UKV PLC Help Navigate An Ever Growing Wine Industry

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The number of wineries and vineyards around the world has been growing in recent years as the demand for wines of all types, varieties and vintages has expanded in the eyes of the public around the world.

England has been the spiritual home of wine merchants for hundreds of years with a reputation for understanding the demands of the market like experts from no other country; UKV PLC are one of the modern breed of vintners who are able to provide a reassuring level of guidance for investors, consumers, or members of the wine trade looking to source wines that meet their own needs.

For people around the world UKV PLC offer a range of services that can make the company a major part of the life of any person or group looking to source the best possible wines. The main benefits provided by UKV PLC include the fact the company employs a small, yet knowledgeable group of staff who provide customers with recommendations on the best possible wines to meet their specific needs; the growing market for investment wines is of key interest for many of the clients of UKV PLC as they offer buying, storage and sales services for global customers who wish to enter the UK based investment wines market.

The wines offered by UKV PLC tend to come from the traditional wine producing areas of France, Italy, and Spain, but are provided using independent links to merchants, wineries, and brokerages to make sure the best prices are found for customers of all kinds. Traditional regions of Bordeaux, Champagne, and Burgundy are all covered by the experts from UKV PLC who have spent a large amount of time building relationships with major wineries and smaller up and coming wine producers to make sure all budgets and preferences are catered for by this impressive company.


Hair Care by Wen- Chaz Dean Revitalizes Hair Care Routines

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Did you know that early on in life, we are taught that we need to get our hair squeaky clean and before we are able to do that, we need to lather our hair up. This is actually far from the truth. You do not need to have a full lather in your hair in order for it to become clean. This is actually the downfall to your head of healthy hair. The chemicals that are added to your shampoo lines sold in the store are actually causing you to have not so healthy hair. Those some sulfates are what is causing your hair to be damaged. Those same shampoo’s are actually stripping everything you need for healthy hair from it which is the opposite of what you are trying to do. You are actually loosing more oils and shine than you are adding to it.

Wen Hair is actually designed to make your hair less brittle than ever before and will help to prevent any dryness that you usually have from using harsh chemicals in your hair. The cleansing conditioner is going to make your hair more manageable than it was before you started all the different hair care products found in the store. Your hair will be less vulnerable to brushing and combing than before and therefore you will see less hair lost than before you started the hair care line. If you really want to make an even bigger improvement to your hair, you should try out the moist intensive hair treatment line which is aimed at boosting your hair after you have begun damaging it from hair care products sold in store as well as a number of environmental agents causing damage to your hair.

Chemicals are not the only thing that can cause damage to your hair as there are plenty of things that also cause damage such as the sun, wind and heat. Some of those things you encounter everyday without even knowing it. That’s why you need a hair care line that focuses on everyday damages.

For more product information, visit the WEN Hair Facebook page and Twitter account.
View the company profile here: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wen-hair-care#/entity


Wessex Institute Conferences Offering Scientific Collaboration

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The Wessex Institute of Technology in England offers conferences throughout the year to the international scientific community. The conferences through WIT is unique because all papers presented at the conferences are in hard cover and electronic format before a particular conference begins. Here is one sampling of an upcoming conference in 2017.



  • Air Pollution
  • Time: April 25-27
  • Location: Cadiz, Spain


The Wessex conference will discuss and consider many important facets of air pollution. This series explores the wide spread nature of air pollution in the world and it’s impact on health and the environment.


The Wessex conference brings together scientists from around the world, who collaborate their findings with others. Each meeting helps to identify areas where investigation is needed. All information in the series are stored in the WIT eLibrary.

Check this site.



Sweet Stock Loan Deals with Equities First UK

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Equities first is a London-based financial advisory company. It deals with offering loan services to high net worth individuals and businesses who are in urgent need of cash. The company has been in business for 15 years under which they have managed to transact over 700 transactions and open nine offices globally.

What Makes Equities First Services a Good Deal?

Equities First offer margin loans and shareholder financing services. Their loans are fast, efficient, and are transacted in a transparent and secure manner. A shareholders loan is the most interesting. It requires one to use their shares as security.The amount of money given in this case is calculated as the average of the last three days share price. One, therefore, needs to time when the stock price is at the peak to get a lot of cash. The loan is given at an interest rate of 3-4% over a period of 2-3 years. In case you are unable to pay within this period, you can walk away with the cash and Equities First remains with the shares.

Benefits of Shareholders Loan

If you compare this loan with the mortgage, it is much better. Shareholders loan is also very cheap compared to bank loans.These loans offer a lot of flexibility to the customers. They can pursue their financials need without much stress as long as they have shares in the company. Stock loans reduce the pressure of having to look for a suitable bank to lend you cash.

How Equities First Stock Loans Work

If a customer has shares with a particular company, they can choose to transfer the shares as collateral to Equities First. Doing this prevents the client from resigning their directorship from the enterprise in question. However, the customer must be sure that the share price will rise in future.In case the stock price increase during the loan term, the client is entitled to 100 percent market value during loan maturity. In addition, customers are not limited as to what they do with the money; they have maximum control of their cash.


The Success of John Goullet Startups Overview

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John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur as well as an IT specialist. He attended Ursinus University and later kicked off his career as an IT consultant. He had a keen interest in information technology, and in the year 1994, he decided to quit his job and start a company. It was the year he founded Info Technologies; a company that focused on providing solutions to problems facing Fortune 500 companies.

About Info Technologies

Info Technologies concentrated on IT staffing. During its period of operation, the company had managed to grow to $30 million in 5 years, and Forbes ranked it as 8th fastest growing privately-held businesses in the United States. John Goullet served as the CEO of the company, and since he had great passion and experience, he helped the company to excel and reach more clients.

Merging with Diversant Inc.

John wanted to reach more clients; he decided to join Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. the two companies joined to form Diversant LLC. It was a move that benefited the two companies they managed to expand and reach more clients. John Goullet was appointed to head the company since he had a clear understanding of the industry.In fact, the company became the largest privately held company in the United owned by African-American.

About Diversant LLC.

Diversant LLC was certified as a Minority Business Enterprise in the year 2010. It was after the formation of the company. It concentrates on IT Staff Augmentation and direct hire among other services. Since it is inception, the company has managed to link over 1000 IT specialists to some of the Fortune 1000 companies in the United States. The move to merge Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies was a success.


Goullet’s experience in the information technology industry has been one of the major factors contributing to the success of Diversant LLC as well as that of Info Technologies. He has been in the industry for over 30 years he is driven by passion. John Goullet can be termed as one of the best techno-entrepreneurs having started and led two successful companies.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/public/John-Goullet for more.




John Goullet Has Become An Important Figure In IT Staffing

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Many businesses have challenges to keep up with competitors through using information technology, but to keep their IT systems up to speed they need IT specialists to work for them. That’s where John Goullet comes in as the man that is working to help these companies find IT specialists, and just as importantly helping people entering the IT field find jobs. John Goullet is the Executive Principal of Diversant LLC, an IT staffing firm based in Newark, NJ. As Executive Principal, Goullet researches and finds solutions for the company to meet client demands and tackle challenges that come with changing times in the IT world. Diversant not only matches jobseekers with positions and companies that meet their strengths and qualifications, but they also provide tuition reimbursement and employee benefits as part of their company service.


John Goullet has seen the changes in IT staffing and consulting all through his career. He graduated from Ursinus College over 30 years ago and began as a consultant for various tech companies such as Computer Sciences Corp, 3D Information Services and TSR Consulting. As his career continued he began to shift his focus from solving computer problems and advising clients on IT issues to marketing and staffing for those companies. Eventually he decided to start his own independent staffing company and in 1994 he founded Info Technologies. Info Technologies made a lot of inroads with fortune 500 companies and grew from concept to $30 million in just 5 years. Info Technologies has also been featured in Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing companies list.


Goullet decided to reach out to more IT jobseekers and combine his resources with his friend Gene Waddy’s company, so in 2010 Info Technologies became Diversant, LLC. The company soon started opening other offices across the US in states like California, North Carolina and Texas. Diversant also began partnering with local business organizations and technology initiatives such as the New Jersey Tech Council, and the New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council. They also support the Harlem Business Alliance, the Congressional Black Caucus and PACE Monmouth as part of their philanthropy.


Chic Locations in Chicago

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If you have an eye for the urban style of cities, Chicago offers unique backdrops to consider for wedding photos. To feel like you and your loved one are at the heart of the city jungle consider walking along the Chicago River where your photos or videos will allow for a city focus with scattered trees and the river adding subtle reminders of the nature the city grew from. With varying styles of bridges crossing the river, you’ll be sure to find the perfect accent to your personal style. For photos that allow you and your loved one to take center stage, consider Milton Lee Olive Park. This location pushes the city landscape further behind you and rewards your choice with a more expansive view of the Chicago skyline in the background. This is a location that will be prime at varying times of day so you’ll have more flexibility and privacy to arrange that perfect shot capturing your love. For more information, go to georgestreetphoto.com.


Making SOLVY the Math Homework Problem Solver

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2/6/2017 Update: Edsurge reviewed Alexei Beltyukov’s Solvy program, and pointed out that it’s a very helpful real world math resource.  Often, the problem with math for many people is that the problems are too abstract, too difficult for people to understand. But Solvy offers a practical application that makes it much easier to understand.


What is SOLVY? SOLVY is an online math program designed to help students work through their math homework.

It provides the real world context for learning math online just as students would in an actual classroom. Who can use SOLVY? SOLVY is an online homework space for High School students.

How does it work? With SOLVY students have online access to math problems assigned by teachers. Students can interact with a graphing tool and teachers can see student work to keep better track of student progress.

Why SOLVY? SOLVY was made with students, teachers, and schools in mind to create an online platform to help guide students through the problem-solving process.

By giving teachers access to student work they are better able to identify misunderstandings, pinpoint errors, and provide extra support as needed. It’s reliable, straight-forward, and generates data in real-time. The best part is- SOLVY is absolutely FREE!

SOLVY is proudly presented by founder Alexei Beltyukov, an entrepreneurial philanthropist who is paving the way to make education accessible for everyone. Alexei Beltyukov graduated from the Master of Business Administration program at INSEAD Business School and has since launched several successful businesses.

According to SlideShare, Alexei is the founder of A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies, Endemic Capital, and SOLVY. In 2015 Alexei Beltyukov was announced as the Chief Operating Officer of SOLVY.

He is also known for his philanthropic work as Beltyukov was the one to propel the Russian Alumni Scholarship at INSEAD. He also serves as vice president of the Skolkovo Foundation.


The word entrepreneur may be misleading because Alexei Beltyukov has not been alone in the profits of his business endeavors and he has made a difference in the everyday lives of everyday people.

More about Alexei on his Twitter page here: https://twitter.com/alexei_belt


Up-Close with George Soros and His Perspective Regarding President Trump’s Administration

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George Soros has recently grabbed the headlines by offering his blatant honesty regarding President Trump’s election win. Apart from founding billion dollar hedge funds and donating to various Foundations, Mr. Soros has launched a no-holds-barred interview regarding Trump and his presidency. According to him, President Trump would eventually turn into a dictator and doesn’t have America’s best interests at heart.

Such comments were publicly reiterated during the World Economic Forum held in Davos on Politico. According to Soros, Trump represents a select few in the society, which invariably refers to his business associates and the mafia. Additionally, he firmly believes that Trump would renege on his basic promises that ultimately landed him in the Oval Office. Nevertheless, George Soros counts on the empowered U.S institutions to prevent such scenarios, and even hold him accountable in the worst case scenario. Alternatively, he also believes that Trump’s advisors have a major on his political decisions which are relatively self-contradictory on Forbes. Each bill enacted into law is not only a representation of Trump but also a manifestation of his advisors’ ideologies.

When questioned about Trump’s predictability, Soros highlighted that the current President is highly unpredictable and his surprising win is a testament to this fact. From a business perspective, the billionaire isn’t as optimistic as he had been in the past following Trump’s win on opensocietyfoundations.org. However, China would emerge as a major beneficiary from Trump’s administration in the global trade. It is believed that Trump would go above and beyond to make China a major player in the international community, and the Chinese would welcome such perks with open arms.

It is widely known that Soros isn’t in Trump’s good books. George Soros’ first widely publicized criticism majorly focused on his allegedly incompetent cabinet setup. For instance, a cabinet comprising of “retired generals and inexperienced business leaders” would ultimately derail the country’s quest to promote democracy worldwide.

Widely known as Hillary Clinton’s billionaire investor, Soros has managed to successfully build a portfolio based on his extensive philanthropic activities and business ventures. Despite Trump’s win, George Soros’ hedge fund company gained a 5% profit increment in the 2016 financial year. For starters, he recently pledged $ 10 million to fight hate crimes in the U.S.

Business Prospects

Since Trump took over the White House, George Soros has predicted a sudden shift in business growth worldwide. After a quick sneak-peak into his personal life, the 86-year old Hungarian and Jewish native expounded on his experiences across various political regimes. During the formative years of his life, Soros managed to escape Hitler’s ravaged Germany with the aid of fake identities.

Globalization can be attributed as the most vital contributor to GDP growth. However, the concept has had far-reaching political and economic consequences. Since its inception, the concept has contributed to the alarming disparity between the wealthy and destitute countries worldwide.


Julie Zuckerberg – Recruitment Expert With Over A Decade Of Experience

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Julie Zuckerberg is based in New York and is an Executive Recruitment Lead and Talent Acquisition Leader at Deutsche Bank. She completed her study in Philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College, and further went for studying law at New York Law School. After completing her studies, the move that marked the beginning of her career was joining Hudson, where she worked as a director of candidate placement.



Julie worked with Hudson for five years, during which she recruited case managers, attorneys, support staff and paralegals, along with different levels of employees. Her responsibilities at Hudson, which she successfully served, included providing information about the job, guidelines and details of their prospects, benefits, and promotion. Thanks to her background in Law, she even served responsibly as the main link between the employees and the management in case of any workplace-related problems and issues and ensured that the same is processed and resolved within the legal framework and compliance’s. This also indicates her strength as a key point of contact for counseling the employees’ grievances and coaching them, while also helping tremendously with conflict resolution.



In 2007, Julie Zuckerberg left Hudson to join as Executive Recruiter for Citi Global Consumer Bank in New York. She was involved with helping the management by advising on various recruitment strategies and compensation trends to help the company get an edge over the competition. She also provided insights on talent acquisition and competitive market with actionable planning and ideas. Her active participation in more complex talent acquisition and recruitment included negotiation of equity buyouts, relocation, immigration and clawbacks along with other complex recruitment components. The process of expatriate and international relocations were also solely managed by Julie, which points toward one other major aspect of her skill set – sourcing talent from across the globe.



By 2017, she was realigned to become the executive recruiter for Citi Global Functions, citing her exceptional performance and skills. The job at Citi Group helped her gain the exposure and know more about the recruitment process in an in-depth and practical manner. This is because it is only the experience that helps recruiter identify which candidate would prove to be productive for the company, and would contribute as needed. Hiring right talent is not only the key to success and better performance and results, but it is also an art. And, by handling even the top level recruitment for Citi and its various branches, Julie empowered herself with the wealth of information, knowledge, and skills in both legal, compliance, audit, management and recruitment front.



After Citi Group, she went on to join New York Life Insurance Company, where she provided full lifecycle recruiting support company wide for recruitment procedures at different levels. Her role also included working with senior management and coming up with business strategy planning and providing solutions.



Currently, she is working with Deutsche Bank as Talent Acquisition Lead and helps with coaching and counseling recruitment executive groups. She also heads the procedure for hiring MD level positions and leads the negotiations. Julie plays a wide range of roles and heads different responsibilities at Executive Talent Lead, starting from business management to recruitment and from client management to ensuring best practices in recruitment management within the company.



Julie Zuckerberg is a firm believer that the recruitment of the right people and reducing attrition is one of the key components of business success, and has mastered the art of recruitment over the years.

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