The Growth of a Reputation Management Firm

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With the world transitioning into a digitally connected world, online reputation management has become important to have as a way of promoting a great reputation as well as a positive overall image for any client. According to the World Economic Forum study that was made, it was reported that on average 25 percent of a businesses’ overall success and market value is attributed to the reputation that it has. In addition to this, it has been proven that companies who are the least prepared for reputation risks plummet in overall made sales.

Brand recognition and sales are now online. It has been estimated that around 50 percent of the world’s sales are now online. It is no longer about the brand and media recognition to up the sales of a company, but it is now all about the public’s overall opinion of the company that matters to promote sales.

Here are a list of ways to create a reputation disaster

1.) Lack of social media
2.) Positive sentiment for the other competitive brand
3.) A delayed response to negative feedback made
4.) No availability of an insightful dashboard

With online reputation management companies, individuals now have the chance to improve positive feedback as well as have a plan in case of a reputation disaster. One reputation management company is called Status Labs which has helped thousands of customers each year utilize the web in order to promote their excellent reputation.

Status Labs is a fairly new company that has only existed for three years. Within these three years, Status Labs has exponentially grown to help individuals which include executives, athletes, as well as politicians. Thanks to Darius Fisher, the leader of this company, the top employees work around the clock in order to utilize the web browsers to create the best positive feedback for each client.

Status Labs’ purpose is to make every client at the top page of the web browser to ensure that the public knows of the benefit of each individual and company. Status Labs has further plans to exponentially grow with the web becoming more and more vital in society.


Dick DeVos Gives Away Millions

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So often in the news or other forms of media we learn about how much celebrities are worth and what they spend their money on. Various magazines and shows provide us with insight on what luxury purchases these individuals make throughout the year. These various shows and articles make us believe that all of the money that the rich and wealth spend is on them. Thanks to individuals like Dick DeVos we learn that some wealthy individuals actually believe in giving to charity. 

Dick and his wife Betsy are using their wealth to help others that are in need. The two have created various foundations and given to a number of charities in order to give assistance to those less fortunate. To give you an idea about how generous this couple is, in 2013 they two gave $7 million to a foundation that they created. The name of their foundation is the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. With help of this organization, various groups are funded in order to help local and global communities to grow. The foundation was started in 1989 and has since become a force of change for many Michigan communities.

According to reports from the IRS the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation collected many funds that helped them to reach assets that totaled about $50 million dollars at the end of 2013. These millions in available funds were distributed with the help of approximately 121 donations. The amounts of these donations ranged from $250 dollars to $1 million. 

Dick and his wife are able to make so many generous donations because he comes from a wealthy family. The DeVos family has made billions with the help of starting their Amway business many years ago. In addition to being a part of a wealthy family, Dick has dedicated much of his time to working for the family business. He was promoted to CEO in 1993. He served under this title until the year 2002. Learn more about his career by connecting with Dick on LinkedIn.

The hard work of his father allowed him to have many opportunities. These opportunities include being a part of a multi-billion dollar company and giving to charity. DeVos is able to give so generously to charity because he has a reported net worth of about $5.1 billion dollars. But amounts of money aside, he has attributed his generosity to his father’s example of philanthropy, which he in turn intends to impress upon his own children.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016


Eucalyptus and Environmental Conservation Fuels the Success of Eucatex

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In November of 1951, Eucatex was formed in Sao Paulo, Brazil out of its predecessor Americana Sawmill Americana and quickly became one of the world’s leaders in eucalyptus based building materials. Initially Eucatex made eucalyptus wood based ceiling tiles and panels, but then over the next several years, they expanded their product offerings to include wood floors, doors, wall partitions, hardboard panels, and paint. The company also began exporting its products around the world while establishing offices in several European countries, Mexico and the United States. Eucatex also started environmental conservation and sustainability programs which helps them to have a continuous supply of eucalyptus wood to work with while recycling wood waste from production to avoid polluting the environment.

Flavio Maluf began working for Eucatex in 1987 in the company’s trade section before moving on into its industrial section. He has a mechanical engineering degree from Sao Paulo’s Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado, and he spent a year in the US studying administration at New York University. Flavio’s uncle, who was president of Eucatex, invited him to be part of the company’s executive team, and from there, he eventually became president of the company. Then in 2005 Flavio became CEO of Eucatex and Chairman of the Board of Executive Officers, now leading the family company from the inside.

Flavio continues to build upon the success of the company while at the same time making it one of the best companies to work for in all of Brazil. In fact, he’s become an inspiration to other Entrepreneurs in the country as well. Eucatex has over 2,200 employees and exports its products all over the world that are used in both home and office settings. Flavio has been instrumental in developing environmental educational programs for the community where people can learn about the local ecosystem and environmental issues that are affecting the region. Eucatex has received many awards for its environmental conservation, sustainability and recycling efforts, and these programs will help Eucatex to grow and prosper well into the future.  Be sure to follow Flavio on Twitter, as he’s always talking about where Eucatex is going next.


Home Joy Bankruptcy News: Where Does Competitor Handy Fit In?

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It is definitely a tale of two cities: the startup home-services company Homejoy has filed for bankruptcy and plans to shut down. The company has definitely seen better days, and might be known by some viewers for the fact that one of their commercials featured former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff. On the other hand, the company Handy has announced that they are still going strong, and have literally raised hundreds of millions of dollars from various sources. This definitely illustrates the fact that the home services business can be a difficult one. Where did Home Joy go wrong? Here are some factors that led to their demise:

1. Worker classification lawsuits.

The biggest problem that Home Joy services faced would be in the form of worker classification lawsuits. These types of lawsuits are particularly heinous on this type of startup because they usually require the contractors to be reclassified as employees. These lawsuits would have drove the labor costs for these already-financially-limited companies up 20% to in some cases as high as 40%.

2. Revenue challenges.

The Home Joy company had a number of unspecified revenue challenges and they seriously cut into the bottom line of the company. One of the areas that can kill a small operation such as Home Joy would be in having high overhead streams, and apparently this was simply too much of a problem for the fledgling company.

3. Expansion issues.

Another area that caused some difficulty for Home Joy would be in the area of expansion. Expanded a business can also add a number of expensive overhead allocations, and this case was no different. They attempted to expand to carpet cleaning and home repairs services just a little too soon.

Rival Handy Technologies has been quite a bit more successful, and on the surface it can appear to be a bit puzzling as to why. However, the main reason Handy has done better is because they have a strong fundraising and revenue stream. Unlike Home Joy, they were able to get funding from many well-off investors, including Fidelity Management, Highland Capital and General Catalyst.

Check out the original article here.


Europe Now Attracts Venture Capital Like Never Before

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Over the years, the U.S and Asia have been the main focus of venture capital. However, things are beginning to change. Venture capital is now being attracted to the European market.

Tech giants like Intel, Google and Microsoft, are scouring Western Europe with the aim of getting the most promising tech outfits. Among the outfits considered include mobile payment firms, game makers, data mappers and cloud software makers.

There must be a good reason for the sudden interest in Europe, as it is not particularly known for game-changing innovation. For starters, startups in areas such as London, Paris, Berlin and Stockholm are relatively cheaper than in the U.S. This allows large corporations to acquire a highly educated and talented workforce at a lower cost than in the U.S.

With the need for scaling up and going global, Europe is in dire need of American money to make this dream a reality. This seems to be happening in the wake of an announcement by Salesforce Venture’s John Somorjai. He announced that Salesforce had made a $100 million commitment to the European market, which is a big boost for the region.

Over the years, startups in Europe have not been scaling up and hitting high sales volumes at the required times. It has been taking several years to hit sales of 100 million euros, a process that venture capitalists reckon should take only about five years. A case in point is Xing, which never gained traction in Germany, and has been overtaken by LinkedIn as the platform used by professionals.

The European startup scene is still in its infancy and thus, is experiencing growth pains. This is evidenced by companies such as Deezer, a music streamer and HelloFresh Food Delivery Service, a product of Rocket Internet, as the postponed their IPOs recently, owing to volatility in the market.

Highland Capital Management is a venture capital firm that has gained global recognition and gone ahead to receive various awards for excellence in performance. Since its inception in 1993, the firm has grown and reported to be managing over $18 billion in assets in 2014.

James Dondero is a key player in the firm, being both a co-founder and President of the same. Jim has a vast experience in the credit and equity markets that spans over 30 years. He has also committed a vast amount of his time and money in philanthropy.

Jim was awarded his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia, graduating with the highest honors. He has gone on to manage billions in hedge funds, making him one of the market leaders.

The original article can be found here.


Why Charles Koch Is An Efficient Manager Both At His Businesses And Philanthropic Donations

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Charles Koch is a well known business person and philanthropist. He leads not less than four charitable organizations that have donated not less than $108 million to higher education institutions since 2005. In the very recent past, the Western University California provost asked the school’s chancellor to lobby for the approval of an academic center that was to be funded by the Charles Koch Foundation, a private non profit foundation run by Charles Koch the Chief Executive Officer and co-owner of Koch Industries. Since inception, the foundation has been funding academic programs, scholarships, economic series, lecture series and conferences.

In his part, the chancellor came out to support the project and what remained was the school trustees voting for the fate of the project. If approved, the project would launch with $2 million from the Charles Koch Foundation for a period of five years and $1.4 million from the university. Koch has been doing campaigns to influence higher learning in the last couple of years. Alongside other three groups, his Foundation has been able to donate not less than $108 million in less than ten years whereby eighty five percent of the donations went to Southern colleges and universities.

The biggest beneficiary of the donations has been George Mason University, a public school in Virginia that received $77.7 million. Apart from the above mentioned institution, all the other schools that received money from the Foundation were from the South. Koch is also well known when matters related to funding and supporting Republican candidates are concerned. He is one of the most outspoken business personalities in matters politics and does not shy away from making a headline by rubbing the other party the wrong way.

He was born in 1935 and is the Board Chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer and co-owner of Koch Industries. Together with his brother, they inherited the company from their father and as a result of their efficient management, they have been able to expand it to do bigger and better things.

Originally, the company was only involved in oil refining and making chemicals. Currently, it is involved in a lot of things that include processing pollution control equipment, making fibers and polymers, manufacturing fertilizers and stocks as well as trading in commodities and other related services. Charles is also a respected author and has written a book called The Science of Success that talks about his unique management strategies.

This article was originally published in Southern Studies. You can see it below:


Handy’s Tipping Feature Is Amazing

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Handy, the revolutionary mobile app that has given tons of independent home cleaning professionals a new way to list their services, has recently unveiled a way for clients and customers to tip the home cleaners through the app, rather than having to tip them with cash, if the cleaners are even tipped at all.

Handy has been around for about three years, and it has grown consistently since then. Handy controls their listings in about twenty-five areas in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. There would be listings everywhere, but home cleaning is considered to be lots more personal than other services that might be provided by independent contractors. Not that many people are trusting enough to allow a cleaning professional in their home, but Handy has increased these doubters’ trust by permanently banning any cleaner who has stolen anything or performed any fraudulent wrongdoings.

The tipping feature of Handy came into talks a few months ago when there was a popular debate on whether restaurant workers should be tipped, or if all of their income should come through their salary. Executives at Handy thought it would be best for everyone’s satisfaction if tipping was made available online instead of having the option to tip cleaners in person. There were many situations in which giving a tip would have to be given prematurely or a client would have to go out of their way to provide the cleaner with a tip for doing a good job.

Handy is free to download, and has a website where more information can be found at www.Handy.com. Even if one is not in one of the areas in which Handy operates, one is still able to look at all the different listings in various areas and consider if Handy might be a good fit for them and their schedule and budget if they were to ever move into an area that Handy did work in. Handy is expected to expand into many new cities in various countries around the world near the end of 2016, further solidifying their hold in the home cleaning service industry.

For more information on this tipping topic visit:


My Dog Eats Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food By Beneful

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I never knew how close me and my dog would become. She is my best friend in the world, and I’d do anything to make sure she gets everything she needs to be happy and healthy. I want her to live a long and happy life, so I made effort to research which nutrients she needs in her diet. I talked to my vet, also. I got her as an adoption. I went to the adoption center, and I looked for a dog that seemed like it would be a nice companion to have around the house. I didn’t want a dog that was wild, so I decided to not get a puppy.

My dog has a winning personality. She deserves everything she gets. I brought her home from the pound, and I fed her whatever food they gave me to take home for the night. The next morning was our day to go to the vet’s. She didn’t know it, but I had scheduled a visit for us. I wanted to vet to look at her, give her an exam and answer my questions. I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right, so I spoke with a professional about everything first. My vet recommended that I buy Beneful from target not let her get any bigger, so I had to search for a food that would help her maintain her weight.

Health Dog Food

I never considered how important nutrition was for dogs. I barely watched out for my own nutrition, let alone watch out for another creature’s nutrition content. I made sure to take the vet’s warning to keep her at the same weight. I didn’t want to be a bad pet owner, so I bought her food that said it was for weight control. I bought her the Beneful Dry Dog Food Weight. It is made with real chicken. It also has apples, carrots and green beans, so that sounds like a healthy meal to me.

We tried some of the other Beneful varieties recently, and she loved them all. We tried the Chopped Blends from Beneful. That is made with chicken, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. They also have another Chopped Blends with chicken, peas, carrots and wild rice that I have been meaning to get for her to try. I think she’ll love it. Chopped Blends always looks like something that tastes good to dogs.



Coriant’s New High Tech CEO: Shaygan Kheradpir

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Coriant is the leader in innovative networking solutions. The company sells hardware and software for data, mobile and voice networks. It just hired a new CEO by the name of Shaygan Kheradpir who has an electrical engineering doctorate degree from Cornell, and who has already worked in executive positions for such companies as Juniper Networks, Verizon and GTE. Shaygan’s contributions in such areas as development of new products and cost-cutting programs, in most of these companies, is what has made him become; a high-in-demand technical entrepreneur.

Kheradpir who has 28 years of direct experience within the telecom and technology service industry, replaces Pat DiPietro who is now the Vice Chairman of Coriant. In fact DiPietro welcomed Shaygan and acknowledged him as a high caliber executive who can lead this company with his focus and guidance. DiPietro believes Kheradpir is an asset to Coriant since his invaluable advice and strategic insight will lead Coriant into becoming one of the most recognized telecom companies in its field. Now that Coriant and Tellabs have merged, Shaygan will move to Naperville, Illinois where the U.S. seat of Coriant is located. In Germany, Coriant operates out of Munich.

Shaygan Kheradpir has widespread financial expertise, which is a plus for any new CEO walking into an eminent company; he was chief operations and technology officer for Barclays Bank for several years. Such companies as Cisco, Infinera, Alcatel-Lucent and Ciena are in the same market, with great reputations, and Coriant’s stiff competition.

Coriant is an international company with a large global customer base, including mobile service providers, utility companies and government organizations. The power of optical communication is to simplify the process and to operate by reducing costs and providing greater flexibility to the customer. The Coriant optical transport platforms offer greater efficiency for the evolution of the telecom world and its networks.

Shaygan himself clearly states that he was attracted to Coriant because of the company’s widespread optical packet solutions, the success of its portfolio with its global contacts and the growing customer base it attracts. He believes that the face of network architecture and telecom planning is changing. There will be a need for more automation, programming and networking solutions, all of which Coriant is already the leader. The future shows that there will be billions of end-users which will increase the overall profit-revenue already established and generated by Coriant and other companies like it.


George Soros Rumors Were Never True

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A wide variety of problems have risen for the Black Lives Matter campaign which has helped educate people fast in the industry about the countless injustices that have happened revolving the killing of multiple black males.

Just recently, protects interrupted speeches by Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders in the last month. Ever since it happened, countless voices across social media and other blogs have even posted the conspiracy that George Soros has actually helped provided $33 million to the Black Lives Matter campaign, which was proved a fraudulent statement.

It even got the attention of countless media outlets who shared the news either on huge blogs or even local television channels. Even Fox News got the update and talked about it on the air.

Three women came up with the idea to create this project to help build awareness of the injustices happening to black men. Michael Brown and Eric Garner are just two men who were hurt while unarmed. The horrible injustices caused heartbreak in the hearts of millions of people. However, there was no proof or any type of event where George took the time to donate to the campaign.

The Daily Beast reported recently that the founders had no idea the two people screaming at the speeches of Sander’s on stage were even related to the movement until the day of the event. They had zero clue about the people, and this is one thing that proves not every single screaming person at an event protesting is in connection to a campaign that they say they are.

Zimmerman said that George had successfully donated money to different groups working on different issues related to the Black Lives Matter movement. But it is just one of the many human rights endeavors Soros contributes to, as one can tell from his Project Syndicate page.

The key matter behind this is that countless people are saying George Soros, one of Forbes’ most successful hedge fund managers, is behind the protesting of the company, which is luckily not possible at all. The women who protested to Bernie Sanders’ stage speech were simple women trying to cause more trouble. George was wrongly through of sans the person meant to disrupt the speeches, but that is not the case considering there is no possible way he could have donated $33 million to the campaign. This is not at all a possibility, and you’ll find that Soros has worked hard to make sure that his team removed this potential rumor out of the bay.

The Black Lives Matter is a huge campaign that needs to be cared for and protected because it continues to be abused by people. Soros is ultimately one of the most highest earning hedge fund managers, and his money would not be spent to picket candidates during speeches.

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