NutriMost Results Are Unique to Their Products

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The recent use of the same materials used to promote the popular NutriMost health system by a competitor has been confusing for those interested in the brand. The theft of materials happened without immediate recognition by NutriMost, but it didn’t take long considering the material was not altered at all except to change product photos and names. Because of the patents and special technology that is used in the NutriMost products, individuals that saw the competitors video materials may have become confused about who actually created the unique formula.

NutriMost is known for the special formula that makes it possible for individuals to quickly and safely lose weight while maintaining their health. Every user has a unique metabolic system and it is that metabolic system that the products are able to aid nutritionists in determining exactly how the products can benefit each person.

While most users experience average results, there are some really incredible stories of user losing weight over the span of several months. For this reason it was really important to the brand that their competition stop using the same advertising materials because there was no way for them to know how alternate products worked.

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Better Reputation Helps Your Business Get Respect

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Reputation is of vital importance in the world of business. Social media sites like Yelp and Facebook have made it easier than ever for customers to review a business, which allows companies to establish a reputation rather quickly.

The extreme importance of reputation also applies to individuals. A questionable Facebook status or blog post can be easily accessed by employers. Tiny screw-ups like these can negate the years of hard work and preparation that a person puts into his or her career.

In light of this problem, online reputation management (ORM) services have developed. These companies monitor your websites to prevent any type of information that could damage your personal brand. Hiring one of these companies can help a person or business combat problems before they have a negative effect on earnings. In that sense, hiring an ORM service can be a very savvy way to increase profits.

Among the ORM’s that have developed in the past decade, the firm Better Reputation proves to be a quality choice.

On its website, the business lists its objectives very clearly. At Better Reputation, the company respects that your brand is your most valuable asset. They believe that one status, shared article or blog post does not comprise the entirety of a person’s value. Therefore, the company works hard to provide a service that lets customers and employers create a social media feed that best conveys their strengths.

All employees at Better Reputation are US-based, and the business provides its first quote absolutely free.

If you want to take the vital step of improving your brand’s reputation, Better Reputation is one of the premier Internet Reputation Management firms that can help you get recognized appropriately.

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Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth Said The Impact of the California Drought in 2015 Was Challenging

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California ski resorts lost millions of dollars in 2015 thanks to the drought that has been hanging around the state for the last four years. The National Weather Service is always making fairly accurate predictions about rainfall and snowfall, but 2015 was one of those years that even surprised them.

California ski resorts like Badger Pass, Dodge Ridge, Donner Ski Ranch, Mountain High, Soda Springs, China Peak, Mount Shasta, Mt. Baldy and Tahoe Donner closed early in 2015 because the slopes were snowless. Even Squaw Valley, one of the 20 best ski resorts in the world, felt the pain of no snow in 2015.

CEO Andy Wirth has been in the ski resort business for more than 20 years, and he told Madeline Brand during a recent interview that 2015 was one of the worst years on record for the ski industry.
Andy Wirth was a guest on Brand’s KCRW radio show, Press Play with Madeline Brand. Andy had a lot to say about the ski resort industry and the impact of the four-year California drought. Wirth told Brand that Squaw Valley is large enough to survive several more drought years, but he’s not excited about that possibility.

Thanks to 70 years of excellent management by the Cushing family, Squaw Valley is financially sound and has the technology in place to ride out the drought. Wirth said his resort had more than 4,000 acres of snow in 2015. The resort kept snow on the slopes using their man-made version when they had to use it.

The interesting fact about the ski industry is most skiers like to travel to different slopes every year, so they always find a resort that has enough snow for them to enjoy.

Thanks to Squaw Valley’s reputation and the $70 million renovations that took place in 2010, people from all over the world come to the resort for a variety of reason during the season. The Lake Tahoe area is one of the most popular areas of California, so visitors have a lot to do if they don’t ski.

But as Andy Wirth points out, the resort is profitable when the slopes are full, and 2015 wasn’t a year for full slopes. Revenues were down by 20 percent, and the board of directors of the resort doesn’t like to hear numbers like that. But Wirth is a seasoned ski resort manager, and he knows how to be profitable. He spent 20 years with Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation.

He is a graduate of Colorado State University and Edinburgh University in Scotland. He knows how to run a ski resort in good times and in bad. He also knows how to donate his time and money to several non-profit organizations in the Lake Tahoe Area.

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George Soros is Incredibly Bearish on Gold

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George Soros is returning to the world that made him famous. After a long time away from financial trading, George Soros is making a huge comeback. Based on reports in the Wall Street Journal, the amount of money George Soros wishes to trade with is far from a small amount. He is interested in putting billions of dollars into the market. No, George Soros is not interested in retiring. Even after many decades, trading is part of his life. His decision to return in such a big way, however, has taken the financial media by surprise.

The asset in which George Soros is choosing to put his money is gold. Considering the current economic situations across the world, this should not come as a massive surprise. Soros had warned that a failure to properly manage the current migrant crisis under control would cause major fiscal problems in Europe. He also noted that the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union would also ferment additional economic woes. Things have not reached the point of a meltdown, but Soros feels numerous factors rippling through global economies have the potential to cause a possible meltdown. At the very least, a significant recession could emerge.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

Gold is an asset people see as a safe haven when currencies and stocks are in bad shape. Many people choose to venture into the gold market. Soros, as CNBC reports, is doing the same thing. He is just doing it on a massively grand scale.

Soros, through Soros Fund Management, has chosen to put $30 billion in the gold market. A massive amount of gold has been purchased with this money. The $30 billion likely comes from a disinvestment from stocks and currency. While the acquisition of physical gold is heavily reflected in the purchase, another strategy is at work here.

Soros is also putting money into gold mining stocks. As the demand and value of gold increases, these stocks are likely to increase. This may be the case even when the overall market might decline.

Over the course of the next year or two, all will be revealed in terms of whether or not Soros’ trading gamble has paid off.

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Tarallucci e Vino Crowns NY Restaurants With Personal Rooms

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Private restaurant recommendations are well kept secrets among upscale NYC Private Event Spaces, who become self-presumptive over great private rooms where you host uniquely special events like birthdays, an anniversary, wedding rehearsal dinner, or even the wedding itself. The following have one common thread: The food is great, with chefs par excellence, themes and ambiance gift wrap the occasion, and the excellent service means you can sit back and enjoy yourself while someone else does the rest.

Gramercy Tavern
42 E. 20th St., Gramercy Park

Two decades have seen this awesome Danny Meyer restaurant continually packed, thanks to the deliciously prepared local American cuisine, currently stewarded by chef Michael Anthony. The dining room has a Robert Kushner mural and a woodsy atmosphere. Their private room is classic for confidential get togethers. The Gramercy has always been a great spot for a private event or dinner.

The Nomad
1170 Broadway,

Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park runs a menu here that is as incredibly delicious as it is elegant. Jacques Garcia designed the luxurious surroundings. Guests can choose clubby parlour velvet seats and Persian rugs, or in the alternative vein dine in the shimmering and exotic Atrium under a massive skylight. The Nomad offers several private rooms available of unique size and ambiance. I suggest guests opt for the rooftop dining, if possible. I actually scored a small table in the hotel’s iconic cupola!

Tarallucci e Vino
Union Square

Tarallucci e Vin, situated on 18th Street at Union Square, was named perfectly, taking the colloquial expression of “small talk/biscuits and wine”. I first experienced The Mezzanine at a private Rehearsal Dinner the night before the wedding of Contessa Luciana Rosa d’Ville to Dr. Geoffrey Allen, cardiothoractic surgeon to New York’s celebrity circuit. The dinner party was beautifully served in the Mezzanine”s intimate ambiance. Everyone was comfortable and felt at home due to the staff’s excellent service. Afterward, the guests socialized within the large bar and lounge area. The decor was awesome with brick tables custom-built, antique mirrors, cabinetry and art. The host advised that the restaurant has a well-stocked wine cellar with special vintage collections I should see some future time.

The following day was the wedding, held upstairs in the elegant and huge 6th Floor Loft. That is the actual name of the wedding site! The enormous facility had been transformed into a coastline villa of Tuscany, the bride’s European home. When I expressed surprise at first sight of the accommodations, my usher said the area can be equipped for business, birthdays, or any type of special event, holding up to 120 guests at any time. The 6th Floor Loft also has its own bar, lounge,and spectacular antique mirrors and breathtaking chandeliers.

Of all the Special Event Hideaways I have explored, Tarallucci e Vino holds first place in my heart for its warmth, friendliness, and intimate persuasions for large or small events.




Marc Sparks with the Spark Tank Initiative

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Marc Sparks is a well-renowned businessman; philanthropist and venture capitalist. He lives in Dallas, Texas and operates multiple portfolio companies in the region. He is the head of Timber Greek Capital.

He has successfully operated a series of businesses where he is largely involved in the telecommunication industry apart from working with venture investing, real estate properties and in various business solutions.

He has a kind heart for mankind and holds many philanthropic efforts in Dallas and has built shelters and homes for the less fortunate. He finds it worth and rewarding by giving back to the community since he also belongs there. His strong beliefs and determination keep him going. Learn more about Marc Sparks: https://angel.co/marcsparks3 and http://whoismarcsparks.com/

He is currently putting his journals and kernels on a piece of paper in the form of a book. This is to prove that anyone is eligible to success and to inspire others not necessarily from his success story but from the barriers and obstacles to overcome in the long and involving journey. As the saying goes;” a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.”

His recent program and the newest endeavor is the Spark Tank initiative. This involves all the interested entrepreneurs where they are sending their applications to the panel, and they are considered according to the set rules and standards.

The Spark Tank initiative gives the new and upcoming entrepreneurs the chance to work with marketing experts and those who have been into the industry for quite some time.Sparks main goal with the initiative is to come with strategic and business development ideas that will help to increase their success rates.

As we all know that each business or company needs a startup capital, and this is where the majority will hit the idea but will not meet the required capital for setting up the business.

One of Marc Sparks business partner Lynne convinced him that this is where there are social service entrepreneurs who have “out-of-box” ideas and when funded can go far and create social success. This main idea with the initiative is to reap the social benefits significantly by funding grants and overseeing accountability.

Marc Sparks  USA president and CEO Michele Fabrizi supported the initiative saying that Pittsburgh has such a vibrant community and are willing to do all they can to raise the Spark Tank flag high.

When we have such people in the world we are today; we can improve the lives of many people and work towards the progress of the nation. Marc Sparks gives us a clear picture of giving back to the society. That conveys the very great message; give for you to receive.

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George Soros Highlights The Difficulties Faced By The U.S. And Europe In Assisting Ukraine

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In order to help Ukraine, George Soros asserts that the allies of the country should combine sanctions against Russia. This way, no propaganda could prevail over the fact that President Putin’s policies are to blame for Russia’s political and economic problems. Soros argues that Russia has managed to gain temporary tactical merit over Ukraine because President Putin is determined to risk full-scale war and the use nuclear weapons. On the other hand, the allies of Ukraine are working on averting direct military clash with Russia. It is for this reason that Putin has managed to engage in hybrid war and peace according to his will.

In a large-scale war, Ukraine will not be able to prevail over Russia. This is because Russia has the ability to mobilize better armed forces. George Soros Ukraine believes that the U.S. and Europe have the power to outbid Russia financially. The inaction by the U.S. and Europe to provide Ukraine with financial assistance was hampered by the Greek crisis. The Greek crisis was caused by the euro crisis, thus the European Union could not follow the same route in assisting Ukraine. On the other hand, the Minsk agreement encouraged the European Union to keep Ukraine on a tight financial position.

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Ukraine Deserves Debt Relief

Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

Soros noted that the euro crisis resulted in acute shortage of funds for purposes of budgeting. The EU had a budget of € 145 billion, which was around 1% of member state’s GDP. In addition, Europe was not growing, thus its member states were clamoring to shrink their contributions to the budget of the EU. Soros contends that the European authorities mandated to resolve the Greek crisis mishandled the situation. These authorities started by providing Greece with emergency loans at punitive rates of interest. In addition, they imposed their own reform programs on Ukraine and engaged in micromanaging the country. They did not allow Greece to own or take control of the reforms. According to Soros, the biggest impediment has been treating Ukraine in a similar manner to how Greece was treated by the European authorities.

The government of Ukraine has been fighting for the structural reforms highlighted on the Brady Plan of 1989. These plans are fighting corruption, reviewing and reforming the judicial system, enhancing agricultural functions, cleaning the banking system, securing the country from Russian gas and incorporating the economy into the EU among many other plans. One impediment against the country getting debt relief has been Chapter 11. This chapter assumed that coercing a country under heavy debts to pay these debts in full would not be good for business. It goes on to assert that making debt relief easier is good for business.

The efforts made by Ukrainian academicians and policy makers to have a sovereign debt restructuring mechanism have failed to take off just like in the past. This situation is not good for a nation like Ukraine because the narrative that default meddles with a country’s reputation goes against the U.S. bankruptcy code. Soros argues that Ukraine should get debt relief in order to rebuild itself as the new Ukraine.

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Securus Technologies Tries to Push GTL to Restore Its Company’s Integrity

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Global Tel Link is a telecommunications business that provides phone service to inmates within our prisons and corrections Centers. By providing lower rates for the inmates, it allows them to make contact with family, loved ones, and their lawyers more often. To the families that paid the monthly bill for this phone service a promise of receiving lower rates was a good thing.

In January of 1998, Securus Technologies Incorporated uncovered discrepancies in the bills of the inmates housed at the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Richard Smith, CEO of Securus contacted the Louisiana Public Service Commission, and informed them of what he uncovered concerning Global Tel Links billing and suggested they conduct an investigation.

The main concern of Securus Technologies was how these illegal techniques used by GTL would affect the integrity of all telecommunication businesses once the investigation confirmed Securus initial complaints. Securus Technologies is very proud of their business practices and care more for the satisfaction of their customers than the profits they make.

Securus Technologies strategy was to report Global Tel Links unauthorized business practices in multiple PR Newswire Press Releases within a six month period. GTL had managed to overcharge taxpayers of Louisiana by more than $1,000,000 with their unlawful charges. The goal of Securus Technologies was to push GTL into conducting business with a higher integrity.

Many years have passed, 18 to be exact, since the Louisiana PSC passed their order against GTL. Now it’s 2016 and they are still conducting business billing their customers with fraudulent charges. When you care very much about your customers and take the responsibilities of your business seriously, you are not going to let the deliberate unethical practices of another company in the same industry go without notice.

Visit BBB.org to learn more on Securus.



George Soros Gives solutions to the Ukraine and Europe problems

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George Soros Ukraine is a famous billionaire based in the United States of America. He is the founder of the Soros Foundation and an international charitable organization known as Open Society. He is very experienced in financial and political issues, and his opinion on such matters is highly respected. Recently, George Soros gave his opinion about the problems being experienced by Europe and Ukraine.

For some time now, there have been some structural defects in the euro, making the European authorities to become experts in handling difficult times. These authorities can now overcome each crisis that comes their way, and they have even given the practice a name, kicking the can down the road.

There is, however, a big problem for the authorities in Europe: they are now facing five crisis at the same time, and all of them need to be solved. Out of these crises, four are internal. Greece, the euro, migration, and the ongoing British referendum are the internal problems the European authorities are dealing with. The Russian aggression against Ukraine is also giving the countries sleepless nights. All the problems are reinforcing each other, making the public and also the authorities overwhelmed. Everyone is trying to find a solution for the problems.

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Ukraine Deserves Debt Relief

George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Solving the five crises at a go is impossible. According to George Soros, the European authorities should give preferential treatment to some of the issues. However, they should not neglect any of them. In the past, the billionaire has been urging the authorities to give Ukraine the priority. He also says that the internal problems being faced are dividing the European Union. On the other hand, the Russian aggression against Ukraine seems to be uniting the Union.

Ukraine has reformed over the years. The new country is more determined to become better than it was. Before, the country was proving tough to reform. This is because the economy was dominated by a political class and oligarchs that were only after their private gain. On the other hand, the new Ukraine is determined and inspired by the Maidan revolution that took place in 2014.

According to George Soros, if the Europe treats the new Ukraine like a second class Greece, it will be forcing it to become the old Ukraine. This is not what Europe needs at the moment. The New Ukraine is actually one of the valuable assets in Europe at the moment. The new country will help in resisting the Russian regression and even recapturing solidarity that existed in before in the Union. George Soros Ukraine has a foundation in Ukraine, and he has been involved in the country for some years. This is why he is in a good position to make this argument. Recently, the billionaire wrote a winning strategy for the country, and this was one of his points.

Soros also believes that the current sanctions against Russia are important but not good enough. The president of Russia has managed to develop some favorable interpretation from the situation, and this will help him maneuver through the sanctions.

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Every Dog Wants Something Different

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I own six dogs. And six dogs eat a lot of dog food. To make it worse, all of my dogs seem to like different things, so if I bring home one 50 pound bag of dry food, that’s not going to work.


Over the last few years I’ve tried many brands of dog food for my mini dog zoo. Almost nothing seems to work across the board because no one brand has enough flavors and varieties. However, recently I’ve discovered Beneful by Purina. This dog food line offers a great range of wet and dry foods. They also have many meat flavors, including beef, chicken, turkey and salmon, and all of their foods are nutritionally balanced.


Even better, Beneful makes foods for small dogs and puppies, not just adult dogs. I currently have one puppy, a Labrador terrier mix, which needs to eat puppy food. All my other dogs are adults, but I do have two smaller breeds that don’t do so well on average dog foods that are generally designed for medium sized to large dogs.


The Beneful dog food that goes down best among my herd is the Originals line, because while none of them ever eat the same thing, three of my dogs like this line because it has different flavors. Fidget, my bulldog, eats the beef, Cora, my collie, eats the salmon, and Fred, my dalmatian, eats the chicken. Each of these dry foods is made with a variety of vegetables, fruits and whole grains to provide your dog with all the nutrients he needs.


My small dogs, my chihuahua, Sally, and my dachshund, Cricket, do well with the Chopped Blends line from Beneful.com. Again, they don’t both like the same flavors, but thankfully there are several options. Sally likes the beef with carrots, peas and barley a lot, while Cricket enjoys the turkey with sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach.


And my lab terrier mix puppy, thankfully, loves the Healthy Puppy dry food, which is specifically designed to provide all the nutrients that growing puppies need for a healthy life.


I’m really glad Beneful by Purinastore provides so many different types of dog food for my finicky range of dogs.

Click http://wm6.walmart.com/purina-beneful.aspx to purchase Beneful.


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