Why I Buy the Best Dog Food

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When I am searching for the right dog food for my furry friend, I need to know that he will be getting the nutrition that he needs and the care that he deserves. My pet needs to have food that he is willing to eat, and the kind of food that will keep his body healthy and strong. When buying for a dog, individuals seek out the kind of food that the pet will enjoy eating, but they also want to purchase food that is good for the animal. I need to know that the dog food that I buy is the best out there.

Beneful offers a variety of dog food products, and they work hard to introduce the kinds of foods that are both healthy and tasty. They are a brand that supports the pet’s need for good tasting food, and the owner’s need for food that will keep their pet healthy and strong. Beneful knows what I am looking for in a dog food, and they offer the options that I need.


Eric Pulier’s Journey to Become Who He Is

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How does someone get to the place that Eric Pulier is currently at? How does someone attain the kind of success that this man has attained? What does one need to do in order to live a successful life? It can take a long and hard journey for one to get to the point where they can be proud and confident in the success that they have achieved. It can be a long road from the start to the current place where Eric Pulier is at. It can be a tough journey for one to become successful, but it is a journey that is worth the work that is put into it.

Eric Pulier started his journey as a boy. He was programming computers when he was in the fourth grade. This man started to work hard even when he was young, and it was the start that he needed in order to become the success that he is today. This man was just a boy when he first started working on computers, and he has since become very successful in all that he does. This man started to work hard when in the fourth grade, and now he can be proud of all that he is.

Eric Pulier (Twitter) went on to graduate from high school, quite a while after he started programming computers, and after high school, he decided to go on to Harvard University. Eric Pulier graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard, achieving great success already. After completing his schooling, Eric Pulier focused his attention on his career and all that he would like to accomplish in it. It took a lot of hard work, but eventually he made it to the place where he is at today, a successful place. This man did a lot in his lifetime, and there is a lot that he is yet to do.


From Mexico To California, Skout Is My Social Media Network Of Choice

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I live in the country of Mexico, and I love to go on the Internet to socialize. I mostly speak Spanish, and I was concerned about joining the Skout network because English was a problem for me sometimes. I was happy to find out that Skout has many different languages available on the network, and they have the Spanish language available as well. Since I found out that Skout has the Spanish language on the network, I decided to join, so I could look for a woman that may interest me. Although Mexico is a vast place, it’s hard for me to find a date.

I will be traveling to California in the next few months, and I would like to meet someone that is in the area I’m traveling to. Although my visit will only be for a few months, I’d like to meet some Mexican-Americans that have some of the same interests as me as well as a woman. I decided to use the Skout network to find some friends, and I’m glad that I did. I’ve learned enough English to where I can use the Skout network in English format, but I prefer to speak in my native tongue.

After joining Skout, I was able to do a search for the same exact area that I was going to visit in California. I came up with dozens of people who had some of the same interests as me, and I was excited to get to know them. I let each person know that I was currently in Mexico, and many of them were interested to meet me. I was able to show pictures to people on the Skout network, and I also got to see pictures of other people as well. Whenever I couldn’t be at home on my computer, I was able to use Skout on my cell phone.

The Skout application that is on my cell phone, it helps me to continue communicating with others on the Skout network. I use Skout every day, and up until the time I was ready to leave for California, I was on the Skout network. I was able to meet three different people that I had found on the Skout network, and I’m grateful for the fact that Skout help me to meet some great people. The Skout network is a great place for anyone who likes to socialize, even if they don’t speak fluent English.


Joseph Bismark Means More than Business

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Not being able to get enough of Joseph Bismark’s story, I found another article at Citizen Shame Blog. According to this article, Joseph Bismark knows what he is doing as a leader, which is more than what could be said about most other businessmen. He does not believe in just sitting there while others do the work. He actually goes out there and does his own work. This is one of the things I admire about Joseph Bismark. Being the co-founder of QI Limited and putting in a lot of good work, he has moved forward and set up a solid foundation not just for himself, his business, but anyone in the world who could benefit from it.

The difference between Joseph Bismark and other businessmen including business owners and managers is that he is consciously putting forth his best effort in order to improve the world for people. He looks beyond himself and his own gain. He handles his job with the utmost seriousness. With the work that he has done with people getting them to live healthier lives and running his RHYTHM activities, he has redefined philanthropy.

One very admirable trait about Joseph Bismark is his willingness to grow spiritually through serving others. This is a trait shared with some of the most influential spiritual figures in history. They emphasize service not just with words, but also through example. Joseph Bismark is going to inspire many and will leave a legacy that others will want to continue for him.


Batteries and Technology

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Here’s a question for you that you probably never thought of, although it regards something that you deal with every day. How come technology is advancing so tremendously but battery life is still short?

While battery technology has indeed been improving over the years, our technology as becomes more advanced and power hungry, so more battery power is needed for these advanced functions. Keith Mann would like to have a phone with a battery that lasts for days, but the tech is just not there yet.

While many of us take it as a natural thing that the battery never lasts long enough, technology giants such as Samsung and Apple have invested millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of work to create a new battery generation. The Apple engineers managed to jump to a new level with a 40% lifetime increase on the Mac, but the evolution stopped there.

The truth is that the devices that we use nowadays need more power, thus we do no notice the ‘small jump’ in the battery development that has been done. The experts said that their predictions for the future are disappointing at this point.

The materials and technical possibilities that the engineering world possesses at the moment only allows the battery loves to grow this far. Michael Sinkula of Envia Systems has been long working in the field and knows a lot about the development and stagnation of the battery lives. His opinion is that the same power duration will be what we will get until about 2021.


Psy Make Two Billion Style a Reality

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In July 2012, a little video called “Gangnam Style” was released on YouTube by Psy. A little more than two years later, the video has become the most watched Youtube video of all time thanks to more than 2.15 billion views. The accomplishment made the song and the man behind it some of the more fascinating stories of the past few years, and that dance is pretty epic as well.

To the surprise of the popular streaming video website, the popularity of “Gangnam Style” resulted in a necessary upgrade to the system counter. Luckily the upgrade will allow for more than 9 quintillion views, and unless the pace of views picks up tremendously, that mark should be safe for a decade or so. 

The amazing feat of getting to the two billion view mark can not be stressed enough. Thousands, if not millions, of budding video makers struggle to get to the thousand mark, but Psy has proved what a little talent, an addictive song, and an outrageous dance can accomplish when paired with the power of the Internet.

Companies like Slow Ventures would probably advise against waiting around for another “Gangnam Style” to happen as it seems safer to sit back and wait for the next big thing to take the Internet and the world by storm. It could be just another click away.


Amazon starts new service line

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Amazon.com is now offering new services that allow them to expand their control of the marketplace through leveraging their e-commerce site. The latest in a string of new offerings is a new service that lets customers schedule appointments for home services, which sounds like a positive to Susan McGalla. Amazon will get a cut of the revenue generated by the service which will range from fifteen to twenty percent of the totals.

Included in the new offering that has been called Amazon Local Services is basic services such as plumbing, electrician and auto mechanic service that lets customers easily and reliably choose amongst locally listed contractors and aids customers in making the reservation process significantly easier. In addition, customers will be able to review services which will further aid customers in being able to choose between competing companies.

The service is expected to launch in the fifteen largest cities around the country. Professional services are required to be licensed, insured, and have background checks performed on them which should make the process easier for customers to choose between the competing companies.

Amazon Local Services will be in direct competition with two existing companies; Yelp and Angie’s List but will use their brand recognition to gain an advantage in an industry that is estimated at over $400 billion in revenue. Obtaining even a small portion of that will be a boon to Amazon who is experiencing flattening revenues. Further, there is integration with existing products as customers that purchase, a washer and drier or ceiling fan, will be provided with links to local installers who can assist customers in purchasing these


The FreedomPop Mobile Plan

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Mobile phones are expensive. First, you pay for the device and then you pay for the service. Wouldn’t it be great if you paid for the device or used your own and then the services were free? With FreedomPop, you can purchase a device from them or bring your own and then enjoy free talk, text and data. Some of the top Android devices can be used on the FreedomPop network including all Samsung devices like the S4 and the Note 3. FreedomPop offers all types of mobile networking including mobile Internet on top of the free mobile phone plans.

Mobile Phone Plans:

According to TechCrunch, the free basic mobile phone plan includes 200 minutes of talking, 500 text messages and 500mb of data. If you need more minutes, messages or data you can pay a small fee to add what you need. FreedomPop is also in the early stages of offering app as you go deal where you pay a set price for a certain amount of time on a specific app. With this feature, you do not worry about going over your data allowance since the pay as you app service is on top of the allowed data.

Mobile Data:

Wireless hot spots are used when you want to use a laptop or tablet but Wi-Fi is not available. The hot spot is a hand-held device that uses the same 4G networks as the mobile phone plans. You link the hot spot to the device you want to use and you are connected. FreedomPop offers various hotspot devices and plans that will fit any need.

Buy a New Device or Bring Your Own:

FreedomPop offers a wide range of mobile devices for you to purchase. They offer the Samsung Galaxy lineup of smartphones as well as great deals on the HTC Evo that has been refurbished and even the mobile hotspots. All of these devices are available to purchase on the FreedomPop website. If you already have a compatible device, you can bring it with you, saving you money on upfront costs and on your monthly plan. As of late 2014, FreedomPop has also added its own line of low end smartphones.

How to Sign Up:

There are two ways you can sign up for FreedomPop services. First, you can go to their official site and fill out the easy sign up sheet or you can use the mobile app. The app is available through the Google Play store, the iTunes store and is compatible with most Android devices. This app will give your device a new U.S. phone number that you can use to make free calls, texts and even surf the web. This program uses the same parameters of use as the website sign up, 200 minutes, 500 messages and 500mb of data.

If you want mobile communications but you do not want to pay expensive monthly fees and have long, drawn out contracts, then FreedomPop is the way to go. With more and more features being added to the FreedomPop family all of the time, this is the perfect company to help you save money on your monthly mobile phone and bill.


Firefox Stops Collaboration With Google, Makes Deal With Yahoo

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While Yahoo was for many the first search engine that they used, it has long been overtaken by Google as the internet’s prime search engine. Google is the favourite search engine of most the average users part on the internet. 

When it comes to browsers, there is a larger variety of choice, but a lot of users have Mozilla and Google as their default tools for internet surfing. Well, the two companies are now ‘breaking up’. 

Instead, Mozilla and Yahoo have signed a 5-year partnership on both mobile and desktop. Future projects developments are scheduled, but the two companies prefer to keep them secret for the moment. 

For Russia, the default search engine will become Yandex, which is already in the top of the regional preference. For the US, Yahoo will become default on Mozilla, while pages like Google, Bing, eBay, Amazon, Twitter, and Wikipedia will stay in the list of alternative options. 

This is a great opportunity for Yahoo, as the CEO Marissa Mayer made sure to note, since the search engine will thus get more traffic. At the moment, the statistics show that only 10% of the internet searches are made via Yahoo, so there is a lot of place for growth. 

Kenneth Griffin speculates that this will only prove useful if the users will remain to Mozilla and not switch to the other browsers because of the new search engine altogether. 


Internet Piracy May Actually Increase Sales

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Here’s some fascinating news. A recent study has shown that those who pirate movies and music on average buy more music online than the average person.

This could be because those who pirate content gradually become more comfortable with it and see the value in it. Why pay for it when you can get it for free? When the cost is low, why not? People want to support the artists who enrich their lives. After all, if nobody gives them money, then the artists won’t be able to make more art.

Mike Mearls, who is in charge of the Dungeons & Dragons brand has talked about piracy at length. He discussed how, as a child, he and his friends would share disks of computer games. This of course was the ’80’s version of computer piracy. When he didn’t have the money for a game, he borrowed his friend’s game. When he had the money, he bought his own, something that Andrew Heiberger can relate to.

This lead Mearls to putting out the Hasbro-owned Basic D&D game online on the company website for free. His theory was proven correct. Despite the fact that the rules for the game are online on the company website for free, the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons books have been topping the Amazon lists for weeks.

Certainly artists and companies are right to be wary about piracy, but the effects may not be as damaging as originally feared.

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