts, for example, it may be programmed to take into account color, pattern, the number of buttons and the distance between them, the shape and size of the collar as well as the number and location of any pockets. This enables people who see someone wearing a shirt, or any other consumer item, that they see throughout their day to simply snap a photo of it and then upload that photo to a store website or app and have matches found.

It can also be used to get information about an item to see if you wish to purchase it. Finding close or exact matches for the item will provide the consumer information about it, which may result in them deciding not to buy it. They can also scan coupons into their phone to get deals on items. Another interesting possible application would be local grocery stores utilizing this type of image and product recognition technology some day. When a grocery store integrates this technology into their store app, it would let consumers create a list of things they wish to buy simply by pointing and shooting with their smartphone camera. The Slyce image recognition technology running in the background of this app will then match item after item and easily create a list for the customer before going out to the store. The ability to search for coupons, create a shopping list, discover information about products, or to instantly find and buy a particular item online, all with a simple smartphone camera photo, is the exciting future that the innovative start-up Slyce is working hard to bring us today.


Changes Come For The Atlanta Hawks In Terms Of Ownership

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The NBA is now a well known brand around the world and franchises in the sporting league have recently been prized assets valued highly by those who own them and those who wish to take control of them in the future. One NBA owner who recently decided the time was right for him to depart the league is Bruce Levenson, the charismatic former owner of the Atlanta Hawks franchise who has been the public of the franchise since 2004. In his place comes billionaire investment specialist Tony Ressler, a businessman who has been searching for an NBA franchise for many years and finally found one in the shape of the Hawks.

Ressler has already begun the process of making changes to bring the franchise more into line with his vision of how it should be viewed in the future. From uniform changes to new fonts and colors for the court side area of Philips Arena, Tony Ressler has already made his mark on the way the Atlanta Hawks will look in the future.

The rebranding of the Hawks is not limited to the way the team will look in the coming season, instead it also takes in the front office of the franchise and how it will be seen by those who deal with the 1958 NBA Champions. Ressler has been quick to put his own mark on the way the Hawks will be run with the appointment of a number of new front office staff, including many from the successful San Antonio Spurs franchise. The growth of the NBA as a global phenomenon has taken the Hawks and many other teams on a journey to sing fame and new income from outside the U.S. Tony Ressler will be looking to push the Hawks on to a new level of success that is even greater than that achieved under Bruce Levenson on wikipedia leadership .

Bruce Levenson arrived at the Atlanta Hawks after a takeover that consisted of the franchise, the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers and the operating rights to Philips Arena. Levenson has since become one of the most recognizable faces in basketball after acting as the public face of the franchise. This led to many changes for the Hawks, which included becoming a popular franchise with many fans across the U.S. and not just in the Atlanta Metro region. Levenson and his fellow consortium members have become a major force in the NBA since the $250 million deal to buy the franchise, but leading the team from last place in the 2004 standings to the number one seed for the 2015 playoffs marked the end of the journey. A reported $830 million deal was struck with Tony Ressler to make the team one of the most expensive in history and provide a healthy profit for Bruce Levenson and his consortium.


Slyce’s Path to Popularity Expands

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Slyce now has the potential to be one of the biggest names in the world of online marketing. The company is based out of Toronto and may soon change the way internet commerce is performed. Slyce has created an intriguing image and visual search app that allows customers to match products based on a picture taken on a smartphone. Slyce has also purchased the app Pounce and this will allow it to expand capabilities to utilize online ads and catalogs.

On the surface, it would seem Slyce is able to providing a really cool new tech device that makes shopping more fun. Sure, this is one of the benefits the apps deliver. Another extremely helpful benefit is present and this would be the convenience factor.

Shoppers do not like to be weighted down by long, cumbersome steps to search for products online. Image recognition searches make things a lot easier. Amazon Flow is a decent search program, but the program only works on the Amazon site. With Slyce, the app is going to work on a number of other retail sites. The acquisition of Pounce allows for advertisement and catalog skimming on scores of major retail sites.

Slyce is a company that has a solid bankroll behind it. Well over $10 million has been raised in investment capital. The funds should be enough to help Slyce maximize its success potential enormously. So far, Slyce has operated as a smart startup company.

The easier it becomes to facilitate shopping requests, the easier life becomes for the customer. Internet commerce fans definitely wish to see the process become easier for them. Likely, they will gravitate towards Slyce as the current apps gain popularity and more apps developed are going to grab additional fans. Look for Slyce to put that $10+ million to effective work.


Pulse Evolution Continues to Expand

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Pulse Evolution is an exciting company on the leading edge of the landscape of technological advancement. Its innovative focus is on creating extremely realistic holographic images, such that audiences can see these digital people perform and believe that they are witnessing the real thing. The company has been in existence for some time but just went onto the national stock exchange, a clear indication that it is doing well and will continue to progress.

Heading up Pulse Evolution is John Textor, who has made a name for himself as a part of various ventures, including Digital Domain. He had a hand in the making of several blockbusters that were noted for their impressive special effects. These included “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” “Flags of Our Fathers” and “TRON: Legacy.” The film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” received special recognition because of the creation of a digital character that was indistinguishable from an actual actor. Textor also was behind the virtual appearance of Tupac Shakur at the Coachella music festival.

To date, the most impressive feat for Pulse Evolution has been its creation of a digital version of Michael Jackson that performed a full song at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. That performance mesmerized 11 million people watching in their homes on television, and even close friends and family members of Michael’s were astonished at how well Michael had been captured, from the contours of his face to his signature dance moves.

LinkedIn shows that Pulse Evolution is determined to move forward with more and more events featuring digital recreations of beloved performers. Executives hope to combine their digital prowess with the latest advances in artificial intelligence. While the company’s focus right now is on securing contracts with the estates of such icons as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe for large events such as the ones featuring Jackson and Shakur, they are open to many more applications for their lifelike holographic creations. One day, individuals may even be able to custom order such creations. The future is bright and exciting, and Pulse Evolution is standing on the horizon, helping to usher it in with all its wondrous possibilities.


How to Start a Hedge Fund by Christian Broda

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Here is the information for anyone intending to start a hedge fund requires. Christian Broda is experienced in guiding clients through the process, with the essential steps for getting one legally set up. Broda has been in this industry for decades and recorded remarkable success all through. The business magnate also has immense academic knowledge about this field. The hedge fund guru studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he ultimately graduated with a doctorate in economics.

Broda has also been a lecturer of economics in Chicago before his entry into in the private business. The veteran economist has also lectured at the European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund and Bank of Japan. As an academician, he has carried out research in finance, macroeconomics and international trade. Among his famous study is the one that confirmed that a stimulus package was accountable for around ten percent increase in the wake a financial depression. Broda is known an ardent believer in the US currency. The hedge fund mogul insists that the US Dollar possesses the potential to endure any global economic turmoil. Here is Broda’s professional advice on how to start a hedge fund.

1. Hedge Fund Team
A hedge fund comprises of a group of investors that connect essential parties to have the investment working. The parties include traders, analysts and a financial consultant for supervising the entire operation. These are only some of the necessary components, but the ones that are the vital to getting a hedge fund firmly working.

2. Law Firm Relationships
Hiring a law firm and creating a relationship with the lawyers is an essential component of a hedge fund success. Even though contracting a law firm is necessary for a hedge fund, as a starter, one should not deal with big law firms as they can tend to be a bit expensive.

3. Anchor Capital Acquisition
One need seed funding to have the hedge fund started, as the aim is to find credible investors and to avoid spending personal money. Therefore, one need to attract capital investors, and it is a complex and an agonizing process. One needs to provide what they are looking for and be sufficiently prepared for the protracted courting process.

4. Choosing a Broker
A broker is the actual stock agency that one will use in all of the firm trades. These should be the most experienced and credible dealers in this field. They help in recording of all stocks and making all purchases that hedge funds require.

5. Have a Formal Office
For one to lure key investors and to consolidate the hedge fund, one needs to look the part. It can be even harder to attract seed funding when running a hedge fund from home. Therefore, make sure that the firm has a presentable office. That will help in elevating its image to potential investors.
Therefore, as a mature economist, Christian Broda has a role to pay in guiding the industry to the right place. Unlike other economists whose intention is not clear, Broda is a man known for wanting the best for the economy and its people.


How to Get Started Writing Wikipedia Articles

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Composing articles is not very difficult, especially for those who have experience in writing. Writing Wikipedia articles is more difficult than writing other articles, just because of the rules editors and writers must compose in concordance with hire Wikipedia writers. After becoming familiar with the rules of Wikipedia, writing Wikipedia articles isn’t hard — it really, truly is easy! Make sure to not get overwhelmed about trying to write in concordance with every single Wikipedia rule and guideline; learning all the rules requires lots of practice writing Wikipedia articles, so do not get discouraged at first.

Get Your Wiki (located at GetYourWiki.com) is an online-based business that creates, edits, updates, and monitors Wikipedia pages for individuals and businesses. Get Your Wiki charges very reasonable rates, without any sacrifice of quality; GetYourWiki.com is the most prestigious company who creates and edits Wikipedia articles on the entire Internet. Get Your Wiki stands behind its articles enough to guarantee 100% satisfaction with the article, or Get Your Wiki will reimburse the customer with a prompt refund in full. Since Wikipedia can be edited by anyone with a computer, an article may get changed by another Wikipedia user. GetYourWiki.com ensures that articles they have control over will never be altered by other Wikipedia users, to make sure that the customer gets the article they paid for, and so it will never be changed or deleted. In addition, Get Your Wiki also offers accurate translations of Wikipedia articles.

Writing Wikipedia articles can sometimes be proved difficult, especially when starting. Writing articles requires nothing but experience and a computer, but writers can only become acclimated to Wikipedia’s standards and guidelines with experience writing and editing articles on Wikipedia. Learning all of the rules will come in time, so rest assured that good form will come after practice.

One of the biggest mistakes newcomers make is writing articles that already exist. For example, there already may be a Wikipedia page on the topic of sea turtles, so it makes sense to edit that article instead of coming up with a new article from scratch. Writing a new article is effectively a waste of time, as it might get deleted because there is a more in-depth page on sea turtles.

Becoming used to Wikipedia’s formatting guidelines can be best accomplished through practicing editing articles first, rather than writing articles from scratch. Understanding the HTML codes that go into Wikipedia articles is more easily understood from editing than starting from scratch.

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