Fabletics Has Risen to The Forefront Of The Garment Selling Industry.

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Kate Hudson formed a clothing company that is devoted to the trendy fashion line of workout clothing often referred to as “activewear,” Fabletics. Fabletics is a store that has earned quite a reputation in the online and physical retailer markets for clothing. Formed in 2013, they quickly became a profitable company, expanding rapidly to a $250 million profit in their first three years of operation. This amazing growth in customer and profits has allowed them to be a legitimate contender with the likes of Amazon and their own 20% hold on the online garment market.


Fabletics is a retailer that has gone to great lengths to learn how best to keep current with their customers’ desires when it comes to fashion garments. Fabletics employs a simple membership plan, and this plan is the key to their success in the business. Whenever a member browses their Fabletics online stores, the garments that the member is looking at, whether purchased or not, are kept track of and stored within a member database. This information is then used by the physical store locations to ensure that all of their available products line up with the interests of the internet shoppers. In this way, garments do not stay on the shelves without being sold, because their database predicts precisely what shoppers are interested in buying.


A great many physical department stores that sell garments have been completely disappearing for some time now. They either go away entirely, or they move their garment merchandise to their online stores only. This development is mainly due to the behavior of shoppers. Due to a fall in the economy, many shoppers have been keeping a tighter hold onto their money. They will use the physical department stores for the sole purpose of inspecting the garments in person, but not to buy them there. Instead, they will return home and shop online for those same garments, but compare many different retailers until they find the lowest obtainable price. However, Fabletics’ member plan keeps customers coming to their physical locations as well as online.


Customers are no longer swayed solely by an item’s price tag. It used to be that if an item had a high price tag, then the customer could reasonably assume the item was very well made. The opposite was also a common viewpoint, in that if the item was very inexpensive, then it probably was not worthwhile to purchase. Today’s modern world of fast paced production no longer supports these economics to be true. A garment cannot be judged by price alone as to its true quality. Instead, shoppers will look for a great many positive reviews and comments to be posted about a garment before making their purchase. They will look to find wholly unique versions of garments, exclusive colors or patterned designs and often, more importantly to the customer, they want to find out if the store’s staff will contact them to find out if they’re happy with their purchase.


The Leadership Resume of Scott Rocklage

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As the managing partner of 5AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage has worked very hard to establish his leadership acumen. To start with, Rocklage brings over three decades of healthcare management experience to the quality. He never compromises on the quality of his business principles, and this started when he became Chairman and CEO or Cubist Pharmaceuticals.


Rocklage’s dedication to his companies doesn’t just end with his employees. His immense experience has enabled his companies to market three jobs for FDA approval, including Omniscan, Teslascan, and Cubicin.


Besides this career highlight, Rocklage has also served as President and CEO of Nycomed Salutar and served as Board Chairman of Relypsa. In his current position as Board Chairman of Rennovia, Kinestral and Cidara, he is tasked with making important decisions about which drugs to market and why.


Dr. Rocklage was also an executive chairman of Llypsa when it was acquired by Amgen and the executive chairman of Mikana when it was acquired by EntreMed and Semprus when it was acquired by Teleflex. Rocklage has had a lot of education in order to prepare him for these many career successes, including going to some of the most prestigious schools and associating with some extremely important people.


Scott Rocklage was the recipient of a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of California in Berkeley and holds a Doctoral degree in Chemistry from MIT. During his time there, Rocklage conducted his research in the lab of Richard R. Schrock, winning of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2005.


Rocklage has invented or co-invented 30 different U.S. patents. He is the living embodiment of the commercial that discusses the long process of getting a drug to market. As the commercial details, it is a long and exhausting process, but at the end of it the narrator discusses how the drug saved his life and allowed him to live to his full potential.


We have dedicated individuals such as Scott Rocklage to thank for getting these drugs to market. It is through their perseverance that many more people are able to lead fuller lives.





Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Background and Achievements

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Dr Avi Weisfogel is the founder of New Jersey based Dental Sleep Masters. Since his first week as a general dentist, Dr Avi has shown great interest in the treatment of people with sleeping defects. He established Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999 and managed it for fifteen years earning multiple awards and recognition from the community during the process including the designation as best dentist for several years.


As his accolades and recognition grew so also did Dr Avi Weisfogel intensify his research and study into how dentists and physicians can help alleviate sleeping disorder in patients. This passion made him establish a company known as Healthy Heart Sleep, a firm that works with physicians and dentists all over the globe on the establishment and management of sleep laboratory. As this company grew in popularity, Dr Avi Weisfogel’s research also increased. This led to a gradual increase in the number of physicians and dentists that were involved in the research. Dr Avi joined several dentistry marketing clubs and used the opportunity reach more patients.


In the year 2012, he established Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and began lecturing dentists and other medical physicians on how to treat patients with sleep disorder.


In 2014, he established Dental Sleep Masters, his most recent project which aims to help dentists further understand how dentistry can remedy sleep disorders. Dr Avi Weisfogel’s approach is comprehensive and integral with a dedication to finding and creating solutions that will benefit patients. Dental Sleep Masters is leading the cause to help diagnose and treat patients with sleep apnea.



Dallas Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

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Highland Capital Management is an investment firm based in Dallas, Texas. It has other locations in the United States and abroad. The firm currently has locations in New York City, Singapore, Sao Paulo Brazil and also Seoul South Korea. Over the years, Highland Capital has evolved into one of the top investment firms in the world. What has set it apart from other firms is its specialization in managing credit and debt-based securities. The firm also provides other financial services that most firms offer. With its wide range of financial services, Highland Capital has been able to serve many clients throughout the world. As a result, it has established itself as one of the most trusted firms in the industry.


When the firm began in 1990, it was primarily a life insurance company. It was founded by two finance professionals Mark Okada and James Dondero. These two individuals looked to use their experience and expertise to serve a number consumers and businesses. Offering life insurance allowed them to provide a very valuable product that would improve the lives of business owners, their employees and individuals. Within the firm’s first three years, it would establish itself as a trusted life insurance company. By the year 1993, the firm looked to expand and become a more comprehensive financial services firm. Over the next few years, the firm would make significant changes which would transform it from a life insurance company to a comprehensive financial services institution.


By the year of 1996, Highland Capital Management began offering collateralized loan obligations which allowed it to become the first organization other than banks to offer them. This allowed the firm to distinguish itself from its competitors in the industry. The firm would expand to offering other financial services such as asset management, wealth management and financial advisory. It would also offer products such as hedge funds and private equity securities. These offerings allowed Highland Capital Management to emerge as a top tier financial services company. Today, the firm continues to provide assistance to both institutional and individual investors. It currently provides financial services to individuals, corporations, government entities and pension fund investors.



Ms. Rona Borre is an Honored Businesswoman in Chicago’s Staffing Industry

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Ms. Rona Borre is passionate, focused

Rona Borre is making a tremendous mark for businesswomen everywhere. Ms. Borre is presently founder and CEO of Instant Finance and Instant Alliance, which is her executive staffing agencies located in Chicago. Her career began when she graduated from the University of Arizona in 1995 with a business degree.


Her first job was as an account executive and recruiter for Team Alliance. Next, she accepted employment at Sapphire Technologies as Senior Account Executive. It was these two positions that created the foundation for her to start her own company, Instant Alliance LLC. Instant Alliance provides fast-paced, technological staffing solutions for the client. This company acts as the foundation for her next two agencies.  Source:  builtinchicago.org


Ms. Rona Borre is passionate, focused and with limitless energy, she presses forward in her career. Gaining more experience in the staffing and business fields from 2001 – 2014, Rona Borre founded both Instant Finance and Instant Technology in 2014 to coincide with Instant Alliance. These two new agencies focus on providing technical and financial experts for clients, and she takes great personal care in connecting the right employee to compliment the client’s needs.


More of this on cnbc.com.


Throughout her career, Ms. Borre has written 16 literary published works and in 2014, she was invited to become a member of The Chicago Network, an elite business women’s group. In addition, she has received over 20 awards and honors, and Ms. Borre is a shining star in Chicago’s list of distinguished, professional women.

Watch and listen to her on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kESCtzl-y3k






Thor Halvorssen’s Contribution in Human Rights Activism

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Almost everyone in Thor Halvorssen’s family has been involved in political activism. Halvorssen believes that every child should be educated on his or her rights. With such empowerment on their rights, children would be able to fight for human rights in the future. Early awareness of human rights is what makes Thor to be a passionate advocate of human rights across the globe.

Although Halvorssen is vocal on human rights, he leads a rather private personal life. He maintains his secrecy for security reasons. In the past, the activist has received several threats. By keeping his private life secret, he is able to protect his family from potential stalkers who might creep on him and harm him. Most of the threats come from different people who are opposed to his constant criticism of groups and governments violating human rights.

The activist is advocating for a new form of socialism. He considers socialism to be like a knife. Its results depend on how it is used. Halvorssen’s socialism focuses on policies and governmental structure. For him, this ideology is not evil. The problem has been the leaders in socialist countries who have misused or violated its values to deny citizens their human rights.

Halvorssen is famous because of his human rights advocacy. The courage that he has displayed has encouraged freedom fighters across the globe to push for changes in their societies. His efforts have seen loads of changes within governments around the world. These changes have benefited many people living in those regimes.

For Thor, the fight for human rights is not ending. Most new regimes are negating the progress made by past governments on human rights. There has been a call for new fights to ensure that states adopt laws that promote human rights. The activist hopes that more people will join the fight to make the voice of freedom fighters louder.

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuela-Norwegian human rights advocate and film producer. He is the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum and Human Rights Foundation. Thor serves as the president of the latter. The activist has been featured in many newspapers and magazine, including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Time Magazine. He has also been on the National Public Radio. Thor is known for producing The Singing Revolution, a documentary on Estonia’s peaceful struggle for independence from the Soviets who had occupied the country.



Brad Reifler Is a Financial Master

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The financial world is filled with failures. These are people who had some success and quickly faded away. Many of these people never had any success at all. There is no question that making a living by managing other people’s money is not an easy thing to do.

However, Brad Reifler has been able to do it for decades. He discovered this rare gift very early on in his career when he founded the Reifler Trading Corporation. He has never looked back.

His remarkable career has taken him to the very heights of the financial world. He has been the Chief Executive Officer of the money management companies Pali Capital and Forefront Capital.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler has become a bit of a legend in his own time. The way that he has helped two huge companies get back on track and make huge profits has not been lost on any of his contemporaries.

Brad is always being asked to be interviewed by a wide variety of financial publications. He is always happy to talk to the media. He realizes that it helps his career if his name is out there. Therefore, he will meet with the media whenever his schedule allows it.

Bloomberg says that Brad Reifler is the first one to admit that he never expected to be where he is today. However, he also says that he has had to fight his way to the top. Adversity is something that Brad has frequently had to overcome.

He says that one of the things that upsets him is the way the media portrays his career as being a fast and easy climb to the top. Brad wants people to understand that was not the case at all. He was often the first person to arrive and the last one to leave when he was getting his career off the ground.

Brad Reifler says that he has been aided by a natural gift for finance and investing. He says that he has worked with many brilliant people over the years who simply did not have the talent he has in those areas. This allowed him to surpass those people.


Vincent Parascandola – Successful Insurance Agent

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AXA was originally founded in 1816 as the Ancienne Mutelle. When it acquired Compagnie Parisienne de Garantie in 1978 it became Mutulles Unies. Despite the tradition, AXA is not an acronym but it was chosen because it could be pronounced easily without a language barrier. Claude Bebear hired a consultant that could make short brief about all potential names. However, he wanted a short and snappy name in order to convey vitality and international presence.


Headquarters are located in Paris. AXA-owned 23 Avenue Matignon and in the late 1990s, they acquired the former Hotel de la Vaupalière. Ricardo Bofill designed a modern glass façade that covered the courtyard of the hotel.


The United Kingdom – AXA Sun Life, AXA Wealth, and AXA PPP healthcare were created when AXA bought GRE (Guardian Royal Exchange). AXA Sun Life was created when the AXA Equity & Law and Sun Life Assurance Company merged. This brand is for high-net-worth management businesses that include: AXA Wealth, Corporate business, Market Protection, Traditional Business and Sun Life that focuses only on selling & saving protection for those in the UK.

Canada – AXA Canada offers services through a network of affiliate programs in different Canadian regions such as Quebec, Atlantic Canada, Western Canada and Ontario.

The United States – After merging with MONY and The Equitable they got into an agreement with Linsco Private Ledger in order to provide their customer’s clear brokerage and custody services.

Philanthropic activities:

AXA beside its financial activities has artistic and philanthropic initiatives. In 2008 they created the AXA research fund with more than €100 million. It provides support for research on preventing the environment risks that could affect human life and society. After three years AXA gathered young, world-class researchers in order to exchange network and best practice. Today there are 256 research projects that were funded in more than 22 countries.

Vincent Parascandola

Mr. Vincent Parascandola has more than 25 years’ experience in the insurance company. He began his career as an agent in 1987, and after he was named National Rookie of the Year, he joined MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990, where he managed various local and regional field positions before he joined AXA Advisors in 2004.

Before he became a divisional president, Mr. Vincent Parascandola became a president of The Advantage Group, a unit of AXA Equitable that was created in order to attract financial professionals. He was also recognized for his leadership and he has spoken to a numerous industry and company conferences. He became a member of GAMA and after he earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University, New York, he began to give the commencement speeches.

Since he became a senior executive vice-president he was responsible for development and growth of over 225 financial professionals in the New Jersey. His main responsibilities include training and recruiting new advisors to the firm as well improving the productivity of existing managers while controlling the appropriate profits.



Cotemar Mexico’s Interest In Various Sectors Of The Economy

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Mexico offers a wealth of unexplored opportunities ranging from energy, oil to Maritime. Thousands of employees work in these sectors. Overall, their productivity boosts the economy of Mexico. Cotemar Mexico is one of the companies that is benefiting from the resources available in the country. This corporation specializes in providing services to the lucrative oil industry. Cotemar Mexico offers petroleum services, offshore maintenance, maritime services, offshore construction and specialized ships. After being in operation for over three decades, the company has stamped its authority in the Mexican petroleum industry. Some renowned media stations such as CNN have celebrated the company’s successes by airing their world-class services.

With a broad portfolio of services, Cotemar works to ensure that everything in the petroleum sector runs smoothly. They develop offshore oil fields as well as construction and maintenance services. They have specialized vessels that enables them to provide the marine staff with integral services like food and lodging, and transportation services for both staff and materials. The company was established in 1979. It is 100 percent Mexican. Initially, Cotemar rendered their services to the energy sector. Later, they expanded their offing to cater for different industries. Presently, the company provides a wide range of petroleum services to some of the largest companies in the industry, including Petroleos Mexicanos.

The company has now embarked on a high-performance business model that will incorporate advanced process equipment and indicators to achieve the highest level of service standard. They are targeting construction, maintenance, modernization, and engineering services in addition to food and lodging services. Cotemar Mexico employs a unique talent acquisition strategy. It attracts, equips and retains outstanding talents through a robust training and development program that empowers workers having the latest competencies. The entity has managed to recruit top talents by partnering with prominent players in the industry. This information was originally mentioned on The Lobster Pot Studio as outlined in the following link http://thelobsterpotstudio.com/2016/12/29/cotemar-mexico-excellence-through-sustainable-and-quality-service-on-the-sea/

Cotemar Mexico has a challenging environment, which is designed to enable every employee to contribute towards the success of the entity’s objectives. This way, better performing workers are rewarded and those having low performance are taken for further training. Cotemar strives to be a sustainable company. The corporation engages in new business sectors within the global oil industry. The entity seeks to expand their footprint in the production processes through the help of advanced vessels and new innovative work models. The company’s operations adhere to the strict regulatory and management rules of the ISO system. They promote high standards of procurement and supply management through the ISM (Institute Supply Management). Cotemar complies with International Maritime Organization (IMO) Code for the Protection of Ships and Port Facilities. This code helps in detection of threats and development of preventive measures.


UKV PLC Help Navigate An Ever Growing Wine Industry

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The number of wineries and vineyards around the world has been growing in recent years as the demand for wines of all types, varieties and vintages has expanded in the eyes of the public around the world.

England has been the spiritual home of wine merchants for hundreds of years with a reputation for understanding the demands of the market like experts from no other country; UKV PLC are one of the modern breed of vintners who are able to provide a reassuring level of guidance for investors, consumers, or members of the wine trade looking to source wines that meet their own needs.

For people around the world UKV PLC offer a range of services that can make the company a major part of the life of any person or group looking to source the best possible wines. The main benefits provided by UKV PLC include the fact the company employs a small, yet knowledgeable group of staff who provide customers with recommendations on the best possible wines to meet their specific needs; the growing market for investment wines is of key interest for many of the clients of UKV PLC as they offer buying, storage and sales services for global customers who wish to enter the UK based investment wines market.

The wines offered by UKV PLC tend to come from the traditional wine producing areas of France, Italy, and Spain, but are provided using independent links to merchants, wineries, and brokerages to make sure the best prices are found for customers of all kinds. Traditional regions of Bordeaux, Champagne, and Burgundy are all covered by the experts from UKV PLC who have spent a large amount of time building relationships with major wineries and smaller up and coming wine producers to make sure all budgets and preferences are catered for by this impressive company.

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