Martin Lustgarten: A Brilliant Investment Banker

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When an individual or an entity wants to create some capital, what they look for is an investment bank. In these banks, they have a special segment dedicated to the role of capital creation. This is what is known as the investment banking, It helps organizations, individuals, and other entities raise capital for investment ventures, and offer consultation when required. These banks would also underwrite equity securities and new debts in any organization, assist in the sale of all types of securities, and advice clients on how to enter into any merger or acquisition. Stock issuers are guided on issues regarding placement and issue of such security.
They have made it easy for security issuers because they connect them to potential clients. They would buy all shares presented and then offer them for sale to the public, or just sell them to the public on behalf of the issuer. Complex financial decisions such as how much a company is worth would be made easier when one consults an investment bank. They would assess the asset, assist in its purchase, and help structure it according to the client’s desires to achieve its new objectives. Investment bankers are employed by such banks to assist organizations and governments manage and plan big financial projects. This saves the clients both money and time as experts are able to avoid or minimize the risks associated with such projects.

About Martin Lustgarten
What comes to mind when one talks about Lustgarten is a brilliant investment banker, who has made a tremendous contribution to the lives of many investors. Lustgarten has worked in many projects internationally. He is a citizen of Venezuela and Austria, a leverage he used to benefit his clients more. His investments are also international as he has many projects stretched in several countries. His belief in international investing has seen him reap the benefits of positive local growth, and minimize the risks associated with trading in one single country. He has inspired many and continues to be a role model for many upcoming investment bankers. It is good to follow and copy investment steps of people like Lustgarten as they always lead to financial freedom and stability.


Making Classroom Time Count with ClassDojo

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The ClassDojo app has proven to be an effective way to make more of the classroom time. This is the bridge in education that bring teachers and educators together. There is even room for students to join in the middle and improve the lines of communication when it comes to homework, class participation and class projects.

Every parent wishes that they could be a fly on the wall in the classroom of their children. They want to see the activities that are being done in the class. They have the desire to see the progress of their children. The great thing about ClassDojo is that it gives teachers the ability to make the transition from telling people about the classroom to bringing people inside the classroom with the app. That is something that a lot of parents have started to look forward to.

More people are checking out Class Dojo because this app has managed to become a leader in helping everyone that is trying to interact with the parents of their children. Many teachers send notes home. They never really know if they are going to get the note from the child to the teachers, but the ClassDojo app is the great alternative. Now teachers have the chance to send secure messages to teachers without the worry that the children are not delivering the notes.

The ClassDojo app has become the staple for a lot of teachers that want to communicate with so many other teachers that are using the app for class. This has become the type of app that has managed to connect the dots in relationships with educators in different school districts. A teacher in San Francisco may be able to acquire ideas from a teacher in Atlanta. This is the effectiveness of the ClassDojo app. It brings about an atmosphere of ground up change that is improving the way that educators teach.

There is a lot of clarity from the type of improved teaching through technology, and the communication is building better relationships with parents. There is a lot of love for this app in the school system because it allows men and women to see their children at their best. This is technology that allows parents to see the inside of the classroom without physically being there, and this is priceless technology. It is a goal that teachers have been trying to reach for years.


Norka Luque is a Focused Pop Queen

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Norka Luque is an active vocalist and musician who is located in the Southern Florida region. She lives in Fort Lauderdale. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela in the eighties. Luque’s focus is on musical genres such as pop, urban, dance and Latin. Some examples of widely known musical artists that Luque enjoys are Beyonce, NSync, Queen, Ricky Martin, Hanson, Shakira, Sia, George Michael, Alesso, Jay Z, Britney Spears, Nirvana, Aerosmith and Queen. Luque’s musical interests are far from narrow and limited. The artist enjoys many different categories of music.
Luque has been working hard on her music for many years now. She headed to Europe soon after graduating from high school. Her goal at the time was to learn how to speak the French language. She was a business school student in France for four years. Music was a big part of her life then, too, however. She was a proud member of “Bad Moon Rising,” a band that performed alternative rock tunes. Luque moved to the small city state of Monaco after leaving business school. She landed a banking position there. That’s where it dawned on Luque that banking as a vocation just wasn’t fitting for her. She promptly returned to the United States after that. That’s where she begin working on her musical career. She collaborated with Jose Velazquez, a producer. The pair worked together to make Luque’s debut album. It didn’t take long for Luque to meet Emilio Estefan Jr. She teamed up with Estefan to craft her debut. Their collaboration proved to be a genuine success. It brought on three hit singles and even several significant Latin Music award nominations.

Luque is someone who has had to focus on her health throughout the past several years. Her health declined in 2014 due to epilepsy. The artist thankfully experienced brain surgery in the winter of 2015. Although she was happy to have the procedure, she didn’t have a recovery process that was simple or quick in any way. The hardships in no way changed her motivation or desires, however. Luque now is more committed than ever to her musical career. She even has a brand new single.

When Luque isn’t spending time working on her strong passion for music, she has some other big interests in her life. These numerous pastimes include traveling all around the planet, love, food and sports. Luque’s favorite sport is tennis.


Moisturizing Lip Balms for Every Season

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Get your lips fully hydrated with some of the top moisturizing lip balms around. The Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing Repair Moisturizing Lip Balm, the Burt’s Bees Medicated Lip Balm and the EOS Lip Balm will all keep your lips hydrated anytime during the year.

Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing Repair Moisturizing Lip Balm

Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing Repair Moisturizing Lip Balm from Avon is a good lip balm for all seasons. It keeps lips hydrated and healthy through humidity, dryness, sun and wind. The Avon company has a generic Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing Repair Moisturizing Lip Balm and they also make different seasonal labels for Halloween, Christmas, Spring, Easter and Tropical Summery labels that get you in the mood for holidays and make perfect gifts.

Burt’s Bees Medicated Lip Balm

The Burt’s Bees Medicated Lip Balm is perfect for anyone with dry, chapped lips. It is formulated with gentle butters and oils to help nourish even the driest lips. The Burt’s Bees Medicated Lip Balm is perfect for any season of the year. If you don’t want the medicated version, Burt’s Bees also sells different flavors of lip balms and other medicated lip balm varieties.

EOS Lip Balm

The Evolution of Smooth lip balms are soothing and smoothing lip balms for any time during the year. You can get lip balm in the flavors Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew and Medicated Tangerine. The EOS have been celebrity endorsed by Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez who are known for their healthy, radiant skin. Each EOS has shea butter and other oils within the ingredient list. These products are widely available on Walmart supermarkets. Check out evolutionofsmooth.com.

For more info, visit the following links:



The Magnificent Lake Tahoe Skiing And Resorts

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Skiing in Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe boasts of hosting one of the largest concentrations of ski resorts globally on squawalpine.com. It has more than 16 ski resorts and well-known for its variety of both cross-country skiing and downhill skiing options. Studies show that a guest can board or ski a different mountain daily for two weeks. There is also a Lake Tahoe ski resort for any level of a snowboarder, skier, or a cross-country enthusiast.

The Valley played host to the 1960 Winter Olympics and maintains the legacy to date. Its spirit of adventure is in the panoramic views of Lake Tahoe’s translucent waters, and the slopes of the Sierra Mountain Resort. Fresh skiers will find forgiving learning zones among the alpine scenery, while for professional skiers, there are numerous bowls, chutes, and trails which mean that the snowboarders and skiers will never run out of Squaw Valley’s terrains.

Alpine Meadows is a 15-minute shuttle ride from Squaw Valley. Any level of snowboarder or skier can be hosted here with open bowls to easy-riding progression parks. Other features include
*Over 100 trails on 2,400 acres
*Mountain Adventures
*Groomed run

The best Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts for your vacation
It’s an all year round vacation destination. It attracts visitors with its variety of luxury family lodging accommodations, 3,170 skiable acres, reserved culinary traditions focused on fresh house-made cuisine and a variety of exotic boutique shops. Outside Magazine has named NorthStar California as the best resort which features an award-winning children’s programs, world-class coaching lessons, snowboarding, terrain parks, ice skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoe star tours, tubing, and much more.

It has 4,800 acres of grid terrain with the best views of Lake Tahoe; one can even forge their path with 35 miles of open groomed cruisers, the most outrageous tree skiing, and 1600 foot plunges in the double-black-diamond canyons. When the sun sets, one can kick off at the Tamarack Lodge which offers half-priced drinks, live DJs who bring the party to the slopes and You worry about sleeping later.

Kirkwood has the driest, deepest snow and the most challenging terrain. Kirkwoods’ unique location of 9,800 feet creates something they call the K-Factor. It is a geographical predisposition of receiving the driest, lightest and most plentiful snow in the Tahoe region. From hair raising cornices, to calm groomed fresher runs, there’s something for everyone at the KirkWood.


Laidlaw & Company Are Involved with an Intriguing Mystery

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Like a lot of people I’ve always loved mysteries. The pages of fiction are where I usually get my latest fix of mystery and intrigue. But every now and then a real life mystery speaks to my inner detective. Though this might be the first instance I can think of where it was more about the economics of research funding procedure than anything more human interest. And the main reason is that economics and research are the main banner between the legal fight between Laidlaw & Company and Relmada Therapeutics. Laidlaw, the banking firm, had been financing Relmada’s medical research on new medications for chronic pain. As such they felt some measure of control was deserved. But what makes this really interesting is that the judge ordered a temporary restraining order and associated injunction against Laidlaw.

There’s few things more interesting than a case where information has been sealed away. So I jumped into the role of digital detective and began looking for more information online. The first stop was to investigate the party which was now least able to speak for itself. I loaded up Laidlaw’s website in an attempt to learn more about them. And I was immensely pleased by what I found. Laidlaw has a style and history which can’t be denied. Amazingly enough they fit right in with the writing of Doyle himself. The company actually existed and functioned within the Victorian period of Europe. Knowing they were around back then really lended them a certain gravitas for me.

But the human element is what really convinced me that the company was probably in the right. Or at least acting with positive intent. In particular, I was impressed by the representation the company’s executives had within the site. Matthew Eitner and James Ahern were particularly impressive in how open they were about their life. It was clear that the company wasn’t working to fund medical research for pure profit alone. Both men were involved with charity and medical works to the point where it was clear their hearts were in the right place. And given their leadership role within Laidlaw I think it’s safe to say that it’s the corporate viewpoint as well.


Susan McGalla: Women can make it in the business world

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Despite many women rising on top of their careers in different fields, some women are still not aware of what they can do to achieve or be successful on ireport.cnn.com. In these modern times, unequal pay or even inequality and even few women in the boardroom is something that has been taken care of. Many governments, as well as non-governmental organizations, have take steps to tackle the problem of gender inequality in workplaces.

Despite the issue of gender discrimination and inequality, various women have shown that they can be leaders and can be up to the challenge on Bloomberg. Because of their ability to blend into various roles, women are doing well in the corporate world. Women have also gone ahead and established their companies and ventures. A good scenario where women have made a name for themselves is in the business world. In the past, this field was dominated by men.

A good example of a woman who has made her name in the business world is Susan McGalla. Women like Susan act as role models for any woman or young girls aspiring to make it in the business world. The innate skills that these women exude are very crucial for any success in the managerial world. These women are good at networking, an important skill to succeed in the corporate world.

Susan knows what it takes to rise to the top position and also maintain this position. Susan McGalla believes that hard work, passion as well as confidence and versatility are the traits that every woman aspiring to be successful should have. Susan knows that nothing comes easy and every woman aspiring to be successful should be down to earth.

Susan McGalla is the founder of a company known as P3 executive consulting. This firm is based in Pittsburgh. She is also the Director of Strategic planning and growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her extensive expertise in clothing and retail sector has led her to collaborate with notable figures in the finance sector. These figures are in need of advice on issues relating to marketing, branding as well as product merchandising and talent management. McGalla first worked for the Joseph Horne Company between 1986 and 1994. She later moved to the American Eagles outfit. Since then, she has always stood on her principles about work and ethics. These principles saw her awarded the presidency and chief merchandising officer of the company. Previously, she had been promoted to the president and CMO of the American Eagle brand. McGalla left the company on her terms to establish her consulting firm, but she was convinced to stay. In the year 2011, Susan became the CEO of the company but left later on to pursue her dreams. See: http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2015/09/18/steelers-overhaul-fan-gear-closet-introduce-new-fashion-campaign/


Using Evolution Of Smooth To Have Softer Lips

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Everyone who is trying to take care of their lips needs to make sure that they have something in their pocket that they can use. They have to have something that will work no matter what the weather is like outside, and that is why Evolution of Smooth is such a good idea. It is a special formula that is used to help people add moisture to their lips so that they do not see their lips cracking.
People who have problems with dry and cracked lips have to do something that will make their lips feel better, and they need to use it as much as they can. They cannot sit there hoping that it will get better, and they cannot go with products that are only meant to be used here and there. Using the products often is the only way to keep lips from getting dry and cracking, and then the person that uses something like Evolution of Smooth has to keep it on them at all times.

The Evolution of Smooth packaging can go in anyone’s pocket or bag, and then they can use it any time they want. This is the power of just one product that will keep lips healthy, and it is important for people to remember that they have to choose things that work for them on all levels. There is no reason to use anything other than the Evolution of Smooth balm. Evolution of Smooth products are available on Walmart.

Lip balm helps people have healthier mouths and lips. The moisture that is added to someone’s lips when they use this product makes them feel better, and it helps them feel better about their smile. They need to keep using it so that they will always feel more comfortable when they smile or when their lips get dry during the day. Fore more information about EOS, visit evolutionofsmooth.com or evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.

Check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eos/



Duda Melzer Efforts to Turn Visions to Reality

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Recently, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer popularly identified by his nickname Duda Melzer was chosen as the chief executive officer of RBS group. He is also the chief founder of e.Bricks an investment firm in Brazil. Duda is one of the grandsons of Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho who is the founder of RBS Group. For over 12 years, Duda has been working for this firm under different areas. He began his involvement in the family’s business in 2004, where he served as the general manager of the company in the Sao Paulo branch. In 2008, he took over to a higher position which is the vice president position and here he played a critical role in expanding RBS Group national dimension.

His Contribution to RBS Group

Being one of the look at and savvy businessmen, Duda Melzer is dedicated to take this media company to greater and new heights. He believes strongly that passion and abilities of employees in RBS Group will help reap success. With his professional expertise, Duda manages over 6500 employees by overseeing the kind of work they deliver. With the help of Mr. Melzer, RBS Group has achieved impressive results by meeting the needs raised in the Brazilian media market. Despite economic downturns, this firm has continued to grow and provide better media options.

His Early Life

Apart from good leadership skills, Duda has amazing credentials. He managed to earn himself an MBA from famously known Harvard University. He went ahead to spend much of his time working in a media group in New York before going back to Brazil. In addition, he has wide expertise in franchising and so he is well versed with knowledge on retail industry as well as marketing. Through proper management skills and cooperation of employees, RBS has been recognized as one of the top digital companies in Brazil.




Philanthropist Dick DeVos, a Man who Truly Loves Children

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For many Americans, Dick DeVos is not a stranger. He has ventured in many fields with tremendous success, which makes him a bit of a public figure. A graduate of Northwood University, DeVos began his career in 1974 as lower cadre employee of Amway rising to become the vice president of the company in 1984.

Later, in 1991, he became president of a basketball franchise in Orlando before returning to Amway as president in 1993. Moreover, he has held various high profile posts in different institutions. It worth mentioning that in addition to his enviable accomplishments, he is a family man married to Betsy DeVos with whom he has four children and two grandchildren.

What amazes me is the generous heart of DeVos. Together with his wife, they started a family foundation of which he serves as the president. Through it, he has donated a lot of money to religious, civic, educational and artistic causes since 1990. Over twenty institutions have benefited from his foundations’ grants.

Of particular importance is his passion for children. In addition to supporting children from less privileged backgrounds access quality education, he has started an aviation academy in West Michigan. The idea was motivated by his combined love for children and aviation. DeVos is a qualified aircraft pilot. To ensure as many children as possible attend the school, he made sure that it got registered as a public school. He says that he would like children to fly and feel as good as he does when he flies, an experience that will broaden their view of the world.

In addition to starting a school and even mentoring kids in various other schools, DeVos recognizes that there are many more who may not be reached by his support. He, however, would love to see all children get a quality education just as his own. To realize this vision, he started a movement dubbed All Children Matter which advocated for the need to enable parents choose schools for their children.

The initiative was in recognition of the fact that public schools offer poor quality education making kids from low-income families whose parents cannot afford private tuition fees to fail in their exams and live a life below their potential. The movement has since borne fruits with some states including Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana adopting programs that enable poor parents to choose schools for their kids, just like their affluent counterparts. As a result, millions of children have benefited, and millions more are set to take advantage as the program spreads to more states.

Surely DeVos love for poor children is clearly evident in his multidimensional initiatives that he champions, just to see them enjoy quality education. Further information about him can be accessed at: Wikipedia

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