The Benefit of Beneful

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Purina’s Beneful line of dog foods have been designed to provide dogs with the best in taste and nutrition. There’s no reason food that is healthy must be difficult to swallow! So Beneful has shoved as many health benefits into their dry dog foods as possible, while at the same time mixing in delicious bits of actual meat. It’s easy to see why dogs across the world get excited when they hear the food tinkling into the bowl. Purina’s Beneful brands are something to wag a tail about! Below are four of the favorite options among dog owners across the web.

Beneful Originals: Dry Dog Food with Real Chicken

Chicken is an excellent source of protein, and many dogs absolutely adore it. This dry dog food has actual bits of succulent chicken sewn throughout, and will provide the proper protein for any puppy. Dogs of all ages can enjoy the benefits of real meat mixed in with their kibble. While this dog food option isn’t the absolute favorite Beneful variety, it is very popular and, as always, healthy. Also, chicken is rich in antioxidants.

Beneful Originals: Dry Dog Food With Real Beef

Beef has a lot of health benefits on youtube.com. One of the biggest ones is the ubiquity of antioxidants which it naturally contains. Beneful dog food doesn’t just provide dogs with antioxidant rich nutrition, however. There is also a great deal of flavor to be had! And there are other kinds of nutrition a dog needs, too. Purina has specifically formulated their options to keep dogs healthy and happy.

Beneful Originals: Dog Food With Real Beef and Real Egg

Most people have heard the maxim: “The incredible, edible egg”. That’s because scientists and nutritionists the world over have known for a long time that eggs contain some of the best nutritional benefits of any foodstuff like Beneful on purinastore. As far as protein is concerned, it’s very difficult to beat an egg. It doesn’t matter whether a human or a dog is eating it, the protein is there and healthy.

Beneful Originals: Dog Food With Real Salmon

This is by far one of the most well-reviewed dog food brands on the market today; Beneful or no. Salmon is rich in Omega-3 oils, which are good for a dog’s skin, and also good for their fur. To give a dog that healthy shine, the kind Golden Retrievers and Chows are well-known for, Salmon-rich dog food is a great option.

There are quite a few different dog foods out there, but Purina Beneful is head and shoulders above the rest.


Why QNet is the Preferred Electronic Commerce Portal

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QNet is a Hong Kong based direct selling electronic commerce company. The organization deals with a variety of goods namely fashion accessories, luxury products, home care, personal care, nutrition, weight management, and energy. Q-Net E-commerce platform provides over 30 different brands that are classified into nine distinct categories. These products solely focus on enhancing customer’s lifestyles while at the same time promoting and encouraging a healthy way of life.

The company’s marketing model involves direct selling and multi-level marketing through independent company representatives who refer QNet products to prospective customers. Referrals can be through newspaper adverts, electronic, or word to word. These sales representatives will then receive compensation based on the sales volume coming from their referrals.

QNet operates offices in different countries especially in the Horn of Africa, Middle East, and Asia. These countries include Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, India, Egypt, Rwanda, Vietnam, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

QNet manufacturing bases are spread over a dozen countries whereby the products are usually distributed through exclusive franchises. Besides, QNet also provides online learning courses and vacation courses.

QNet Perceives India to be its single largest market. This is attributable to the burgeoning middle class. India is home to over 1.3 billion people, and this represent a tremendous market opportunity. The company is investing heavily in the state of the art manufacturing facilities. QNet is already producing their energy drink Nutriplus in India, and also some of their exclusive watches are also being produced in the same country with a production facility located in Himachal Pradesh. The company believes that by shifting its key production bases to India, they are likely to benefit from a cost advantage of between 8%-12%.

Also, today’s revenue growth rate in India is at around 100% per year, and it is being projected that this same growth rate is likely to be maintained for an extended period. This phenomenal growth is attributed to the steady uptake of QNet products in India.

Besides, QNet staffs located in India are also exceptionally committed to promoting the company. For instance, in QNet’s five-day convention in 2013, the number of Indian representatives stood the highest at 80%.

As a matter of fact, QNet is now planning to provide a platform to Indians able to develop something unique. If the individual product in question passes QNet Quality Assurance Tests, the product will be unveiled to the sales platforms for release to the general public. Such initiatives, when combined with multi-level marketing strategies, are likely to provide the right growth platform for the company.

Also, QNet’s web portal comes with an intuitive, user-friendly interface that enables seamless tracking of products after shipment. The website has also installed the latest security solutions implying that sensitive customer information is safely secured.


Handy Cleans Up The Marketspace By Raising Another $50 Million In Funds While Rivals Are Collapsing

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Ever need a new housekeeper or need a handyman and have no idea where to start? You could hit the yellowpages, or you could try out Handy, a new platform that links customers to professional tradespeople. The platform is managing to charge full force ahead while other on demand services are falling apart. This sets the stage perfectly for Handy to come in and clean up the mess. Today the company announced that they have been able to raise an additional $50 million in new funding that they will use to further their growth in existing and new markets.

Fidelity Management led the Series C round that led to the new funds along with Handy’s other existing investors which include Revolution Growth, TPG Growth, Highland Capital, and General Catalyst. Now Handy has managed to raise a total of $111 million worth of funds and while the company will not state what their current valuation is, it is estimated by industry insiders to be close to the $500 million ballpark.

Oisin Hanrahan, the CEO of Handy, co-founded the company along with Weina Scott, Umang Dua, and Ignacio Leonhardt in 2012. Since then it has surprassed the million mark for bookings that were completed over the platform. According to Hanrahan, the company now books 100,000 jobs per month and they have hundreds of thousands of customers. Right now there are 28 open markets where Handy operates, and the first goal of the company will be to invest more heavily in these markets to continue their growth. This includes several major US cities and a few global markets such as London. Step two will be expansion into new markets.

Hanrahan continued to explain that their goal is to create a great customer experience and a great way for professionals to reach out to their clients. He wants the company to open up its focus more so more home services will get involved. At the moment cleaning jobs make up about 80% of the jobs, but Handy wants to see every trade get involved from delivery to assembly to lighting and more.

Smartphone consumers want to have the answer to everything at their fingertips, and Handy hopes to grab the on-demand service niche for home cleaning services. The lesson that Airbnb and Uber have taught however is that scale is important and Handy is paying attention. Hanrahan remarked that their platform is a two sided marketplace since consumers and contractors are both involved. Thus, the only way to get noticed is to become the largest player.


Ricardo Tosto; One Of Brazilian’s Finest Lawyers

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There is a statement that says that lawyers are the highest priests at the shrine of justice and it is a true reflection of their special roles when it comes to the administration of justice. The lawyer must be appreciated in society. The development of the profession can be attributed to the increased number of trained individuals who have been part of forming the competent image that plays a very integral role in facilitating interaction between the judiciary and those who need advocate services.

Lawyers are endowed with very many responsibilities in their day to day activities. They provide legal advice and services in matters related to rights, liberties or even the properties of the client within the confines of legal and legislative rights. Law is viewed by many as a technical ‘public good’ that is not self-executing but rather meaningful. In many instances, members of the legal profession are viewed as privileged and they are expected to uphold very strict and straightforward character.

However, a lawyer always has a multi-dimensional role to play in fulfilling his duties. He must have a professional relationship with the client, the public and the court. In many instances, the expectations and obligations that arise out of the three relationships are not easy to reconcile. In the professional context, a lawyer acts on behalf of the client by representation.

Ricardo Tosto is a well known name in the Brazilian law circles. He is a partner and one of the founders of a famous law firm in the country. He is a specialist in matters related to banking contracts, bankruptcy, reorganization, administrative law, election law, acquisition review, power concessions and many others. In the past, he has also worked as an adviser for many Brazilian companies in all matters legal.

Ricardo Tosto has also defended many public personalities in cases that have managed to get national coverage. He has successfully offered services to individuals, companies and corporations whose different ideological and political views have not hindered his professional delivery. Tosto has also been on the front line when matters related to pioneering different legal mechanisms in the country are concerned.

Ricardo Tosto has also mentored very many young lawyers to become professionals who currently have their own firms. In the firm, he is responsible for overseeing all cases that need an experienced eye. He is also invaluable when it comes to offering innovative strategies and in dealing with special problems in the firm.


The Success of Dan Newlin

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Dan Newlin is not only one of the finest attorneys in the United States but is also one of the few attorneys that truly cares about the compensation of his clients. Dan Newlin started in career as a public servant when he was only 18 years old. At the age of 18, Newlin became an EMT (emergency medical technician). Within only 6 months of being an EMT, Newlin was in the back of an ambulance delivering a baby into the world. Being an EMT is what later inspired Newlin to become a police officer. At the young age of 20, Newlin was accepted to be apart of the New Chicago Police Force, located in Indiana. Newlin loved his job as a police officer and was even offered a job at the Sheriff’s office in Orange County, Florida.

Once Dan Newlin became apart of the Orange County Sheriff’s office in Florida, he worked so many important details. One of his best memories was at that office. Newlin worked many police details that included narcotics enforcement, auto theft details, as well the fugitive division. While working on the fugitive’s division, Newlin recovered hundreds of dangerous fugitives. Newlin spent 10 years on the force in Orange County and was even honored with the high ranking of sheriff’s detective. He was recognized with several awards and honors that Newlin still is extremely proud of to this day.

What changed Newlin’s career path was one incident in particular. After working several years under the force, Newlin found himself in the emergency room, interviewing a victim. the victim was a young woman who was hit by a reckless driver while driving the car. The woman, though unharmed, had lost her unborn child. When Dan Newlin checked how much she was going to be compensated, he found that the insurance company had no plan of providing compensation. All the insurance company did was check the victim’s car to make sure that the woman was not responsible for the accident.

After that incident, Newlin wanted to help those who have not been compensated from a workplace injury. Newlin even began taking night classes and graduated school with a Degree in Business Management. From there, Newlin entered law school to finally graduate in 2000. By 2001, Newlin was a licensed attorney who had started his own practice with the intention of compensating his clients. 14 years later has only made Dan Newlin and his two firms more successful than ever. Newlin and his experienced team have recovered in millions of dollars worth of compensation for those who have been slandered by the insurance companies. Dan Newlin specializes in workplace injuries or wrongful accidents so that those like the victim he spoke to, will always receive compensation.


Join the Cause by Donating to Jon Urbana’s Funding Campaign

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Earth Force Inc. has a new ‘go fund me’ campaign started by Jon Urbana that aims to help encourage children to become participants and activists in sustaining the environment in the midst of the hazards our earth faces today.

In a statement by Urbana on Twitter, he said that he believes that children are the best advocates for the environmental awareness as they will soon be old enough to dictate policies and laws that can have a profound affect on the future of our environment.

Funding has been open for about two weeks now since he first wrote a blog piece, and donations are open for anyone willing to lend a hand in the cause. He’s also shared a link to his website for anyone who’d like to personally connect with Urbana to help on a deeper level.

Jon Urbana is an FAA recognized airplane owner, an entrepreneur, and a business owner hailing from Colorado. His job history on LinkedIn shows that he’s been involved in a few other startups as well.

Known for taking the Villanova program to new heights, he became a decorated pro lacrosse player who has turned his passion for the sport into a business venture and mentoring program on Instagram. Urbana is a co founder of a lacrosse camp for youth that he holds in Colorado each summer. The camp is called Next Level Lacrosse Camp and is one of the most prominent in the area. As mentioned in a Slideshare document about his gofundme campaign, Urbana noticed how well the kids treated the environment at their camp. This inspired him to start the Earth Force Campaign in an effort to mobilize the younger generations to become active in the restoration and preservation of our earth.

Crowdrise is another fundraising website with which Urbana is associated. With Crowdrise, Urbana began raising money for the Animal Rescue and Animal Adoptions Society (ARAS), which is a no-kill shelter for animals that guarantees a safe home for animals within the local area.


Journey Of Shaygan Kheradpir That Lead To His Appointment In Coriant Company

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Shaygan Kheradpir becomes a Chief Executive officer and the Chairman of the Board after working at Marlin Equity Partners as an operating partner. What attracted to Coriant because of being at the top when compared to the other companies. He is believed to be the ideal person that will be able to make the corporation progress to higher levels in terms of growth.

He has an experience of about 28 years in the industry of telecom, technology and finance. GTE Establishment is where his career began. He was a member of the executive team. He then joined Barclays where held leadership roles and was also a member of the policymaking board. His education background shows how literate and qualified he is to be a leader. He graduated from Cornel University with a Ph. D, masters and degree in engineering. He was part of the US advisory, National Institute of Standards and Technology and council in his university.

Coriant Corporation is one of the biggest suppliers of advanced solutions in networking. It has the top communications services as customers which makes it to stand out from the rest establishments. The solutions that it gives form a strong foundation in terms of revenue. Only powerful combination of many networks formed it which part of Marlin Equity Partners. It has many achievements like the world record for transmission capacity.

Marlin Equity Partners is a worldwide investment company with so much capital got from its work. It concentrates more in providing explanations that align to their business needs. There are various types of solutions which it gives they include business parentages, investors and shareholders. Marlin only deals with industries which strengthens it in becoming successful. Only those which have objectives that match to their own are invested in. It has also completed many acquisitions since it was started. The head office of this corporation is found in Los Angeles, Carlifornia and another office based in London. Full article by FierceTelecom.


Yeonmi Park And Her Sad Story About Her Escape From North Korea In Search Of Freedom And Better Living Conditions

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Yeonmi Park is a twenty-one-year-old girl who has endured a lot to get to her current position in the global society. At one time in her life, she has been a refugee running from her native country. Born in Hyesang, North Korea, Park is currently one of the most loathed personalities on NYTimes by her country’s regime precisely because she is not afraid to talk about and demand for her people’s human rights. The worst thing with the regime is the fact that it sometimes goes past just mere rhetoric to doing the unthinkable so as to silence those like her. Park was born in a privileged family until the regime arrested her father for allegedly being involved in a smuggling business that was illegal. At this juncture, her mother decided that they would run away from the country to a better place where human rights were equal to all. She sought help from a family friend who promised that he would help them get past the Chinese border. True to his word, he did that though the journey was very challenging to an extent where they had to cheat death several times. The North Korean regime hates people who think freely. It hates people who think outside the box and sees them as potential threats to its rule. Through an eighteen-minute video it posted online on dailymail, it labelled Yeonmi Park as a human rights propagandist who goes to any extreme to make its enemies happy. Park has not been deterred by the allegations. She has soldiered on and made it known to the whole world how her native country’s regime subjects its citizens to emotional and physical distress by denying them their basic human rights. In one of the many conferences she has spoken, she described how the regime executed her mother’s best friend simply because she was found selling and watching a James Bond movie. She also recounted how they were being taught as kids with a syllabus that is full of hatred. Math problems were like, ‘If you capture ten Americans and kill six , how many escape?’. In short, the regime has always thrived on brainwashing them through hatred and it has repeatedly said that they are the only ‘pure’ people in the world. Wen they finally arrived in China, it was not as easy as they thought and there were many challenges. The man who had helped them escape started making sexual advances towards her and she refused. He threatened to report them to the authorities and sensing that he was serious, her mother offered herself and Park had to endure seeing the man rape her in front of her very own eyes. The same man would repeatedly molest her sexually (she was only thirteen at the time) and later sell her off to an even older man as a mistress. Her father joined them later when he was freed from prison but, unfortunately, lost his life after a colon cancer illness. They endured a complete miserable two years in China before finally escaping to Mongolia and finally to South Korea.


Figures of Finance: Brian Bonar

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As the CEO, CFO, President, and secretary of Trucept, Inc, Brian Bonar is a notable figure in business. His yearly salary is estimated at $860,571. He also owns a restaurant called Bandy Canyon, where he employs world-class chefs to create one-of-a-kind dishes.

He drives the company’s vision and innovation with his valuable insight. He is committed to assisting companies in increasing their revenue streams while also being efficient. Employee happiness is also a metric that he believes in. Engaging the workforce to be more productive is about creating an environment of trust, motivation, and continual learning so that employees continue to perform at a high level with low turn over.

Nightforce is a very successful b2b SAAS application company that was founded by Brian. The company was acquired by TiMax Capital in 2011 and since then Brian has served as an advisor to the board. It is seen as a revolutionary product, and he was instrumental in bringing it about. The innovation seen in the products with which he has been involved is at the highest levels.

He has received numerous awards, such as the Marcus H. Thomas Award for Excellence from Vanderbilt in 2004. He previously worked at the startup called TimeMind, in which he was CEO and before that he served as the director of marketing. His tenure at the company helped him land in a list of the top 100 executives in his industry that year.

His assets under management have reached an excess of $55 million as of 2012 and he continues to grow the net worth of the company. Much of Brian Bonar’s compensation derives from bonuses due to high performance. With over two decades of experience in finance, his experience is admired and sought after. His areas of expertise include international business, capital finance, and mergers and acquisition.

When he was at TM, he only had a few years to turn the company’s financials around and create a booming internal company economy. To save costs, he implemented new techniques that cut down on production time and allowed the company to leverage its assets. He did this via relations with investors, legal advisory, and planning the company’s finances based on historical records on modeled futures.

Brian Bonar has been a strong advocate of the practice of the governance of corporations. Thus, he has worked diligently with the board of his current company to see that regulations remain strong and powerful enough to curb any kind of corruption or misleading financial statements. Recent scandals in the finance industry have led him to protect his company from similar issues. In 2014, he received the award for “Best Financial Catastrophe Prevention” within any top 500 investment company.


Eric Pulier Envisions A Bright Technology Future

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In the southwest part of sunny California resides an influential
figure who is a true leader in the competitive corporate industry. He
embarked on his profound career after earning an English degree from Harvard
University by founding People Doing Things (PDT) in 1991. Notably,Eric Pulier is currently the Executive Chairman at Akana where he hasexpanded their services in the greater Los Angeles area.
By founding People Doing Things and Interactive Agency DigitalEvolution, Pulier gained tangible insight into the business sector.
Shortly after these entrepreneurial pursuits, he developed Akana in
2001. This technological enterprise was developed in California and
was originally named SOA Software Inc., however, as the company
quickly expanded, Pulier revamped their business model and, today, the
company is known as Akana.

With growing knowledge in the technology industry, Pulier and his teamat Akana envisioned a goal in which they could offer the bestextensive selection of SOA Governance solutions. According to their
website, this renowned corporation presents products related to API
Management, API Gateway, Community Manager, and Lifecycle Manger for
APIs. Moreover, the employees are skilled in helping clients selectthe best SOA deployment strategy. Notably, the company works
specifically with business professionals like executives and
technologists who would like to propel developer adoption to
ultimately attract more consumers. Most importantly, the Akanaadvisors proudly offer effective products which will quickly cultivatetechnological power to transform their companies.

Also on the Akana informative website is a more in depth description of thecompany’s mission statement under the “Platform for Secure DigitalBusiness” tab. Essentially, the executives strongly believe in
accelerating digital transformation by safely extending their potent
solutions across multiple channels like mobile, cloud, and the
internet. Moreover, Akana successfully assists corporations in sharing data as
APIs, facilitating partner adoption, monetizing their assets, and
connecting effective applications, all of which greatly improve
operational efficiency. Most prominently, by extending their services
beyond traditional SOA deployment, clients will receive pertinent
insight into the positive effects of advance API integration on
business optimization and rapid growth.

Alongside his noteworthy endeavors at Akana, Pulier is also a memberof many distinguished groups and prominent organizations such as the IBM’s UDDIAdvisory Community, IBM Cloud Computing, the Montgomery Summit,
Harvard University Alumni, CSC In-Touch Alumni Network, the CUBEAlumni, the Clinton Global Initiative, and Enterprise Cloud LeadershipCouncil of the TmForum.

Moreover, his extensive portfolio of qualifiedskill sets has helped him cultivate his professional pursuits. His
expertise include: technical writing, solution architecture, agile
project management, venture capital, software engineering, product
development, mobile applications, telecommunications, networking,
strategic partnerships, start-ups, enterprise software, cloud
computing, leadership, big data, web services, virtualization,
e-commerce, XML, philanthropy, analytics, pre-sales, and business

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