Dick DeVos’ Love for Business

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Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur and a businessman who grew up in and is currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a quaint town that has been fortunate enough to be a growing community thanks to the multi billion dollar business of the DeVos family. Dick DeVos is the proud son of Richard DeVos, the founder of Amway Corporation, a consumer goods distribution company that holds partnerships and contracts with 18 different countries. Mr. DeVos, as a result in his success has not only had a heavy hand in philanthropy, but also has had a heavy hand in politics. Mr. DeVos’ generous donation to the politicians of his choice often result in a high quality campaign that is a useful aid to their win.

Dick DeVos was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan and even attended the Forest Hill public school system. Before even a formal education, Dick DeVos was involved in his father’s business. As a young boy, Dick DeVos has many fond memories of playing with his brother as well as his parents in the basement of his home which was the temporary residence of the company. Dick DeVos, over the last couple of decades has been able to watch his family’s company grow and expand on a international basis. Dick DeVos is proud to have been a part of this expansion.

In 1974, Dick DeVos entered the company and demonstrated his talent for leadership as well as his business talent. By 1986, Dick DeVos was promoted to be the Vice President of international sales. During this position, Dick DeVos spent six years of his career dedicated to raising the overall international sales. By the time Dick DeVos left his position as vice president, the overall international sales grew from 5 percent to over 50 percent. By the end of his term as vice president, his international sales exceeded the company’s domestic sales.

Dick DeVos is not only a successful businessman, but also a prominent philanthropist. In recent news, Dick DeVos has even chosen a new individual to head his Holland-based company. This individual is Phil Dolci is not only an expert in marketing, but is also an expert in reading others. Dick DeVos chose this man due to his dedication as well as his leadership technique. Dick DeVos has noticed that Phil Dolci is the problem solver within a company and solves and problem that needs fixing.


Choosing A Reputation Management Service

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In today’s business, choosing a reputation management service is as important as choosing the right employee to keep your business up and going. Social media is just one service that can take your business to the top or plunge to the bottom. The review sites have become a way to find out about companies and their reputation. Building your reputation online can be tedious and with the internet that is constantly on the move, it only takes a few mistakes and you are out of control. Every company strives to keep their 5 star rating.

Getting and maintaining a great reputation is what it’s all about. Whether it’s a customer or someone looking for a job with your company, your online reputation does make a difference. You don’t want any questionable presence on the web. This is when an online reputation management company (ORM) will prevent or fix, and even stop public relation disasters. Your company is your personal brand that has to be protected.

The internet is the heart of learning about anyone and any type of business. As Patrick Ambron, the CEO of BrandYourself.com has stated. His reputation management service company knows that a positive influence can make a difference online. Services like these can place your company in a position to be successful and maintain that status. Understanding how a reputation management service can help your business is important.

A company like BetterReputation.org knows and believes an online presence is a valuable tool to help boost your company’s reputation. They know exactly how to make it happen for your business. They understand and want your company to look great online.

As a US-based company, BetterReputation.org can offer you employees that are highly trained and experienced in managing online reputations. They can give you an free estimate and show you how they can protect your online presence and maintain a positive influence. They work till the job is complete, with not extra charge, even if the job takes longer than the estimate stated. It’s their reputation on the line, to keep your trust and performance.

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Achievements Of ClassDojo Company In The Education Industry

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ClassDojo is a startup company that works to improve the students-teacher relation in school. In Facebook, ClassDojo has more than 64,571 likes and a rating of 4.6 stars. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. ClassDojo has committed and dedicated staff that works towards enhancing an enabling environment for learning.


In June 2011, Mr. Don and Chaudhary Sam came up with an idea of starting the company to ensure that the communication platform between the teachers and students get mainstreamed. Some investors such as GSV Capital, Catalyst Partners, and Felicis Ventures have already invested in the project for partnership deals. Recently, the company entered into a commercial agreement contract with Stanford University researchers to enhance growth in the education mindset.


ClassDojo, which is a communication platform that shares videos and pictures between teachers, students, and parents have been in use in most of the United States public and private schools for more than two years. Sir Chaudhary, who serves as the president of the company, depicted that the primary objective of the app is to support learning in the schools and determine the development of students at the school.


Before the application got developed, the company was specializing in offering digital curriculum studies and grade books. The ClassDojo came as a surprise to the founders of the enterprise. According to a liberation made by the firm, a significant number of schools in the United States and other countries have already registered with using the app. Most of the kindergarten teachers embraced the introduction of the app, where it is used at an approximated measure of 2 in 3 schools.


Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don have proved to be worth it in the contribution towards successful learning. In future, ClassDojo Company depicted that they would introduce premium features so that parents would use the app for home purposes. Sir Taneja implied that the app has created a real association between the parents, students, and teachers, and mostly have led to the generation of teamwork spirit among them.


The introduction of ClassDojo app has displayed the emphasis imposed by the educators and parents towards ensuring their kids succeed in their life. The success of the company has been due to the commitment and dedication showed by the ClassDojo staff. The company raising $21 million dollars remains the fact that the app will continue to ensure that teacher-parents meeting takes place at regular intervals.


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WEN Hair Converts Professional Hair Styles In Just 5 Days

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WEN Hair is a full hair care cleansing conditioner that was designed by Chaz Dean to clean the scalp and hair deeply without needing to repeat the lather and rinse process. Despite the hair challenges someone may be going through, texture, volume, oiliness, or dry hair, WEN is a system for all hair. The WEN version being reviewed is Sephora‘s Fig and was reviewed by a writer over on Bustle magazine, which can be found here.
The writer in question is Emily McClure and she is a professional hair stylist who has who own problems with oily scalp and fine hair. She has been using styling products for a long time and uses a lot of product every day. The WEN Hair cleansing conditioner can be mixed and matched pretty well with most styling products. However, it could take a couple days or as long as a week for WEN to work into the products already being used in someones hair. WEN Hair by Chaz Dean (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html) is one of the healthier products, so it can be disrupted by some chemicals, in terms of other styling products being used in the hair. In most cases, WEN work wonders no matter what someone uses to style their hair.

After using WEN Hair, Emily McClure realized her hair took very well to the product even though she didn’t use the recommended amount due to the fear of it weighing down her hair. She stated that it made her hair feel even thicker and noticeably reduced the numbers of hairs she was seeing fall in the shower. Considering all the volumizing product she treats her hair with, she was impressed and took a sigh of relief at how well the product worked. In just 5 days of using WEN, she already decided that she would continue to use it moving forward.


Andy Wirth Plans to Connect Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows With a Gondola

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Andy Wirth CEO of both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, wants them connected by more than paper. Each resort sits on and serves its own mountains. They are close, but separated by ski passes. However, after Wirth acquired Alpine Meadows in 2011, skiers still had to leave one resort and get in their cars to drive to the other if they wished to ski at the other resort.

This information comes from an article published in Powder Magazine. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has announced plans to connect the two mountain tops with a gondola. It would operate base-to-base. It would operate in three sections. Starting at the base of Squaw Valley, it would go to ridge that separates the two. Then it would go up and over that ridge.

And then it would go down to the base of the mountain below Alpine Meadows. The top of the ridge is known as KT-22, near Skunk Rock. That’s where they plan to put the platform for off and on loading.

That would give skiers access to 6,000 acres. The land separating the two resorts has always been the key to such a plan. It’s 460 acres owned by Troy Caldwell, and is known as White Wolf. And it’s against the Granite Chief Wilderness Area controlled by the U.S. Forest Service.

According to plans, the gondola borders the western border of Caldwell’s land, so Wirth and Caldwell were able to come to an agreement. Wirth will ask for support from the Forest Service and Placer County. When Wirth took over in 2010, he sat down and began to make friends with Troy Caldwell, letting the other man know he didn’t plan to do business like the former president of Squaw Valley, famous for litigation.

Andy Wirth owns Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which owns Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts in Olympic Valley California. Squaw Valley is famous as the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics.

It is north of Lake Tahoe. Wirth works hard to make Olympic Valley into one of the worth’s top tourist destinations. He started his career in the resort industry with Steamboat Springs Resort in 1986. Read more: Update on CEO Andy Wirth and his letter

When Intrawest took over Steamboat in 2007, Wirth became chief marketing officer and an executive vice-president. He left in 200 to take over Squaw Valley as President and CEO, replacing Nancy Cushing. The Cushings had run the resort since Wayne Poulsen built it in the 1940s.

Andy Wirth obtained financing and dramatically upgraded the resort with KSL Holdings, as well as buying the neighboring Alpine Meadows. Wirth has an unusually long family history of environmental activism. His great grandfather Theodore Wirth was the dean of modern city parks.

His grandfather, Conrad Wirth, was director of the US National Park Service and helped to write the Wilderness Act of 1963.

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Compliance Officers In American Businesses Want To Create A Proper Work Environment

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There is a new leader at the top of the Department of Justice team that watches companies in America, and the new leader is looking at ways to bring more scrutiny on every company that they oversee. There are very large companies like Hall Capital where Helane Morrison is the compliance officer, and she is concerned along with her colleagues about how this is going to change the way they work.

The compliance department of every large business in America could be asked to do so much extra work that they will not be able to keep up, but the compliance officers like Helane Morrison are already doing amazing work. Helane Morrison has made Hall Capital a very diverse company, and she already works well with the staff she has in place. Adding to her workload just makes it harder for her to get her work done in a way that is worthy of her expertise, her company and the government’s time.

Other compliance officers have the same concerns, but none of them is as good at this as Helane Morrison. Mrs. Morrison has done a lot of work at Hall Capital to make sure that the company is following the law, and she even hires a really diverse staff to make sure that they are going to conform to government guidelines on hiring and equality. She is a skilled lawyer who has been advising her superiors on the business of Hall Capital for a long time, and she will continue to do that work really well.

The problem with new guidelines from the DOJ is that a lot of companies will not be able to keep up. Companies in America are scared of how they will get all the work done, and the people who are most concerned are the compliance officers. They are needed to keep pace with government rules, and they are going to get more work soon.

Helane Morrison is prepared to keep up with what the government wants, but that does not mean that the company is going to slip in productivity. Helane already has Hall Capital working at its optimal productivity, and she is making sure that she can keep that up when the new rules come through. Every person who works with Helane Morrison has been trained to be productive and fair, and she does not want to lose that atmosphere that she created.


Healthy Brands of Dog Food in the Market

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Freshpet Inc is a fast rising company that manufactures gourmet food, and its industry is located in Bethlehem. It is the only company in the business that makes industrial refrigerated pet food. The Chief Executive Officer of Freshpet Inc. is Mr. Richard Thompson, and he is responsible for ensuring that the company produces high-quality feeds that suit the consumers’ requirements. The company shuns the use of preservatives and only uses fresh ingredients in production to achieve good quality. Mr. Thompson also ensures that the customers get the products while they are still fresh and tasty by limiting the time that they stay on the shelves of retail stores. Freshpet Inc. is one of the companies in the steadily growing 23.7 billion dollars pet food industry that has managed to make pet lovers pay more for fresh and quality feeds.
For a couple of years, some manufacturers have been producing organic grain free feeds by mixing their kibble with salmon and lamb. New companies such as Freshpet Inc. and Blue Buffalo Co. have changed the industry to the production of fresh and healthy feed that are edible to humans, and this transformation has made traditional companies upgrade their production and marketing skills to be at par with their competitors. Purina, which a subsidiary of Nestlé enables pet owners to order customized pet food through the company’s Amazon website. Colgate-Palmolive also has advanced and produces food that allows overweight dogs to shed some weight. Many other companies are striving to provide latest types of products on Wal-Mart stores that can suit the needs of the customers.

Beneful dog food is a high-quality brand of dog food that is made by the Purina unit of Nestlé. To satisfy the needs of the customers, Beneful has diverse recipes that can be used for different purposes in dogs. These include Beneful IncrediBites, Beneful Healthy Weight, Beneful Healthy Smile, Beneful Original, Beneful Healthy Fiesta, Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies, Beneful Playful Life, and Beneful Healthy Radiance. All these varieties have less water and a high dry matter content which is required for the nutrition of pets. The Beneful brand also has twenty different types of delicious wet dog food that are produced from wholesome ingredients.

Beneful.com products feeds contain vitamin rich vegetables and real meats. These elements make them have great tests and textures that help in the nourishment of the pet’s body. The foods also have a complete nutrient content that is 100 percent balanced. Antioxidants and Omega-rich ingredients are also contained in both the dry and wet feeds. The outstanding nutritional content that is in the feeds makes Beneful the best dog food brand in the market. Visit Beneful’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BenefulBrandDogFood


OrganoGold Brings Its Gourmet Coffee to Turkey

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Coffee has been popular in Turkey for hundreds of years ever since the first coffee house was opened in that country. In fact, the United Nationals Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognizes its coffee as an intangible Cultural Heritage of Turkey. “Turkish coffee” is known and popular around the world.

Therefore, OrganoGold introducing its line of gourmet coffees to Turkey is a noteworthy accomplishment. And it’s possible because much as Turkey still likes coffee, the people there are also becoming more aware of the importance of nutraceuticals to their health.

OrganoGold infuses its coffees and teas with the Ganoderma lucidum Chinese medicinal mushroom, which is better known in the United States as reishi. Most of OrganoGold’s personal care products and nutraceutical supplements are derived from reishi or lingzhi mushroom.

Reishi has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. It’s become very popular in alternative health circles. It contains various plant compounds which do help improve human health, such as triterpenes. And it contains such polysaccarides as beta-glucan which help improve the immune system’s function and signaling, as well as activating dendritic cells. Scientific studies show it does help inhibit allergic reactions and convulsions. It may also have antioxidant and cardioprotective properties.

Turkey is the 39th country the global direct sales and marketing company OreganoGold has gone into. One of OrganoGold’s Diamond distributors is none other than Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao, the famous boxer.

The founder and CEO of OrganoGold is Bernardo Chua. From the Philippines, he has worked for many years in the networking marketing industry. He started out as an executive with Gano Excel in The Philippines. He helped the company expand to Canada, the United States and Hong Kong. It was from Gano Excel that Chua learned the power of Ganoderma for human health. Therefore, in 2008 he took the next step forward and started up his own company with its own lines of Ganoderma-related products, OrganoGold.

In 2014 the Napoleon Hill Foundation awarded OrganoGold its Gold Medal. Foundation Executive Director Don Green presented it to Chua, Shane Morand, OrganoGold co-founder and CEO, and Holton Buggs, Global Master Distributor. Previous recipients include Lee Iacocca, Mary Kay Ash, Ted Turner and Norman Vincent Peale. In 2015 the National Consumer Affairs Foundation of the Philippines gave Chua their Dangal ng Bayan award to recognize great Filipino products.  Follow Bernardo on Facebook, for further guidance.


The Rapid Rise of Talk Fusion’s Video Chat App

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Within several weeks of being launched, the Video Chat application by Talk Fusion has gained tremendous momentum on the global market. Based on data that has been compiled by AppBrain, Video Chat has become Indonesia’s leading communication solution on the Android market. This app is also ranked fairly well in high-tech nations such as Japan and Switzerland.

Video Chat has a simple design that appeals to a broad user base worldwide. First of all, this app works equally well on mobile devices and desktop computers. Whether people have a Mac or PC, they can easily access this Web chat feature. Video Chat also works perfectly fine on Android devices and Apple gadgets including iPhones and iPads. The cross-platform compatibility contributes to the success of Video Chat on such a large scale. By contrast, similar solutions such as Skype and FaceTime require users on both ends to have the same hardware or software. Video Chat only requires a user to have a Web browser, webcam and high-speed Internet access.

Talk Fusion has also taken a drastic measure to promote Video Chat to users worldwide. The company is offering a 30-day free trial for this particular app that can be downloaded on the Google Play store and Apple iTunes store. Talk Fusion anticipates that the trial period is going to yield a significant spike in paid subscriptions in the future. Leaders at this firm also consider creating free limited-time trials for some of the other IT solutions that are available for business and personal use. Allison Roberts, the VP of Training & Development, is certain that Talk Fusion will eventually become a household name in the near future.

Considered a pioneer in online marketing, Talk Fusion has been in business since 2007. The company was founded by Bob Reina, who realized the tremendous potential of video content in email marketing. Over the years, Talk Fusion has grown to a global leader of Web-based communication solutions. From video newsletters to live virtual meetings, Talk Fusion provides innovative and reliable solutions to businesses. In fact, this company has a strong and growing presence in over 100 countries.


George Soros: A Voice of Reason Warning China of a Financial Mishap

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The 2008 financial crisis has left a dent in the American psyche that has not healed and will probably not heal for a very long time. A lot of policies, laws, and loopholes that make up the American economy have been exposed. People lost their life-savings, homes, and jobs on nybooks.com due to one of the world’s worst financial crisis since the Depression. Many citizens still do not feel safe within the system, even though things have slightly improved.

One voice of reason and experience comes from George Soros who is a billionaire investor. Soros saw the financial collapse in the United States first-hand as well as some of the factors that led up to that failure. And it is he who is now attempting to warn China about their own economy.

Who is George Soros?

George Soros is a self-made man who was born in Budapest and made his way to the United States during the Nazi-era. Soros took a job at the Wall Street brokerage firm known as F.M. Mayer. He learned a lot, but George Soros wanted to do something on his own, which is how the Soros Fund was created in 1973. The hedge fund changed names throughout the years, ending up being the Quantum Fund Endowment with 12 million dollars from investors.

In March 2012, Soros was listed as the 22nd richest person in the world on Biography with a net worth of about 20 billion dollars.

What Is George Soros’ Message to China?

In simple terms, George Soros believes that China needs to learn from the mistakes made in the United States not too long ago. Soros believes that the debt-fueled economy that sustains China could ultimately be the reason that China’s economy falls. Soros is comparing this debt-fueled economy to the United States economy before the credit markets fell into a hole.

One thing that Soros is pointing out is an obvious problem with China’s banking system, where there are more loans than deposits. In fact, the situation on NY Times between banks is so out of control that they have been lending to each other. Soros knows that institutions like banks make their money through uncertain bets on the market. This means that the security of a bank that borrowed from another bank now sits on a very uncertain partner.

Soros wants the people of China to think about diversifying their investments and not to solely depend on the banking system of their country. Diversification allows a person to be a little safer, since their money will be in different locations. Soros also wants China to rethink their reliance on an economy that runs solely on debt.

Some critics say that Soros is wrong with his predictions, and he hopes that his predictions are wrong too. But the voice of a person who has made his fortune predicting the market should get China to pay attention.

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