Healthy Brands of Dog Food in the Market

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Freshpet Inc is a fast rising company that manufactures gourmet food, and its industry is located in Bethlehem. It is the only company in the business that makes industrial refrigerated pet food. The Chief Executive Officer of Freshpet Inc. is Mr. Richard Thompson, and he is responsible for ensuring that the company produces high-quality feeds that suit the consumers’ requirements. The company shuns the use of preservatives and only uses fresh ingredients in production to achieve good quality. Mr. Thompson also ensures that the customers get the products while they are still fresh and tasty by limiting the time that they stay on the shelves of retail stores. Freshpet Inc. is one of the companies in the steadily growing 23.7 billion dollars pet food industry that has managed to make pet lovers pay more for fresh and quality feeds.
For a couple of years, some manufacturers have been producing organic grain free feeds by mixing their kibble with salmon and lamb. New companies such as Freshpet Inc. and Blue Buffalo Co. have changed the industry to the production of fresh and healthy feed that are edible to humans, and this transformation has made traditional companies upgrade their production and marketing skills to be at par with their competitors. Purina, which a subsidiary of Nestlé enables pet owners to order customized pet food through the company’s Amazon website. Colgate-Palmolive also has advanced and produces food that allows overweight dogs to shed some weight. Many other companies are striving to provide latest types of products on Wal-Mart stores that can suit the needs of the customers.

Beneful dog food is a high-quality brand of dog food that is made by the Purina unit of Nestlé. To satisfy the needs of the customers, Beneful has diverse recipes that can be used for different purposes in dogs. These include Beneful IncrediBites, Beneful Healthy Weight, Beneful Healthy Smile, Beneful Original, Beneful Healthy Fiesta, Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies, Beneful Playful Life, and Beneful Healthy Radiance. All these varieties have less water and a high dry matter content which is required for the nutrition of pets. The Beneful brand also has twenty different types of delicious wet dog food that are produced from wholesome ingredients.

Beneful.com products feeds contain vitamin rich vegetables and real meats. These elements make them have great tests and textures that help in the nourishment of the pet’s body. The foods also have a complete nutrient content that is 100 percent balanced. Antioxidants and Omega-rich ingredients are also contained in both the dry and wet feeds. The outstanding nutritional content that is in the feeds makes Beneful the best dog food brand in the market. Visit Beneful’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BenefulBrandDogFood


OrganoGold Brings Its Gourmet Coffee to Turkey

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Coffee has been popular in Turkey for hundreds of years ever since the first coffee house was opened in that country. In fact, the United Nationals Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognizes its coffee as an intangible Cultural Heritage of Turkey. “Turkish coffee” is known and popular around the world.

Therefore, OrganoGold introducing its line of gourmet coffees to Turkey is a noteworthy accomplishment. And it’s possible because much as Turkey still likes coffee, the people there are also becoming more aware of the importance of nutraceuticals to their health.

OrganoGold infuses its coffees and teas with the Ganoderma lucidum Chinese medicinal mushroom, which is better known in the United States as reishi. Most of OrganoGold’s personal care products and nutraceutical supplements are derived from reishi or lingzhi mushroom.

Reishi has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. It’s become very popular in alternative health circles. It contains various plant compounds which do help improve human health, such as triterpenes. And it contains such polysaccarides as beta-glucan which help improve the immune system’s function and signaling, as well as activating dendritic cells. Scientific studies show it does help inhibit allergic reactions and convulsions. It may also have antioxidant and cardioprotective properties.

Turkey is the 39th country the global direct sales and marketing company OreganoGold has gone into. One of OrganoGold’s Diamond distributors is none other than Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao, the famous boxer.

The founder and CEO of OrganoGold is Bernardo Chua. From the Philippines, he has worked for many years in the networking marketing industry. He started out as an executive with Gano Excel in The Philippines. He helped the company expand to Canada, the United States and Hong Kong. It was from Gano Excel that Chua learned the power of Ganoderma for human health. Therefore, in 2008 he took the next step forward and started up his own company with its own lines of Ganoderma-related products, OrganoGold.

In 2014 the Napoleon Hill Foundation awarded OrganoGold its Gold Medal. Foundation Executive Director Don Green presented it to Chua, Shane Morand, OrganoGold co-founder and CEO, and Holton Buggs, Global Master Distributor. Previous recipients include Lee Iacocca, Mary Kay Ash, Ted Turner and Norman Vincent Peale. In 2015 the National Consumer Affairs Foundation of the Philippines gave Chua their Dangal ng Bayan award to recognize great Filipino products.  Follow Bernardo on Facebook, for further guidance.


The Rapid Rise of Talk Fusion’s Video Chat App

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Within several weeks of being launched, the Video Chat application by Talk Fusion has gained tremendous momentum on the global market. Based on data that has been compiled by AppBrain, Video Chat has become Indonesia’s leading communication solution on the Android market. This app is also ranked fairly well in high-tech nations such as Japan and Switzerland.

Video Chat has a simple design that appeals to a broad user base worldwide. First of all, this app works equally well on mobile devices and desktop computers. Whether people have a Mac or PC, they can easily access this Web chat feature. Video Chat also works perfectly fine on Android devices and Apple gadgets including iPhones and iPads. The cross-platform compatibility contributes to the success of Video Chat on such a large scale. By contrast, similar solutions such as Skype and FaceTime require users on both ends to have the same hardware or software. Video Chat only requires a user to have a Web browser, webcam and high-speed Internet access.

Talk Fusion has also taken a drastic measure to promote Video Chat to users worldwide. The company is offering a 30-day free trial for this particular app that can be downloaded on the Google Play store and Apple iTunes store. Talk Fusion anticipates that the trial period is going to yield a significant spike in paid subscriptions in the future. Leaders at this firm also consider creating free limited-time trials for some of the other IT solutions that are available for business and personal use. Allison Roberts, the VP of Training & Development, is certain that Talk Fusion will eventually become a household name in the near future.

Considered a pioneer in online marketing, Talk Fusion has been in business since 2007. The company was founded by Bob Reina, who realized the tremendous potential of video content in email marketing. Over the years, Talk Fusion has grown to a global leader of Web-based communication solutions. From video newsletters to live virtual meetings, Talk Fusion provides innovative and reliable solutions to businesses. In fact, this company has a strong and growing presence in over 100 countries.


George Soros: A Voice of Reason Warning China of a Financial Mishap

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The 2008 financial crisis has left a dent in the American psyche that has not healed and will probably not heal for a very long time. A lot of policies, laws, and loopholes that make up the American economy have been exposed. People lost their life-savings, homes, and jobs on nybooks.com due to one of the world’s worst financial crisis since the Depression. Many citizens still do not feel safe within the system, even though things have slightly improved.

One voice of reason and experience comes from George Soros who is a billionaire investor. Soros saw the financial collapse in the United States first-hand as well as some of the factors that led up to that failure. And it is he who is now attempting to warn China about their own economy.

Who is George Soros?

George Soros is a self-made man who was born in Budapest and made his way to the United States during the Nazi-era. Soros took a job at the Wall Street brokerage firm known as F.M. Mayer. He learned a lot, but George Soros wanted to do something on his own, which is how the Soros Fund was created in 1973. The hedge fund changed names throughout the years, ending up being the Quantum Fund Endowment with 12 million dollars from investors.

In March 2012, Soros was listed as the 22nd richest person in the world on Biography with a net worth of about 20 billion dollars.

What Is George Soros’ Message to China?

In simple terms, George Soros believes that China needs to learn from the mistakes made in the United States not too long ago. Soros believes that the debt-fueled economy that sustains China could ultimately be the reason that China’s economy falls. Soros is comparing this debt-fueled economy to the United States economy before the credit markets fell into a hole.

One thing that Soros is pointing out is an obvious problem with China’s banking system, where there are more loans than deposits. In fact, the situation on NY Times between banks is so out of control that they have been lending to each other. Soros knows that institutions like banks make their money through uncertain bets on the market. This means that the security of a bank that borrowed from another bank now sits on a very uncertain partner.

Soros wants the people of China to think about diversifying their investments and not to solely depend on the banking system of their country. Diversification allows a person to be a little safer, since their money will be in different locations. Soros also wants China to rethink their reliance on an economy that runs solely on debt.

Some critics say that Soros is wrong with his predictions, and he hopes that his predictions are wrong too. But the voice of a person who has made his fortune predicting the market should get China to pay attention.


Spring Cleaning With Handy Leads To Great Results

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Spring is the favorite season of many for a lot of people. For one, there is warmer weather and it’s time for more people to spend time outdoors. It’s also a time for people to have a fresh start. A lot of people like to begin their fresh start by cleaning their homes. There is nothing like having a home that is free of clutter, dirt, and debris that piled up during the long winter month. This is a time to get out those mops, dustpans, and paper towel for a little bit of deep cleaning. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or energy to clean. That’s where home cleaning services come in.

Handy is one of those that has seen immense success. Handy is a convenient little app for those that don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to clean. Handy is great for those with full-time schedules, families, and basically anyone. Those with a disability that are not able to clean regularly greatly benefit from Handy. It’s nice that they have someone they can rely on in order to keep their homes clean.

Handy is great for spring cleaning because they are a business that gets the cleaning done quickly and efficiently! They have an expert team of cleaners who are passionate about getting a person’s house done in tip top shape. Handy has great reviews from happy customers all across the country. With Handy, a person doesn’t have to worry about getting scammed out of money like they would if they were to choose a random housekeeper out of the phonebook. Handy operates completely online meaning all information is kept safe and secure.

Handy is also filled with people who have a passion for cleaning. They have great references and a long work history to back it up. They are around to ensure that a person’s home is up to standard. Handy is great because a person can use it one time for one room or they can constantly use it for a multitude of rooms! There aren’t many limitations on the type of rooms when it comes to Handy. This service is great for all the busy people out there.


Keith Mann Holds a Fundraiser to Support Student Testing for the Newly Established Uncommon School

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Keith Mann has made a name for himself in the corporate world for matching up companies or firms with ideal professionals and executives to help boost performance. Apart from managing the Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann is a philanthropist. Together with his company, he held a fundraising occasion in a bid to support the Uncommon Schools. The event, which took place at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, was to help raise funds to support student testing in one of the newly opened high school belonging to the Uncommon Schools.

In a show of support, the members of the financial services community helped raise more than $22000. The Uncommon Schools is a charter management organization that operates 44 high schools situated in New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. With an objective to prepare as many students from low-income families to attain a college degree, the Uncommon Schools require support such as Keith Mann’s in a bid to make the objective a reality.

Funds raised will help support the student AP and PSAT testing for the year 2014-2015.Before Mann and his company organized the fundraising event, they had given out $10000 to ensure that the varying testing needs for students were fully met. The collaboration between the Dynamic Search Partners and the Charter organization began in 2013.The goal of this relationship is to build a meaningful and on-going avenue for DSP to support students in learning practical and tactical skills to help them success in both college and their professional career.

Keith Mann is the Managing Director of the Dynamic Search Partners. His career started with the Dynamic Associates by working as the head of the Alternative Investments Department or Division. Due to his expertise and experience, Mann rose from being a manager to the position of Vice President before becoming the managing director. The Dynamic Search Partners is devoted towards the search for highly qualified and talented individuals to take up positions in private equity firms as well as hedge funds.

He has fifteen years experience in staffing, hiring strategy and hedge fund compensation has been instrumental in driving the company to greater heights. Consequently, he has helped the company access clients in other countries such as Europe and Asia.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/keith-mann-and-dynamics-search-partners-raise-over-22k-for-uncommon-schools-of-new-york-300044729.html


NutriMost Program Worked for Founder of NutriMost San Antonio

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NutriMost is a new healthy diet program that is becoming more popular on facebook recently.

Dr. Rob Vasquez, D.PSc has brought it to San Antonio Texas, making it available to that city, and so it’s been making the news.

Vasquez founded Nutrimost San Antonio because NutriMost worked for him. He tells the news announcer he struggled with excess weight his entire adult life. He related he tried many different diets, and weightloss products such as pills and shakes. He would lose some weight, but then would keep it off. However, when he tried NutriMost, he lose 35 pounds in 40 days, 60 pounds in total. And he has kept that weight off for over a year now. On TV, he looks quite thin, even skinny.

He explains on the nutrimostresources website that NutriMost is different from other diet plans because it is customized to the individual and it does not sell its own packaged foods. NutriMost customers don’t drink special shakes or eat special bars. They eat food from the supermarket or better, because Dr. Vasquez recommends eating organic food.

Nutrimost uses Resonant Frequency Technology to evaluate each person’s body. The results determine their perfect fat burning zone, for them. To lose weight, people must get their hormones to help them, but everybody has a difficult metabolism. With this information, NutriMost gives each person an individual, custom list of recipes (http://nutrimostrecipes.com/nutrimost-phase2-recipes) that will enable them to burn fat instead of store it. He uses the example of broccoli. As a vegetable, it’s considered healthy, and it is, but to some people it signals their bodies to store fat.

His staff coaches every patient on what they have to do a daily basis, keeping them accountable. Vasquez says at his program many men are losing 35-40 pounds in 40 days and many women who are losing 30-35 pounds in 40 days.

When people get started they have to do a one on one consultation and a body composition analysis to determine the foods they as individuals need to eat to lose weight.




George Mason is a Major Beneficiary of Charles Koch’s Generosity

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Charitable giving is a major characteristic common with many wealthy figures in the world such as Phil Knight, the Co-founder of Nike Inc. In the recent past, Knight proclaimed about his $400 million scholarship to the Stanford University. However, Charles Koch ranks high when it comes to giving generous donations to Universities or Colleges in the United States through his Charles Koch Foundation.

George Mason University is among the top institutions in the United States that have garnered significant support from the Koch Foundation. Consequently, the school has managed to make a name for itself in the law and economics division by utilizing the donations to conduct studies and research. Records from 2014 indicate that both the George Mason University and GMU’s Institute for Humane Studies were beneficiaries of $16.8 million from the Koch Foundation.

Koch support to GMU has triggered debate from various parties and critics of Charles Koch. The Faculty and students in GMU have also raised questions regarding academic independence. Close associates to Charles Koch a have staunchly defended Koch by saying that the donations are not attached to any form of conditions. They have also downplayed critics by stating that their assertions have been triggered by Charles Koch’s ability to continue supporting Libertarian and conservative endeavors.

The debate has also developed because no other institution in the United States received an excess of $1 million each year for the period between 2011 and 2014.On the other hand, records in the form of taxes, as well as other documents indicate that in the same period, the George Mason got approximately $48 million.

An In-depth Look at Charles Koch

Koch is among the most influential individuals in the United States. He has been actively involved in politics by supporting the Republican Party. Charles and David Koch, his brother, actively run the operations of the Koch Industries, which has grown tremendously over the years since they succeeded their father. According to Forbes, his current net worth amounts to $42.9 billion at the age of eighty.

Apart from his wealth, Charles Koch is academically proficient is a proud alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has also written and published several works, which include Good Profit and The Science of Success. These books revolve around Charles’s business philosophy. Koch is also a charitable giver who supports various institutions of higher learning across the United States including the George Mason University. In addition, he supports creative artists and artistic projects through their Koch Cultural Trust, which was established by Elizabeth, his wife.


Production In The TV Kingdom Of The “Queens”

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Queens wore their crowns with the confidence of throne experience on a new TV series in 2015. “Queens of Drama” was, truthfully speaking, a reality show with six leading stars of popular TV soap operas. In a loose story line for the show, they have formed a production company with the hopes of creating outstanding TV dramatic roles for women.

In this first season, there were 10 episodes, each titled with a theme such as “How Did We Get Here?”, “Read the Script”, “She Set Me Up”, and “I Don’t Do Dirty”. Favorable comments were given the shows as they dealt with particular problems in creating these opportunities and producing a TV show of high quality. The stress portrayed on personal relationships was similar to that known by these top dramatic actresses in their own careers. Each full episode is now available on Amazon. Com Prime with instant streaming.

The six Queens have been individually popular for many years. They have developed characters that brought familiarity and fame to shows such as Days of Our Lives,, As The World Turns, Knots Landing , and All of Our Children. The actresses include Vanessa Marcel, Crystal Hunt, Hunter Tylo, Chrystee Pharris, Lindsay Hartley, and Donna Mills..

Crystal Hunt, best known for portraying Lizzie Spaulding on The Guiding Light, won the Daytime Emmy Nomination for this role, but it was not her first and only venture on the way to the throne. She was born in Clearwater, Florida, and even at a young age, was active in pageants. She also spent a number of years developing the character of Stacy Morasco on One Life to Live.

Today, Crystal has her own photography website and makes much use of social media. She often sends messages to her fans thru Instagram and recently sent a warm “Happy Easter” to all. Using dramatic skills to create characters and to communicate appreciation for fan recognition, Crystal and these TV Queens have built a fan base that gives real credibility to their Kingdom. They wear their crowns well.  See Crystal starring opposite Channing Tatum in Magic Mike XXL!


IFunding Gives Its Investor The Top Most Priority In Real Estate Decision

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Investors dedicated to investing in real estate through crowdfund have been very grateful for the past year. Apparently iFunding released a $5 million return on capital to its esteemed investors; the firm was able to hit this very great and important milestone in the company through the online iFunding platform which has greatly developed and creating access to the crowdfund strategies to many clients. The founder of iFunding William Skelley told RealHeartland that the online platform is what has made the company obtain great success in the real estate industry. Fundraising strategy and campaigns at iFunding is unique as no other real estate company has considered middle-income earners especially by allowing them to invest with as little as $5000 and finally become owners of great commercial real estate investments.

The success of the iFunding campaign can be said to be very good as the firm also reported having funded their most and largest deal this year totaling to $4million in addition to 10 other $1 MM. The firm looks to grow more in this year and be of great assistance to many other interested real estate investors. iFunding considers all accredited investors in its projects to providing them with deals in real estate that are of quality with fewer investments like a minimum of $5000. The firm has also developed greatly through financing multi-fund projects, family office and co-fund independent investors.

Angel.co indicates William Skelley founded iFunding and is also the firm’s chief executive officer. He graduated from Hobart College in 1998 after which he became a senior intern at Bain Capital a firm owned by Mitt Romney. Later he moved into consultancy with Skelly associates a family firm after which he worked for three years with Olympus. Skelley has been very active in attending real estate events and campaigns to explain his crowdfunding strategy to investors because it is not a common aspect around real estate investment.

He came up with the crowdfunding concept because he is an expert in alternative investments and he brings solutions to investors interested in real estate by allowing them to save in bits which in return will allow them to participate in huge real estate investment. Skelley has also been a great advisor on Twitter and to startup companies and is fluent in English and Spanish. More to that he was a principal at Rose Park Advisors. He is also determined to help and advice any accredited investors conduct fundraisings which will in return allow them access opportunities they would never have had access to.  MarketWired reports on the moves Skelley has made to keep iFunding one of the most successful platforms around.

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